Does Your Eating Change When The Seasons Change?

Lately, because I’ve always been good with eating and like to eat different things, I started thinking how and whether my eating and the eating habits of those I love changes during the year.

I’ve always known that when the weather is cold I tend to eat more, but my desire to eat changes and because of the presence of daylight as well. When days are longer and the weather is nice, I would rather have a soup or a salad than a burger or something else really unhealthy. Is it the same with you or is it just me?

My older child has always been a picky eater, since the day he was born. He is one of those people who is never hungry and if you don’t ask him to eat he would not eat at all. Sometimes I envy that – not feeling hungry ever. I have the other problem, even if I am not hungry if I see a food I like (especially something sweet) I would start eating and I need to use all my willpower to make myself eat just a little bit, not all the cookies 🙂

But have you noticed that no matter if we really like to eat or not, our eating habits change during the year, when the seasons change? For me and my family it usually goes something like that:

  • autumn and winter time – eat more, prefer really unhealthy food, food that would make me feel full, warmer food, heavier and greasy food

  • spring and summer time – not that hungry, prefer salads and light meals, even just nibbles, drink more liquids and eat soup a lot

I would be interested to know if something like that usually happens in your life. I would like to know as I am curious how light, weather and seasons affect our appetite and if there are any small tricks we can use to fool our minds that we are not hungry even when we feel like we want more.

I would also like to know your opinion and your experience regarding the meals you like to eat during the different seasons of the year. I, personally, have some dishes that I only cook during the winter (like sauerkraut), because I am used to eat it only when it is cold and I have dishes that I cook only during the summer.

I agree that most of the time it is just because I am used to that, my mum used to prepare those dishes only in those seasons and that is why I do it as well. But I wouldn’t feel comfortable eating them in different time, they won’t be as yummy as when prepared when they should be prepared.

One of the reasons why certain dishes were used to be prepared in a specific time of the year was because back then most of the vegetables you couldn’t find all through the year, you had to cook only with the vegetables and fruit in season, available at the time. Those were the times.

Now that all through the year you have access to your favourite vegetables, fruit and meat, tell me what is your most favourite thing in the world to eat that you can most definitely choose every time you see it on the menu. And tell me – do your favourite things change during the summer and during the winter, like maybe fish and prawns in the summer, but steak in the winter? Just leave a comment below.

I would tell you what my family likes to eat, preferably in a certain season:

  • cold months – beans, cabbage, potatoes, lentils, citrus fruit, fatty meat

  • warm months – lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, courgettes, yoghurt, leaner meats – chicken, fish, seafood, a lot of fruit and fruit salads

These are only some of the foods that my family prefers in a certain time of the year. It doesn’t mean they do not eat them all through the year, but it means that they actively search for these foods when the weather is right for them 🙂

I am sorry that today I haven’t presented a new recipe you could use to surprise your loved ones with a delicious meal. I just wanted to tell you some of my thoughts about the things everyone goes through every year.

I have great interest in food and eating and especially in what affects our eating habits as I want my kids to eat food that is healthy, nutritious and really, really yummy.

I hope you enjoyed going through my post and if you have a suggestion, question or recommendation or just want to share your opinion and your experience about what you personally like to eat and whether the food you eat changes in different seasons during the year, just leave a comment below.

Have a beautiful day!

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