Advent Calendars – Be Ready, Create Festive Mood

No matter whether you are a parent or you just love Christmas, everyone enjoys greatly the advent calendars. Be it for the chocolates inside or the (small) toys, advent calendars usually create a mood that makes us smile and savour the day and the coming holiday.

That is why today I want to share with you some ideas for advent calendars that might be useful.

I, personally, decided that the idea of the advent calendar this year would not be to focus on the sweets inside, but also to give love and happiness to the little ones. So I’ve prepared advent calendars that come not only with a treat, but also with a small toy my kids would like.

Look at my suggestions below.

Advent Calendars For Kids

Product: LEGO Star Wars The Last Jedi Advent Calendar 

Price: £19.99

Place to buy:

Product: LEGO City Advent Calendar  

Price: £22.98

Place to buy:

Product: Paw Patrol Advent Calendar  

Price: £12.49

Place to buy:

Product: Disney Princess Activity Advent Calendar  

Price: £8.99

Place to buy:

Product: Play-Doh Advent Calendar   

Price: £14.99

Place to buy:

Advent Calendars For Adults

Product: Advent Calendar with Christmas Fashion Jewellery 

Price: £16.99

Place to buy:

Product: Advent Calendar BATH & BODY   

Price: £26.67

Place to buy:

Product: Williams Chase Liqueur Christmas Advent Calendar  

Price: £143.44

Place to buy:


I like Christmas and the mood its celebration brings. Although some of the worst things that have happen in my life happened in December, I still like the preparation and enjoyment of the holiday. And since becoming a mother, I enjoy opening the advent calendars every day during the last month of the year and enjoy the chocolates and toys together with my smiling children.

Because my children are growing up now, I am trying not only to give them things, but I want them to enjoy the things they receive. That is why I wanted this year they to get not only something sweet, but also a little toy so that to make them extra happy.

I wanted the toys not to be big and expensive. I wanted them to be something they like, but small enough just to bring smiles and not substitute the Christmas enjoyment.

That is why I think the advent calendars shown above could be a great idea how to make children and adults happy during the coming holidays. My kids’ favourites would be the Lego City and the Paw Patrol advent calendars.


  • easy to find

  • not too expensive

  • bring happiness for the holidays

  • make children and adults’ days even more enjoyable

  • let them celebrate Christmas every day during December with small gifts

  • easy to store presents

  • enjoy opening the advent calendar together


  • much more expensive than the plain chocolates advent calendar

  • another 24 small gifts that you need to find space to store

  • children and adults may quickly move their attention towards different things, because they will receive a lot of things during this festive month


My little ones love receiving gifts and, although they soon want something else, they still enjoy playing with every toy they receive. That is why and because everyone would be even more happier during the festive season, I would say make this year unforgettable once again and give your loved ones small gifts every day that they would enjoy, even for the day only.

What else, you can even make the advent calendars yourselves and fill their pockets exactly with the things they expect and like, preferably small things.

What else you may need:

  • Felt Advent Calendar    

Price: £14.99

Place to buy:

  • Wooden Advent Calendar    

Price: £23.95

Place to buy:

  • Chocolates

Product: Celebrations Chocolate Tub     

Price: £4

Place to buy:

No matter whether you choose to have an advent calendar or not, for yourselves or for your little ones, whether you decide to fill it up only with chocolates or with little surprises as well, whether you make it yourselves or just buy one ready-made from the shops, I really hope you have a great time during the festive season and you enjoy that time with the people you love.

You can even make the advent calendar a family time. Something like that, your own DIY festive project:

  • make some little figurines for your advent calendar so that to be able to make a story

  • every day you will add a different character and will add another chapter to the story

  • you can make Nativity characters or some from your favourite book, game or movie

Have a lot of fun and savour each second you spend with the people you love. Share with me your ideas for your advent calendar. Just leave a comment below.

My verdict: Bring joy and happiness into your everyday life, make your loved ones smile

No matter how old you are, child or adult, everyone loves a gift and sweets. That is why I love advent calendars. They are or at least used not to be very popular in my native country, but in the last 10 years everyone re-discovered the happiness they bring to the people we love.

That is why I also am preparing some advent calendars that my children and us will enjoy during the festive season. Hope you may find any ideas that could be useful for you here and you could make your holiday preparation even easier.

I, personally, like I already told you, will give the Lego City and the Paw Patrol advent calendars to my little ones, but I think any of the suggestions above, even those for the adults, would be great fun to open every day in December.

I would recommend the advent calendar to every parent that has a kid waiting impatiently for Christmas, to anyone who loves receiving gifts, to anyone who loves eating chocolates, to anyone who loves to make the people they love happy, to anyone who wants to be in Christmas spirit all through December, just to anyone. I think the advent calendars are a great tool to feel even more Christmassy.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you’d like to share with me your ideas for festive preparations, I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.

Have a merry season!

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