Another Soup In The Pot – Potato Soup With Mushrooms

My family are used to having soups regularly and, although I try to serve soups made with different vegetables each time, I still sometimes come back to the old potatoes.

I love potatoes. They are an universal ingredient. You can use them in soups, you can use them to prepare starters or main dishes, even breakfasts. They can be transformed very quickly from the boring vegetable to something extremely delicious.

Try this easy to make soup that surprised me with its creamy, delicate taste.

The potatoes or garlic are not intrusive in taste and you are left with feeling nice from the warmth of the soup.

This is another soup that doesn’t need much preparation or cooking time, yet the result is incredible. Try the potato soup with mushrooms for yourself:

Potato Soup with Mushrooms Potato soup with mushrooms

Ingredients (about 8 servings):

  • 6-7 potatoes, sliced in wedges

  • 250-300gr mushrooms (chestnut)

  • 1-2 onions

  • 1-2 garlic cloves

  • 50gr butter

  • seasoning – salt, black pepper, dill

  • 1.5-2l stock (vegetable or chicken)

  • 2-3tbsp lemon juice, from a squeezed lemon (optional)

  • 2-3tbsp oil


  1. Cut the onion in wedges and fry them in oil until golden, add the mushrooms and garlic and sauté for 5-8 minutes

  2. Add the potatoes and stock and boil the vegetables for 20 minutes or until the potatoes are ready

I sometimes use stock cubes added to the needed amount of water, instead of stock

  1. When ready, cream the vegetables using a kitchen blender and season – add the butter, salt, black pepper, dill and lemon (if using). Heat until the butter melts

Serve hot with toasted bread with cheese.



  1. SamDal

    Absolutely LOVE this recipe as I TRY and make these kind of soups regularly. I just made this yesterday! (with a few minor differences). This particular one is perfect for vegetarians and vegans as well!

    I think potatoes are really a universal food as they can be added to soups, cut into french fries, used as a mashed pottaoe side or as a filling in baked dishes and they are calorie dense and filling too.

    1. Ellie

      Thank you for your comments. I’ve tried making this soup for the first time this week and I was surprised how delicious it was, although it was made with potatoes – the most common food I can think of 🙂

      You say you make this soup as well, please share with me what modifications you make so that to make it even better next time.

      I agree with you, potatoes can be used in many dishes and you can almost never go wrong.

      Have a lovely day.


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