Cake Mould, Make Every Cake Shape You Want

I love making cakes. I find it really therapeutic to stir the batter, bake and then decorate the sweet dessert. Unfortunately, if there is a cake, I would rather have two pieces (and not just one), so I try not to make them as often as before so that not to make my kids dependant on sugar like I was in my college years.

Today I want to share with you one idea about cake mould that I see more and more often, people start using it – Flexible Cake Making Mould Bake Snake. This product will help you easily create and mould the cakes you prepare in every desired shape, for every celebration in your life.

What you will need:

Product: 4pcs Silicone Flexible Cake Mould Bake Snake

Price: £6.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10

  • And your favourite cake mix

    Start the festive season this year with a sweet treat. Enjoy!

  • And maybe your favourite hot or cold drink to go with the cake

    I, personally, like to have tea or coffee with my cake, but my kids usually have hot chocolate or plain juice.


I have always liked eating cakes. Since I remember, I would definitely try a cake if I see one. That is why it is not so surprising that I like baking and making cakes.

Of course, cake baking is difficult and sometimes, even when you did everything the recipe asked you to do, the end result is not up to our expectations. And achieving the right shape, especially if it’s a certain shape that we need to get, this is extremely difficult and needs concentration and special skills sometimes.

That is why I like to use different accessories, appliances and tools in the kitchen that make my life easier when cooking and make me a happy person, ready to enjoy life.

I think having the right cake mould could be useful, but this cake mould is not only very easy to use, but it has endless applications. You can shape it the way you want and can create any cake shape you want. This would make it easier not to buy a new cake mould every time you need a special-shaped cake.


  • can help you create any cake shape you want, be ready to surprise everyone with your celebration cakes

  • easy to use – fold and click

  • easy to clean, dishwasher safe

  • easy to store

  • do not need special training to be able to use it

  • can use it with your little ones to involve them in cake preparation


  • you may not need it, especially if you don’t have a sweet tooth and bake cakes rarely

  • kids still need supervision while using it, especially when taking the cake out of the mould

  • still need a baking tray when you prepare the cakes to bake them, just shape the mould and pour the cake mixture in it

  • you may need to provide additional support for the cake mould so that the cake mixture to stay in it while baking. This depends on the baking tray you are using and the thickness of the cake mixture.

    I use a baking tray lined with grease-proof paper and just place the cake mould on top. Let me know about your experience with this cake mould, just leave a comment below.


I would suggest to start experimenting with this cake mould this festive season so that to be ready when you need to create the cake you want, in the shape you can imagine – star, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, number, letter, shape, etc.

Most of us like cake, so I am sure that even if you are not using the mould every day, you still would put it in use the next time you want to bake a cake for the family gatherings, celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays or just for the coffee afternoons with the people you love at home. And I know how much the mood changes and everyone starts smiling more when there is a beautiful and delicious cake to go with the drinks. Use the special-shaped cake as a conversation-starter and share different stories with the people you are sitting with. It would be nice and memorable.

Also, use the cake mould to create different shaped cakes for the little ones as well. Involved them in the cake preparation, make it a game, something like that:

  • plan what kind of cake they want for the party, what shape and what flavours

  • buy the needed ingredients

  • prepare the baking tray and fold the cake mould in the desired shape

  • prepare the cake mixture, let them stir

  • pour the mixture into the mould and bake the cake

  • let it cool and decorate it

  • enjoy it together, appreciate every moment

As a mother of two happy and sometimes naughty children, I like when there are some activities they enjoy doing with me in the kitchen. I like to organize a baking day, usually on Sunday when everyone is relaxed and not complaining as much. Those days are special, because kids love to help when we prepare cake and then the decorating it is so much fun. It is a bonding activity that I hope everyone will enjoy. Savour that day!

If you need some inspiration what cakes to make, check out my blog. Surprise your loved ones with delicious Honey Layer Cake with Mascarpone, Blueberry Jam and Almonds.

My verdict: If you’re happy and you know it, bake a cake

Having a piece of cake makes me happy, it makes me get more relaxed and round 🙂

And since I was a kid, I associate special celebrations with cakes. That is why I also prepare a cake whenever there is a celebration in our family and especially for birthdays and festive holidays.

I am sure that everyone needs to bake a cake from time to time. And sometimes, these cakes need to be in a specific shape. This is when the cake mould would be invaluable.

I would recommend having this cake mould to anyone who likes to prepare cakes and desserts and does that often, to anyone who has kids who’d like to start baking cakes or like mixing the cake batter, to anyone who likes even more delicious treats when they organize a party or a celebration of any sort, to anyone who struggles to achieve the cake shape they want, to anyone who just likes to eat cake.

I think this cake mould could be a good choice and could help you create special cakes for everyone to enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any suggestions or recommendations, just get in touch with me. Leave a comment below.

Have a lovely weekend!

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