Earthenware Dish Review – Broaden Your Cooking Experience

I received some questions about the earthenware dish I am using after I shared with you a recipe very traditional for my family and country – beans stew.

The dish/pot I am using to prepare delicious meals with minimum effort is an earthenware dish, terrine or natural terracotta pot. Maybe some of you have it at home or you know it under a different name.

Share with me if you call it differently.

I like cooking in earthenware dish, because it is very easy. All you have to do is to cut the ingredients the way you need them for the recipe and stuff them in the pot, season and cook in the oven. You don’t even have to open the dish from time to time to stir it. And if that is not good enough, there never is a burnt food stuck to the dish.

See my review below of the cookware that I think everyone should consider having at home, because it helps you prepare delicious meals easily.

Product: Cookware Natural Terracotta 3 Litre Stew Pot 

Price: £12.90 (RRP £28.63)

Place to buy:

My rating: 9/10


I like when preparation of a meal is easy and doesn’t need much attending from my side. Sometimes, although I want to cook something extra dashing, I just don’t have the time to do it or to stay around the kitchen to cut and stir the food again and again and again.

In those cases, I would prefer to either use my multicooker or use my earthenware dish to help me prepare a yummy dish the whole family can enjoy.

The terracotta cookware makes me cook more easily as the only thing I need to do is to put all the ingredients in the pot.

I also am a big fan of the smoky taste the food gets from the dish, because it is an earthenware dish, made from natural materials, and because the food is cooked closed in it.


  • it’s very easy to use

  • it’s durable – you can use it with ovens and hobs (gas or electric)

  • prepares delicious meals

  • there is no burnt food, non-stick material

  • very easy to clean

  • allows you to cook both meaty and vegetarian meals equally yummy

  • dishwasher safe, you can freeze it as well

  • it keeps the food warm for longer after removing it from the oven/hob


  • it is a big dish, so you will need more space to store it

  • you will need to allow more cooking time so that to be sure the food is all cooked


For the last time I’ve used my earthenware dish when I cooked this beans stew, click here to see it.

I know it was just a stew, but stews made in an earthenware pot are in a different category. They are so delicious that even my picky eater, who doesn’t like stews or beans, had no problems eating it and enjoying it. It was a small victory for me, but one that was easily won – I’ve just used my earthenware dish to cook beans. All of you who have kids with special needs or just picky eaters would understand what a big deal that is for me.

I would never say that you definitely have to have this cookware. But I would say again and again – the meals cooked in an earthenware dish are divinely delicious.

I agree that I might like the taste of these meals, because I am used to eat them since I can remember, but now that I understand more about food and cooking and now when I prepare the food for my family, I still believe that the terracotta pot can help you make very easily tasty dishes even with the most common ingredients.


This cookware looks a lot like the tagine, it’s only bigger, at least the one I am using and which I would recommend, is bigger. You are probably familiar how good the food gets when cooked in a tagine. The earthenware dishes have this ability, they make meals really special and extra scrumptious.

I have never tried cooking in a tagine (although I have eaten many times meals cooked in it) just because I have my earthenware dish, this terrine/terracotta pot. It fits perfectly in any standard oven and helps you prepare super yummy dishes.

I should say that I most often cook stews in this cookware, just because it is easier that way. Whenever I cook beans or cabbage, I always use the earthenware dish. There is no other alternative for my family how these should be cooked.

Try also cooking meat in the terracotta pot. It gets tender, succulent, just melts in the mouth.

I would definitely recommend the terracotta dish/pot to anyone who likes to try something new (if they’ve never tried cooking this way before), to anyone who still remembers their mums cooking using such a dish, to anyone who likes their food prepared easily.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have a suggestion, question or recommendation or just want to share your opinion and your experience with cooking with an earthenware dish, just leave a comment below.

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