Cheat Strawberry Tiramisu – Easy, Quick And Yummy Summer Dessert

I should admit that I really like strawberries. And that is why I love using them when they are in season during the summer to prepare different extra scrumptious desserts.

Today I suggest you make something really nice for the people you love, just make the dessert. The recipe you should try today I call a Cheat Strawberry Tiramisu. It is made using only so yummy ingredients – biscuits, mascarpone, strawberries and is a winning combination.

This dessert is very easy and quick to make, then all you need to do is wait some time while it is in the fridge to absorb all the flavours and then you can enjoy it with your loved ones. You can even ask your little ones to help you while preparing it – to break the biscuits into pieces, to spread the cream topping, to arrange the strawberries the way they like them, etc.

Note – when I made the dessert this time I put all the strawberries on top, but before I’ve tried cutting them in smaller pieces and mixing it with the mascarpone. It was very delicious as well.


Cheat Strawberry Tiramisu 


  • 100gr shortbread biscuits or all butter viennese thins biscuits

  • 250-300gr mascarpone

  • 200gr fresh strawberries

  • 3-4tbsp sugar

  • 2-3tbsp strawberry jam
  • 1tsp vanilla extract


  1. In a small baking tray or medium serving bowl, break biscuits and cover the bottom

    Do not make the pieces too small as they would get soft when absorb liquid from the cream

  2. Mix the mascarpone with the sugar and vanilla until well incorporated. Pour over the biscuits and spread to cover them all

  3. Add the strawberry jam on top of the mascarpone and spread a little, do not put too much
  4. On top arrange the strawberries – whole or cut in pieces

  5. Leave in the fridge for 2 hours

Serve and enjoy with the people you love or just relax with a cup of your favourite hot drink.

Do not keep the dessert for too long as strawberries rot very fast.

I hope you have a lovely day and you would give this fresh dessert a try. Spoil your family and have a relaxing time.

If you have a suggestion or recommendation, just leave a comment below.

Have a beautiful day!

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