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A few weeks ago I was talking about preparing cake and how much I like the whole process – mixing of the cake, baking, decorating and, of course, enjoying it at the end. But I have to admit that there is one thing I really struggle with and have never learnt how to do it properly – distributing the batter into smaller pots. That is why I use one tool that I think is really helpful every time I want to make fluffy pancakes, cupcakes, muffins, waffles, biscuits, etc. I am using a batter dispenser to help me with this task and work clean.

See my review below.

Product: Batter Dispenser – KPKitchen Gadget for the Perfect Waffle, Muffin, Cupcakes or Any Baked Goods

Price: £12.50

Place to buy:

My rating: 7.5/10


I like making different baked desserts and lately I’ve been cooking together with my little ones a lot. Usually we make different cupcakes or waffles, things they would eat after that.

Because the baking sessions happen often in my house, I needed something that would’ve helped me and my kids distribute the batter evenly before baking so that to ensure that we have nicely looking and evenly cooked desserts.

I think the batter dispenser is a very useful tool that you can use in the kitchen and prepare numerous different breakfasts and desserts for your loved ones.

You know, I believe that if you can make your life easier with something small, like this tool, I would prefer to have it. And ensuring you put enough batter into cupcakes is a hard task (for me, at least), especially when I am in a hurry, my attention needs to shift between different things (usually being sure the kids are not doing something dangerous somewhere) or just when I want to cook clean (that is an almost impossible task, I know). And I use every little help I have at home.


  • helps you prepare your favourite breakfasts and desserts easily – surprise your loved one with pancakes or waffles for breakfast and serve muffins or cupcakes for dessert next time

  • the spring loaded trigger opens and closes the dispenser nozzle, help you easily distribute the batter evenly

  • makes your kitchen a little bit less messy while cooking, which could save you a lot of tension

  • use it to decorate your cakes with cream frosting

  • make yummy pizza, spread pizza sauce on your dough

  • not difficult to clean

  • can use it with your little ones to involve them in the cooking process


  • hand wash only, not dishwasher safe

  • you may not need it if you have no problems working with the sticky batter and distributing it evenly between cases

  • you may not need it if you don’t prepare such breakfasts and desserts that often

  • you may not need it just because you are a calmer person and all the mess in the kitchen doesn’t bother you at all


I am a mother and I like to involve my kids when I am preparing something they like to eat. That way, I think, they get to know and trust the food and are more likely to try something.

Even if you live alone or you don’t like your loved ones to be around you in the kitchen while cooking, I still think that you may use all the help you can get from different kitchen tools and appliances to prepare your and their favourite meals.

I like using the batter dispenser together with my little ones, because that way they feel involved and proud that they are helping. At the same time, the batter dispenser is easy to use, even small hands can squeeze the trigger, although sometimes they may need your help to do that (depending on the thickness of the batter and its consistency). Stick around and make it a family fun activity. The cooking days in my house look something like that:

  • we decide what we want to make

    It is usually a recipe we just saw in a book or a magazine, so I always make sure I have all the basic ingredients that we use most often for baking at home.

  • we start adding different ingredients to the mixing bowl and divide the tasks – one will add the things we need, the other will stir, they may change if they want

  • when the batter is ready, I help them pour it into the batter dispenser and we start distributing it between the cases

    If kids are doing that they might need some supervision, to decide when to stop and how much batter is enough per case.

  • bake and enjoy

If you need some inspiration what to do using the batter dispenser, check out my blog. Make together some chocolate muffins, lemon pancakes or waffles.

I hope you find some inspiration and try involving your kids in preparation of food. If you do some fun cooking activities together, let me know about your experiences. Just leave a comment below.

My verdict: Start preparing your family’s favourite breakfasts and desserts easily, enjoy your time

Having a dessert after meal is something we are all so used to. Even if you are not a sweet-loving person, your guests most probably are. And what about breakfast? Having a pancake or a waffle is one of the most common choices. That is why I think that the batter dispenser might be of help in your life. It is not a tool that you would probably buy and completely forget about it, because you never use. I am sure that more often than not, you would start using it immediately and after you see how easy it is to bake your preferred breakfasts and desserts, you will have it handy to be able to use it when you need it.

I would recommend having this batter dispenser to anyone who prepares different small desserts (muffins, cupcakes, doughnuts, etc.) and likes to do that often, to anyone who likes to involve their other halves or kids in food preparation, to anyone who likes baking and likes to try new ways of doing something, to anyone who would like some help decorating the cake, to anyone who just likes to cook, but doesn’t want to spend too much time doing some tasks.

Start the new year by adding one nice activity into your family life, start baking sweet desserts for everyone to enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any suggestions or recommendations, or just want to share your experiences with using the batter dispenser, please get in touch with me. Just leave a comment below.

Have a lovely weekend!

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