Digital Cooking Thermometer Review – A Helping Tool

Because the weather is getting colder we stay home most of the evenings, including during the weekend. Not only that, but my family tend to look for more satisfying food, maybe to get the body warm and ready for the colder degrees outside. And that is why I started preparing roasts more often than during the summer.

And when roasting meat you probably need a helping tool to tell you if the food is cooking and whether or not it is already done. That is why I use a digital food thermometer to be sure and not just guess.

Have you used one yourselves? Do you find it helpful or useless? Share with me your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

See my review.

Product: Digital Cooking Thermometer  

Price: £6.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 8.5/10


You know me, I like to use all the hacks that help me prepare food easily and quickly. And to be able to tell if meat is cooked properly might not be only nice and yummy, but also very important as I would never serve raw meat to my loved ones, too many diseases to be afraid of.

That is why I think the digital cooking thermometer is a tool that is really helpful in the kitchen. Not only that, but you could use it for many different tasks – when cooking meat, boiling sugar (for caramel) or milk, when melting chocolate, grilling food, baking cakes or even when preparing jams.

I’ve used it almost for every one of these operations and have never been disappointed. Maybe you should try making your life in the kitchen easier? 🙂


  • very easy to use

  • easy to store as it is small and foldable

  • magnetic to keep it handy on the fridge

  • easy to clean

  • instant reading of the temperature

  • measurement units can be changed (Fahrenheit or Celsius) for you to be able to follow the recipe as it is given


  • it is not something that you definitely have to have to be able to cook your loved ones’ favourite meals, but makes life a little bit easier

  • be careful when using it not to burn yourselves as the food would be hot

  • not waterproof or dishwasher safe, clean by wiping it with damp cloth


If you love cooking you’ve probably watched different cooking programs and saw chefs and amateur cooks using a digital cooking thermometers to ensure the food is at the right temperature and is cooking properly. That is why I think you should indulge your curiosity and try one yourselves.

What’s more? The season of roasts and baking has started and you might need it more and more often that you think.

I am not advocating that you should definitely have a cooking thermometer as, as I said before, millions and millions of cooks are doing just fine without one and still are preparing extremely delicious meals. What I am trying to say is that sometimes we all struggle to see if the food is ready to be taken out of the oven or just needs a couple of more minutes. And the digital cooking thermometer would help you decide easily what to do.

You have probably seen more than once different recipes asking the liquid/food to be heated to a certain degree. How do you decide when you have reached it? I couldn’t without the help of this little tool. And now I am using it to cook different meals confidently, knowing that I could always rely on it to tell me the temperature at every minute.

My verdict: Try cooking the smart way, do as professional cooks do

If you love cooking then maybe you want your food to be always nicely cooked and beautiful. And using some smart tools might help you achieve this easier.

Has something like that happened to you or is it just me? You are trying to prepare some new recipe you saw for a fancy and probably extremely delicious strawberry jam to go with your scones for breakfast and the recipe asks the fruit to be boiled at/till a certain temperature is reached? Or have you seen those recipes that say that meat is cooked when the meat inside is at a given degree? Sophisticated sounding words that can easily be followed by using one simple tool, the digital cooking thermometer.

I like using my digital cooking thermometer, because it is not complicated to use it (even for me) and it helps me prepare my family’s favourite roasts and desserts. I think if there is something as little and as not expensive as this little tool that might be helpful in the kitchen when you need it, you should definitely give it a try. Who knows, it might even inspire you to try preparing some new recipes.

Hope you enjoyed my review and hope you find something that could help you in the kitchen. If you have any suggestion, recommendation or would like to share your experience with using a cooking thermometer, get in touch with me by leaving a comment below.

Enjoy your day!

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