All-Purpose Sponge, Clean Dishes Safely And Easily

No matter if you cook often, several times each day, or just from time to time, you still have to do some or all of those things – clean vegetables and fruit before cutting and cooking them or clean the dishes and get them ready for the dishwasher.

I, personally, do not like these tasks very much and that is why I try to find something to help me do them easily and safely. What is more, I do not like using the usual sponges to wipe liquids or anything else, because they accumulate a lot of bacteria and I think they might get even dangerous to use, unless you change them regularly.

Look at my review below.

Product: Multipurpose Silicone Scrubber Sponge Brush for Dish Washing, Fruit Washer, Vegetable Cleaner – 6pcs  

Price: £7.95

Place to buy:

My rating: 7.5/10


I like cooking and preparing beautiful and delicious meals for my family and I like when everything’s all washed up and clean afterwards. But I really hate when cooking and/or cleaning requires a lot of work, especially those tasks that take a lot of energy and time.

Also, because my children are growing quickly and I use a lot of fruit and vegetables when cooking different dishes. But cooking more means there are more dishes to be cleaned as well.

That is why even when I need to prepare the fruit and vegetables for eating or brush the dishes and get them ready for washing up, I use a product that helps me do those things more easily and more important for me, even more safely.

I think the all-purpose sponge could be really helpful to any household, because it would enable you to clean the cooking ingredients and dishes without risk of spreading unwanted bacteria.


  • easy to use

  • really useful multi-functional sponge

  • clean and wash fruit and vegetables

  • brush and scrub dishes, pots and pans

  • heat resistant

  • improve kitchen hygiene

  • easy to clean and dry, wash away all bacteria after using the brush

  • can use it as a heat insulation mat

  • this brush has thick and soft bristles, which help you easily reach the corners of the dishes and glasses you clean

  • comes as a pack of 6, in different colour – use the different colour sponges for different tasks


  • although this product could help you clean the vegetables and dishes more easily, you still need to do those tasks

  • for better results, always soak the dishes for a bit to soften the food residues and grime

  • if you are not worried about your family’s health while using your usual brush/scrubber, you might not need this product
  • although it says you can use it in the shower as well, I would stick to its original purpose – washing fruit, vegetables and dishes


Eating is something that happens several times every day and although I do not cook many dishes every day, I still need to cook something. And cooking inevitably involves tasks like washing the vegetables or fruit and after that preparing, brushing or even washing the dishes.

I know that everyone of you has done each of these things millions of times and you probably don’t pay much attention to it. But my main concern before was that the usual sponge I’d use was a very unsafe thing to have in the kitchen. The sponge is one of the most dirty things in the kitchen, usually left wet to dry for hours, full of bacteria that continues to grow even when we have washed it and left it to sit.

That is why I started using this all-purpose sponge/brush. It is made of a material that is very easy to clean and make sure no food residue’s left. And it dries really quickly. The safety it brings for my family was the first thing that won me over to start using it. Then I saw that it was really helpful to do those little tasks.

I use this sponge/brush to:

  • clean my vegetables before cutting and cooking them

It’s especially useful when washing potatoes and carrots, I use it even to delicately clean mushrooms.

  • wash fruit ready to eat

  • wash eggs before cracking and cooking them/with them

  • brush plates, pots and pans and getting them ready to go into the dishwasher

  • place hot trays or pots, usually for a shorter periods of time – while freeing space for them or adding some seasoning

  • massage oil or lotion to my face and body

I love that this product is really easy to use to get the results that you expect.

I would recommend this all-purpose sponge/brush to anyone who likes to have their fruit and vegetables ready for cooking and well-cleaned, to anyone who doesn’t like the scrubbing of dishes before washing, to anyone who knows how unhealthy and dirty the usual sponge (disposable pads) can be, to anyone who likes to cook and have to do those tasks regularly, to anyone who likes to keep themselves safe and be ready to cook the next dish.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you’d like to share with me your experience of using the all-purpose sponge, I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.

Have a beautiful day!

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