Cooking is an inevitable part of our everyday life. No matter how busy or lazy we feel, we still need to eat at least three times every day to be healthy and productive.

Because I know that cooking is something I would be doing for a very, very long time, that is why I rely on the help of different appliances to make my life much more easier and happier by allowing me to have delicious meals on the table and still enjoy quality time with my loved ones.

You all probably know that I really love my multi cooker. This appliance is the best – it can boil, stew, fry, bake, make yoghurt, etc. Click here to see the multi cooker I am using

I know a lot of people are also using slow cookers, rice cookers and/or pressure cookers to help them prepare the meals they love. But has something like that happened to you as well – have you wondered how to adapt a recipe you like for another appliance? Common sense helps, but sometimes the results are not as good as we wished.

See my review below.


Each and every one of these appliances could be a very useful gadget in the kitchen. You have seen my review about the Multicooker Vs Slow Cooker – click here to see it.

I would always recommend having a multicooker, just to be able to prepare more and different type of meals.

I know that everyone has their own preferences and that is why I would say – use the appliance you feel most comfortable with, the appliance that would make the dishes just the way YOU like them.

All the main PROs you can think of (easy preparation of meals, almost no attendance needed, easy to use, easy to clean) are relevant for each one of these appliances, so you should way things in accordance with your personal needs and wants.


As preparing a delicious meal easily is the aim when using those appliances, I would say let’s focus on getting the desired results.

I guess everyone had come across a recipe they liked, but it was given for a different appliance than the one you’ve got. Don’t despair, let’s think what we can do to overcome this difficulty.

These are my practical tips what to do in such situations:

  1. Search the internet

No matter where you saw the recipe you like to try (a book, a magazine, somebody told you about it), always trust that you would be able to find that recipe adapted to the appliance you’d like to use on the internet – somebody else had already tried it and is ready to share their experience with you.

I love to search the internet to find different recipes I haven’t made before. I usually do that when I have specific ingredients and I can’t think what I can do with them all. Like the bake I made yesterday using aubergines/eggplants and leeks. It was an yummy combination of flavours, soon I would give you the recipe.

  1. Change the cooking time

The main thing that differentiates each of these appliances from the others is the cooking technique they are using when cooking the meals and the time they need to cook it properly.

If you want to use a different appliance to cook a meal you love, just adapt the time so that the dish to be cooked completely and be as yummy as you remember it.

Tip: when you need to adapt the time, always be aware that pressure cooker needs very little time to cook, multicooker needs more time and the slow cooker usually needs hours to cook the meal on low temperature.

When I need to decide how much time I would need to cook a dish in my multicooker, but don’t have a recipe in front of me, I usually think how much time would this meal need if cooked in a pot/tray on the stove or in the oven. Then I add time – thinking about how much time the appliance needs to get hot and just to be sure that all the ingredients have been cooked properly.

  1. Use different technique to cook

Have you noticed that – when using different appliances you may use different cooking techniques to prepare one and the same meal? Have you tried that? What were the results?

I would give you examples:

  • I fry the omelettes in a frying pan, but when I am preparing an omelette in the multi cooker I use the BAKE program

  • I bake the stuffed peppers in the oven, but in the multi cooker I STEW them

Consult the cookbook that comes with the appliance to know what technique is best to use when preparing the meal. Use it as guidelines what to do when next you need to cook something similar.

Or buy your own cook book for the appliance you are using. That way you will find different meals that you like with the exact notes what to do to prepare them like the chefs.

  1. Experiment and find the best way to cook with your appliance

I love to cook and I like trying new things. I should admit that not every time I get the results I want to and sometimes I need to try again and again till I get a proper meal, yet I would recommend that if you have already chosen which appliance you prefer – slow cooker, multicooker or pressure cooker, but still have some doubts and hesitations how to cook a meal, just try the best you can do. Even if that is not good, next time you will know exactly what you need to change and make the perfect dish.

Be wise, don’t experiment just before a big celebration or important holiday. Try it beforehand and know what you want to do.


I like when my family likes the food I have prepared. That gives me pleasure and satisfaction that they are enjoying it, not only filling their tummies. But I would also like to believe that cooking any meal should not be a hard work as well. Choose the right appliance and find the recipes you like to cook with it, adapt them if needed and enjoy them with the people you love.

I think the best way to be successful when cooking a favourite meal using different appliances is to know the appliance. That way you would know what you need to change so that to adapt the recipe to the appliance’s characteristics.

I usually just change the cooking time and it works perfectly for me. Hope you have equal success.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have already decided which appliance is the best for you, have tried it and found what dishes taste great, share your experience with me. Just leave a comment below, I would love to hear from you.

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