Cheese Grater – Yes, I Need It

As you all know by now I love cheese and I use it almost in everything I cook 🙂

I love it on toast for breakfast or with my pasta for lunch, but what about the yummy melted cheese that goes with your baked shepherd’s pie, mmm.

Today I prefer not to talk about a product that we can not live without, but instead I would show you one tool that could help you in the kitchen – help you grate the cheese you need for the recipe quickly and easily, but also grate different other ingredients that you sometimes needed and had to use the dangerous grater before (whenever I use it I always try to grate/chop a piece or my finger or worse for the dish – my nails).

See the products below.

Product: KUUK Drum Grater for Cheese, Hash Browns, Coleslaw, Nuts, Salads, Chocolate and more 

Price: £11.95

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10

Product: KC32 Automatic Cheese Grater   

Price: £25.81

Place to buy:

My rating: 6.5/10


If you, like me, use so many cheese when preparing the meals for your loved ones, I am sure you will appreciate this product.

I, for sure, am not using only grated cheese, but I still need to grate some almost every day. I know that is not a very hard job to do, but it is very annoying. I not only hate to grate using the hand grater, but I really hate the cleaning and washing up afterwards. You’ve all probably been there.

I think the drum cheese grater and the automatic cheese grater, even if they do not save all of the cleaning, they at least make the grating much more fun and really easy.

I like the drum grater as it may help you grate other ingredients as well – chocolate for your cake decorations, nuts for salads and desserts, different vegetables for finely-cut side-dishes, etc.

I like these cheese graters, because:

  • they are super easy to use, especially the automatic one

  • finely grate cheese on the moment

  • helps you grate different things you may need for cooking – cheese, nuts, chocolate, vegetables

  • you can use it safely, without risk of cutting your finger

    Still, do not put your fingers inside the cheese graters!

I don’t like these cheese graters, because:

  • the drum cheese roll would ask for some arm strength to be use, to be able to roll the handle and grate the big lump of hard cheese

  • you still need to spend some time to clean the products

  • keep it away from small children, let them use it only under adult supervision

If you need some ideas what you can use the cheese grater for, my blog provides plenty of recipes with grated cheese. I am sure you can find one for every meal of the day, like these ones:

My verdict: Don’t hate the delicate, time-consuming tasks in the kitchen, prepare yourselves and meet them

I used to buy already grated cheese – cheddar or parmesan, so that not to have to do it myself. But I believe that the already grated cheese looses its freshness and lots of its taste quicker and that is why I would prefer to be able to grate the cheese I need for our meals and when cooking and to do it without much effort and without much risk to lose a finger.

We eat a lot of cheese at home, it goes with everything, with every meal – breakfast, lunch, dinner. I am not saying that you definitely have to have an automatic cheese grater to be able to cook, far from it. Like always, I am just trying to show you different things so that you to know what there is on the market that could help you in your cooking and you to choose those that would work best for your and your family’s needs.

I think having one of these cheese graters would be nice as you would be able to freshly grate cheese safely. That is why, I would recommend the drum cheese grater or the automatic cheese grater to those of you who really like cheese (or love it, like me) and use it often, to those who like to serve fresh products on the table, for those who like doing things the fun and safe way.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have already used an automatic cheese grater, I would love you to get in touch with me – tell me how do you find it, do you use it often or not, what do you use it for mostly, what dishes you prepare with grated cheese. Just leave a comment below.

Have a lovely weekend!

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