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Now that kids are back to school, there are a lot of school fund-raising events we have attended and are going to attend, even before Christmas. One of the first that was organised just last week was a Cake Sale for Mcmillan Cancer Support.

Because the headteacher encouraged parents to donate cakes, both home-made and/or bought, I decided to make a chocolate cake with my little ones and bring it to school. Everyone loved it 🙂

Today I don’t want to talk about how to make a cake, even a chocolate cake, yum.

I want to discuss with you how to decorate your cake. What do you usually like to put on top of your cake and finish it so that it to look even more beautiful and inviting to try it? Do you use fondant icing, cream icing and sprinkles or maybe some cake decorations – flowers, butterflies, etc.?

I think it depends on the type of cake you make and the occasion what the decorations would be. For this occasion I wanted to write an inspirational message and encouragement for every one and used a tool that helped me achieve that.

See my review below.

Product: Continu Icing/Piping Cake Decorating Pen Tool 

Price: from £4.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10


Writing on pastry is something that I have always been interested in. Unfortunately for me, my handwriting is not very beautiful and also I still haven’t mastered the piping skills. That is why when I wanted to be able to write something when I make biscuits, desserts or cakes, I needed something that would let me easily use it and would get me the results I wanted.

The decorating pen tool could help you write any message you want to finish decorating your pastry. You can write funny, lovely, inspiring or even silly messages and make the people you love and/or your guests smile and their day even more beautiful than it is.

I first started writing on the chocolate biscuits I used to make for my husband way before we even had kids. Those were different simple messages, like “Good morning”, “I love you”, “Boo”, “Kiss”, etc. Then I realised that I can use that tool to make the cakes I love to make for different occasions even more beautiful. And, the rest is history 🙂

You can find your own personal use how to make your desserts unique by using this decorating tool.


  • easy to use – just to pipe different lines/shapes or even to write a message

  • helps you make unique and personalised cakes

  • helps you use your creative imagination, even if you had difficulties before with cake decorating

  • will wow everyone who see your creations

  • non expensive tool to help you have wonderful treats for your family and party guests


  • it would be better if your hand writing is beautiful, not like mine, when creating your messages to go on the cake

  • you need a steady hand and full concentration when piping the lines to decorate your cakes, which could be difficult with too many things to do and small children around

  • don’t be disappointed if the decoration doesn’t look the way you’ve imagined it from the first time, just give it another and another try


I know decorating cakes could be a lot of work, especially if you start making the delicate piping lines. I would say, leave that work to the professionals, they’ve after all studies to be able to do it.

If you, like me, are just home-schooled cooks and love to be able to make delicious desserts and cakes that look also amazing, try decorating the easy way. I love piping cream flowers on my cakes, but because sometimes they remind me like if it is still 1980s, I try something more sophisticated and unique. Then, I write messages. The cake last week, for my kid’s school Bake Sale, included a messages that we are not alone… in anything we have to do.

I love to think that is true and there is always someone out there you can reach to and ask for help. This is what I did when my kid was diagnosed as a special-needs kid and I needed to understand how I can help him. And that is what I do today as well. Sharing with you something I find helpful in my life and hope you can use the advantages it provides and be able to make beautiful and inspirational cakes and desserts to share with the people you love.

Decorating cakes could be labour-consuming and irritating process, but it could also be a really fun experience you do together with your kids or family to create stronger bond and share some stories.

Hope you enjoy the next and every cake you have together.

My verdict: I believe cakes should be pretty, not only delicious, so that to be even more nice to have a slice

Having a slice of cake or a piece of dessert, beautifully decorated and inviting you to just bite into them, is an ultimate treat that you can give to your loved ones and/or your guests. Finishing your meals with something yum and gorgeous could make the finish of your day really nice, even if the whole day was a bit hard.

That is why I put a lot of thought and hard work in decorating my desserts, especially cakes that are almost inevitably made for a special occasion – birthday, anniversary or holiday.

And because I know how hard it could be to decorate your cakes and especially to write a personal message, I would recommend you try using the decorating pen tool so that to finish the job quicker and the result to be beautiful.

I would recommend this tool to anyone who loves cakes and preparing different desserts on a regular basis, to anyone who has a lot of extended family and friends and need to make and decorate a lot of cakes often, to anyone who likes to be able to inspire their loved ones with the dessert they are having, to anyone who just needs a beautiful pastry for their coffee.

I hope you might find this decorating pen tool useful in your life, like I did. If you like to bake and like making cakes, please share with me your decorating tips – how you decorate your cakes, what do you use, etc.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations, get in touch with me. Just leave a comment below.

Have a lovely day!

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