Christmas Party Plates, Be More Festive

I like decorating the house for different holidays, be it Easter, Halloween or Christmas. I like planning different decorations, because I know my little ones really enjoy them and also, because I think the house looks more festive and people get in better mood when there is a reminder about the holiday.

I am lucky that I have kids that like to help me plan and execute the decoration of the house, but I would’ve done it anyway. And because I have one special-needs kid that needs constant reminding what the holiday is, I am already thinking about the Christmas decorations.

I am sure that every one of you has their own favourites or at least knows how they want to decorate their home for the festive season, but today I want to mention another decorations that sometimes we overlook or forget about – the festive plates.

I love serving beautiful and delicious food each day of the year, but when the food is in a themed plate, I think this makes the person enjoy it even more, adding some experiences as well, like colour association and anticipation of something nice to happen.

See my festive suggestions below.

Product: Christmas Tree Serving Trays – Set of 3  

Price: £4.94

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10

Product: Oval Holly Poinsettia Christmas Party Plates, Pack of 8

Price: £4.19

Place to buy:

My rating: 7.5/10

Product: Home Christmas Serving Plate  

Price: £4.19

Place to buy:

My rating: 8.5/10

What else you may need:

  • napkins  
  • table runner  
  • cutlery holders  
  • chair back covers 


We need plates to serve the food we are going to eat, but I suggest you add one more element as well – create a different mood with some festive plates that would make the time more joyous and will make people smile and savour the time at the table.

I know a picky eater that is not tempted not by food, not by anything to have something to eat. But even my special picky eater is tempted to check out the food at the table when he sees it placed in those plates.

My personal favourite would be the Christmas serving plate. I like putting different nibbles in those trays and just leaving them on the table for anyone to enjoy whenever they prefer. I serve nuts, dried fruit, crisps, crackers, pretzels, olives and cheese, anything we like. And all of those things disappear quite fast.

This year I would use again the Christmas cutlery holders and chair back covers to create even more festive atmosphere at the table when we are having our meal. I love those decorations. They are so much fun and make the room brighten.


  • easy to find, great selection of choices for every taste

  • not expensive

  • create more fun during the festive season

  • make meals more jolly, everyone will enjoy the food now

  • nice Christmas decorations that could be a nice conversation-starter or story-starter


  • I like decorations as an addition to the meal served, but it may not be to everyone’s taste

  • sometimes these plates might serve as a distraction from the food, especially for my special-needs kid who likes to super-concentrate on one thing (the fun plates) and will completely forget that he needs to eat as well (if you do not remind him again and again to put food in his mouth)

  • soon the festive season will be once again over and you would need to store these till the next year when you’ll need them again


I believe food should be not only delicious, but also beautiful. Try creating nice portions and serve them in themed, colourful plates.

My everyday plates that I use most often when serving the food are in light green colour, light blue and purple. You can see them on the pictures of the recipes I share with you.

I know that colours influence our mood and I may not have chosen the correct colours to go with how much we should eat, but I wanted colours that are calming so that to bring the feeling of relaxation when we seat at the table. My choice was mainly influenced by the needs of my special-needs kid, but also because I think the food looks really great in those plates, in plates in those colours.

I think you should find the plates that would correspond the best with your attitude towards food and eating, with your temper. But sometimes you should also go with the theme of the holiday – Easter or Christmas. Those festive seasons bring specific associations and you should go with those things that would make the mood even more festive. Start with something simple and really not expensive, to see how it goes. Start with serving the yummy meals in festive plates. I am sure you and your loved ones will appreciate the food more and you will even enjoy it more. Create memories. Treasure that time and enjoy food.

My verdict: Let the festive mood be around the house, create positive energy and fun

I love holidays, festive or just off days. And I firmly believe that we need to put some energy into creating a positive mood, for us and for the people we love.

I would never say that the Christmas party plates are something that you can not leave without. Of course, it is not something essential. But I would bring some more magic into my home by plating the food into beautiful, fun, festive plates that would make my loved ones enjoy the time around the table (which is a constant struggle with of them, for sure).

I would recommend trying something new, if you don’t already have such plates, this year or just diversify the range a little bit. I would recommend the Christmas serving plate, cutlery holders and chair back covers to anyone who loves Christmas magical season, to anyone who has kids and they love anything Christmassy (although, who doesn’t?), to anyone who likes to add some festive mood, to anyone who likes a bit of colour in their life.

Take a look at my suggestions or search the Amazon and find those plates that best correspond with your likings and temperament. I think there are different places where you can find exactly what you need for your festive preparation, but Amazon offer great choices and different price ranges, so anyone would be sure to find what they are looking for.

Hope I was useful to give you some ideas how to make your house more fun and beautiful, in tune with the holiday season.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any suggestion or recommendation or just want to share your idea about the Christmas decorations, get in touch with me. Just leave a comment below.

Be merry!

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