Appliances I Think Are Really Useful In The Kitchen And Make Life Easy

Eating is an inevitable part of our life. No matter if you have a large family or need to think only for one what to eat next, you still need to spend some time in the kitchen to cook.

In my family, I insist that everyone has three meals at least during the day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. Breakfasts are important and fill you up with the energy you need to start your day. Lunches are usually lighter meals, because everyone is on the run and dinners are my favourite meal of the day – everyone is home, maybe all are a little tired, but we are happy to sit together around the table and eat.

And in that scenario, I really don’t like spending too much time cooking something and robbing myself from the time I can spend with the people I love. That is why, after going through my kitchen cupboards and my blog, I want to share with you what my most favourite appliances are in the kitchen that can help everyone cook delicious dishes and still have time to do the things they like. See my review below.

Easy Appliances To Use And Skip The Hard Work In The Kitchen

I admit, sometimes I am being just lazy or too tired after the long day to start thinking what I want to cook and feed my family. But, luckily for me, there are some appliances that can help you with that task and would cook yummy, scrumptious meals with minimal effort from you.

The appliances I most often use, sometimes every day, a few times per day, and those I rely on to cook delicious meals for the people I love, without me spending too much time in the kitchen, are the following:

  1. Tefal MultiCook Advanced 45-in-1 RK812142 multi cooker  

I’ve said it millions of times in my blog and I am not ashamed to say it gain – I love my multi cooker and I use it regularly. It helps me every day and prepares delicious meals that my family and our guests enjoy.

It is extremely easy to use this appliance – just put all the ingredients in the pot and set the program. The multi cooker is for those who feel really lazy today, or everyday, to cook and still want to serve yummy food. It can fry, bake, stew, prepare rice, porridge, yoghurt, baby food, cheese, etc. – just all the things you want to eat! Click here to see my multi cooker review!

  1. Egg boiler and egg poacher   

My family eats a lot of eggs. There is almost no breakfast that my husband and kids don’t have a boiled or poached egg. I try to diversify the way I prepare their eggs for breakfast, but still the appliance that I use most often to cook the eggs is the egg boiler/poacher.

This appliance prepares the eggs for the whole family without needing almost no attention. All you have to think about is, what will you serve the eggs with – a toast, a full English breakfast, other?

  1. Tefal Frying Pans 

You have probably already seen my posts about how you can use these really useful frying pans and prepare different delicious meals in one go. Check out my blog and find a recipe you can try today!

I like the frying pans, because they don’t let the food to burn and stick to the bottom of the pan, which makes the whole experience more enjoyable – no more scrubbing later, no more unpleasant taste in your food.

Share with me the recipes you like to prepare using your frying pans. Just leave a comment below.

  1. VonShef 4-in-1 Multifunctional blender  

Everyone cooking at home knows the struggle to make the food smooth, if a recipe calls for it. For me it is almost an everyday battle as my kid eats only foods of certain colour and texture, no lumps, no pieces.

I use my blender when I prepare creamed soups (at least twice every week) and I use it to make different smoothies. I’ve used it to crush ice for cocktails during the summer, to blend fruit and/or vegetables for cooking, to prepare sauces for pasta or salad dressings, to chop nuts, etc.

I’ve even used my blender to prepare the baby food when my kids were babies so I find it a great help in the kitchen, an appliance I can not do without.

  1. Electric mixer   

I like preparing different desserts and especially cakes, be it for a special occasion (birthday or anniversary) or the cake being the special occasion, just to surprise and spoil the people I love.

I also love to bake. I often make biscuits, cupcakes, home-made bread.

To be able to make all those things, and some recipes include a lot of little steps that you need to follow, I needed an electric mixer to cut out the time I was wasting in mixing the ingredients and tiring myself, instead of enjoying the process and the results. That is why I would say that the electric mixer was the appliance that changes my life a lot. I still bake as much as before, but I am not as tired as I used to be and I only have to clean one appliance.

  1. Philips Table Grill HD6360/20

If you love BBQs, even if you live in an apartment and don’t have a garden or you like it even in the winter, this table grill is just for you. It makes food (meat and vegetables) delicious and you can even use different herbs and add flavours with the smoker.

I like this appliance, because it is very easy to use, doesn’t take too much time to cook the food and it is always extremely yummy. The appliance is not too big and you can even put it next to the dining table and just serve the food when ready.

My family likes BBQs and we use the table grill often, especially during the summer months.

Using Help In The Kitchen – PROs and CONs

I admit that I like when everything happens in the kitchen easy and quick. You decide what you want to eat and then the appliances help you create it and all you have to do is wash the ingredients and get them ready for use, then turn the gadget on. Easy as that.

Of course, like using everything in this life, there are advantages and disadvantages. You just need to weigh in what works best for you and your family’s needs.


  • cook easily, not much effort and hard work needed

  • not too tired after cooking to enjoy the meal with the people you love and spend some quality time with them

  • some appliances help you by preparing everything for you so that all you have to do is plate the meal

  • allow you to have more time to spend it with the people you love or doing what you enjoy

  • still prepare delicious meals


  • there still are plates and appliances for washing up

  • sometimes you need the gadget for something small (like crushing ice, etc.), but there is the same amount of things to be washed up

  • in today’s modern society we are filling our homes with more and more things, soon there will be no space to store them all, unless we start de-cluttering 🙂

  • storing so much gadgets might be dangerous when you have small children or pets

Conclusion: I Believe That We Have To Make Our Life Easier, If Possible

I know that cooking doesn’t seem like too much work especially if you only do it from time to time. But try doing it every day, at least a couple of times every day, 365 days in a year. It seems a lot, doesn’t it?

That is why I firmly believe that we need to make this hard work as easy for us as possible and as enjoyable as we can. That is why I would always use different appliances that help me cook the meals my loved ones like and that could give me some more time to be with them, because the kids are only little once.

Check out my blog for other appliances that can help you in the kitchen as well.

I would be happy if I’ve helped you find an appliance that would make the time spent in the kitchen less. Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any suggestions or recommendations about cooking and how to make it easier, quick and fun, just get in touch with me by leaving a comment below.

Have a beautiful day!

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