Beans Stew In Terrine – Easy And Extra Scrumptious Dish

Preparing meals in earthenware dishes or deep terrines is very popular in my country. I like cooking that way, because it is super easy, you get very delicious meals and you can use those dishes/pans to cook both meaty or vegetable meals.

Today I am presenting one very traditional recipe that would always be in fashion in my family – beans stew in terrine. I usually cook it during the winter months, but my husband’s asked for it just last week and I think it is a dish equally delicious both in the winter and in the summer.

The recipe is very easy to make, it tastes amazing – sweet from the peppers, appetizing and smoky from the seasoning and the cooking dish, and not the least important – it is suitable for the whole family.

Note! I made a vegetarian beans stew, but if you prefer you can easily add meat as well (chicken or pork). When you cook the dish the meat would be so tender, it would fall off the bone 🙂

I personally use an earthenware dish (it looks like a deep terrine) with lid when I cook meals like that, but you can use some other dish that you have, although I think earthenware dishes give a specific aroma to the cooked food and it would be best.

Try it yourselves!

Beans Stew in Terrine 


  • beans (butter beans or cannellini beans) – 500-700gr

  • 2 onions – red or white, cut in cubes

  • 3 carrots, cut in rings or cubes

  • 1 red pepper, cut in cubes

You can use also dried peppers. They add a very delicious smoky taste to the dish.

  • salt and black pepper

  • paprika – 3-4tbsp

  • fenugreek spice (optional)

  • thyme

  • 1-2tbsp oil


  1. Soak the beans in water from the previous night to be ready for cooking the next day or at least for a 2-3 hours. If you are using beans from a can, then skip this step

  2. Put all the ingredients, except paprika and oil, in the earthenware dish/terrine

  3. Mix the oil and paprika, stir until well combined and add to the terrine. Pour water to cover all the ingredients and a little bit more

  4. Cover the dish with the lid and put in a cold oven. Cook for 1-1,5hours at 190°C

Serve with fresh salad and bread.


I hope you give this dish a try and enjoy it with the people you love. I would also like to hear about your favourite dishes cooked in a terrine dish, just get in touch with me by leaving a comment below.

All the best!

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