Back To School Lunch Box Review – Feeding For Success

Now that it is that time of the year when kids go back to school, I recently started thinking about what should I do to feed my little ones with all the right elements that would help them show their best at school.

Probably other people thought about that as well. I would very much appreciate it if you could share with me your experience about the matter, your advice and recommendations.

I know how important food is – to be able to concentrate fully on what the teachers are saying and to have the strength to understand everything and remember it. Food would help you not feel tired and drained, but be active and happy. It is important to always have what you like to eat, but also have in mind what is healthy to have or at least not that bad.

And when we talk about food let me say that presentation is very important. Especially with small children. When I serve them food (any food) I try to make it not only delicious, but visually appealing – make it fun and interesting, make little ones want to try it.

That is why when I pack the school lunches, I would use different containers – amusing, entertaining, enjoyable. My little one, who is going to school, is a big fan of the minions, he just loves them. See below the lunch box set we are going to use to make eating more fun and not feel like a hard work (although, because he is so fussy, almost any food feels like a punishment), at least while he is at school:

Product: Despicable Me Minions Deluxe Vertical Lunch Bag/Box and 500ml Bottle Set Lunch box set

Price: £12.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 8.5/10

Product: Disney Minions Funny Sandwich Box Lunch box

Price: £2.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10


Lunch box is a container that helps my little one and my husband have yummy lunches while at school and/or at work and the lunch box is usually filled with things they love, so it is always nice to open it and check the content.

I like the idea that everything is nicely packed in a small box, you are prepared to have something to eat when you are hungry, you don’t have too much so you won’t feel heavy and tired afterwards and the lunch box set is not too big to carry around.


  • this container makes sure that your loved ones would eat only what you prepared for them to have, no nasty surprises

  • you always know what ingredients you’ve used when preparing the lunch

  • is not too big

  • easy to use even by little hands

  • kids’ lunch boxes are fun to have

  • easy to clean, just wash with warm water


  • check what the container is made of, so that not to introduce dangerous materials or such that somebody in your family might be allergic to

I can’t think of anything to be aware of at the moment when using a lunch box, but please tell me if you have been or are using a lunch box and had any problems with that.


When it comes to eating, I believe in moderation. It means, I don’t tend to give my loved ones a lot of sweet and/or fat meals, but I do not forbid them. If they want to have a piece of chocolate or a cookie, a dessert or a hamburger sometimes, I happily give it to them. Yet, I try to cook those myself so that to be sure what ingredients have been used and make it less damaging, if possible.

All of us at home like to eat yoghurt, dairy products, vegetables and fruit so I am lucky. But packing the lunch box has always been a challenge for me, something I find very difficult to do – what exactly I should put inside the box every day and how to diverse the meals.

At the moment I plan to put things like that in my little one’s lunch box:

  • small sandwich made from wholemeal bread, crème cheese spread, ham, cheese, tomato and lettuce

I sometimes use sandwich cutters to make the sandwiches in different fun shapes. Click here to see the ones I use – my little one loves trains and dinosaurs.

  • banana or other fruit

  • yoghurt for dessert

  • a bottle of water

I would love to hear what you usually pack in your kids’ lunch boxes, what they usually eat and love to eat and what to avoid, just leave a comment below.

When preparing the lunch boxes for the next day, I always include my kid in the decision making. I ask him what he would like to have and then discuss with him what his options are, as we don’t always have exactly what he wants.

Then we prepare the sandwich filling together and prepare the meal. I love it when we go through the different sandwich cutters and choose the one he would enjoy the best that day. I should say that we usually use one and the same cutters (he is still a child after all and his interests don’t change that often), but he loves it when I listen to him and let him make the decision.

After that, all you have to do is pack and arrange everything in the container and you’re done. All that takes us is about 5 minutes, but that time spent with my child is so precious – you boost their confidence, make them feel appreciated and important, even grown up. I would never trade these moments for anything in the world.

And not the least important, because the lunch box that holds their meal is fun, usually with the little ones’ favourite characters, I’ve noticed that my child is always curious to open it and see what’s inside, especially if they weren’t around when I packed the box. And I hope, when he is at school and there are all the other children who eat their lunch, he would be inclined to eat as well (which is a big problem for him, even when at home and even when I serve his most favourite dish). I’ll keep you updated about our progress after starting school.


I like to think that I am doing everything possible to help my children during their school days. And because providing the right food – delicious, healthy, exact amount, is very important, I would continue to use lunch boxes and fill them up myself with meals I know are nutritious and would not rely mostly on the school canteen. Not to mention that you can never be sure what ingredients they use and how they preserve them when preparing meals for so many kids.

I would like to think that giving my little one what he is used to eat at home, what he likes and is beneficial for his health is the best I can do to help him while busy at school for most of the day. I would definitely recommend this product – lunch box, as it makes my life easier and safer for my little one.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any questions or want to say your opinion about the matter, leave a comment below.

Have a successful day!


  1. Andrew G

    That’s a great review and getting kids prepared on all levels is important and thanks to my wife that is well taken care of similarly. I will point her to this article. The lunch box seems to be out of stock though just to advise. I’m sure there are other similar ones on amazon.

    1. Ellie

      Hi Andrew. I would like to hear your wife’s advice and tips how to take care of little ones’ lunch while at school.

      When I click on the link I can still buy it, but I am sure you can find other lunch boxes, maybe more suitable for your kids interests. Just shop around, there are so many option on Amazon.

      Wish you a beautiful day

  2. Jan

    The lunch box is adorable. Any child that likes minions will love this lunch box.
    I always packed lunch for my children for school. Fruit, a protein, milk or cheese, chips or bread and some type of sweet was always in their lunch box. All real ingredients. we would also pack an occasional note. If it was a special day for them or they had a test or project.
    You also have many good ideas for presenting the nutritious food in fun ways.

    1. Ellie

      Thank you Jan. I love your idea for packing notes of encouragement, congratulation or just nice wishes for the little ones. I do that for my husband, but I would definitely start putting notes in my kid’s lunch time box as well, first one being “Eat your lunch” 🙂

      Have a lovely weekend,



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