Cheese Board Set – Enjoy Cheese In Style

I love cheese. I love it cooked and I like it just sliced, ready to eat. Cheese is an inevitable part of my diet and I am still not ready to say good-bye to it, no matter what anyone says.

How do you like your cheese? Do you enjoy having a slice of it with your favourite wine? Mmmm

Or you rather not have it at all? What?

Talking of cheese and serving it, I want to show you the present my family recently received that we are using very often now. This product we have gifted many times, for retirement or as a wedding present, and every time we had very good feedbacks. But we have never got around to getting one of these ourselves. Until recently, when we also received it as a gift. I am talking about the cheese board set.

See the product below.

Product: Occasion Oval Cheese Board with Integrated Drawer and 4 Specialist Cheese Knives  

Price: £19.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 9/10


If you, like me, just love cheese, I am sure you probably have already heard about this product or might even use it already in your life. So, you will know how nice it is.

This set is a nice gift that everyone will enjoy. It’s beautiful and comes with handy knives that would help you finely cut the cheese you are having, allowing you just to relax and enjoy your time.

I think the cheese board set is useful, but it also lets you enjoy something in style. This is a product that would help us relax after the busy day we had and would let us unwind a little bit, to get ready and meet the next day.


  • made from sustainable Hevea wood

  • includes knife drawer (to store the cheese knives) with 4 handmade cheese knives

  • cheese knife set includes a Stilton knife, Cheddar knife, hard cheese knife and cheese fork to help you serve the cheese

  • hand finished steel blades

  • beautiful and easy to use

  • easy to clean


  • I still haven’t found anything that I don’t like about it, but if you can think of something, just let me know

  • keep it away from small children, do not let them use the knives unsupervised or better at all

If you like eating cheese like me and like combining it with some alcohol, wine or other, let me hear your ideas. Let me know how do you most often enjoy your cheese. Just write a comment below.

What else you may need:

Product: Occasion Lazy Susan Rotating Dip Set with Ceramic Dishes 

Price: £19.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 7.5/10

If you are planning on using the cheese board set, this dip set might be of use as well. It would help you serve all the other things you might need to enjoy your cheese fully – crisps, olives, gherkins, dips, crackers, etc.


I think the cheese board set is a great product to use together with your other half. It helps you plan a romantic evening easily that you can both enjoy, without doing too much – just place the cheeses and sides on the board and enjoy your time.

Having cheese with crackers and different vegetable batons is a light, healthy, delicious dinner. Enjoy it together with the people you love.

I also think that the cheese board set and the dip set are a great gift you can give someone who enjoys cheese. And who doesn’t?

I think it is a great present for different occasions – Christmas, birthday, wedding, starting something new, retirement, etc.

Hope this review might give you some ideas what to get your loved ones for Christmas. I am sure they will enjoy the gift 🙂

My verdict: Find time and start enjoying things in life, enjoy cheese nights as well

I love cheese, it’s so delicious. And I like to have some time and relax a little bit after a long and busy day. I admit that lazy evenings of only cheese eating with crackers doesn’t happen so often now with small kids always needing your attention. But evenings of relaxing nibbling of small portions of cheese with a glass of wine, they do happen, most often than I dare to admit.

Now that the weather got really cold and there is snow outside, we go home much earlier than before. Kids go to bed on time, because being dark early tells them bed time has come. So, my husband and I now find the time to enjoy such small things that make us more relaxed and I think, better parents, more patient.

We eat a lot of cheese at home, so why not enjoy it as a treat sometimes 🙂

Even if you are not a cheese lover, I am sure you know people who would really appreciate a gift like that. Use this review as a nod what you can get them for an occasion.

I think having one of these cheese board sets would be nice as you would be able to enjoy cheese in style, by yourself or with the people you love. That is why, I would recommend the cheese board set to those of you who really love cheese and eat it often, to anyone who needs some relaxed evening at home with yummy meal, to anyone who needs a gift idea for someone special, to anyone who needs some style in their life.


Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have already used a cheese board set tell me what you think – do you use it often or at all, do you enjoy using it, what cheeses you like the most, what do you serve them with. Just leave a comment below.

Have a beautiful day.

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