Easy And Quick Breakfast – Feta Cheese Pastries

I love cheese and I think it goes well with almost anything and everything. I like cheese in my savoury dishes and I like cheese in my sweet dishes as well. I usually cook using cheddar cheese – it is hard cheese, melts beautifully and is really delicious. But I also like feta cheese – it is traditional for my country and we use it a lot in different recipes.

Today I am presenting something that everyone in my family remembers since we were kids – feta cheese pastries.

They are very easy to make, doesn’t take a lot of time, you only need a few ingredients that everyone has at home and quickly you can prepare a delicious breakfast, snack or even dinner for the people you love.

I made these for my family’s Saturday dinner. We had a lot of things to do this Saturday and we had a late lunch. That is why I wanted to make them something not too heavy, but extra scrumptious.

I served these feta cheese pastries with plain yoghurt – a traditional combination that is unbeatable.

I hope you give these a try and I hope you like them as much as my family likes to have them.

Feta Cheese Pastry  


  • 8 ready-rolled filo pastry sheets

You can use gluten-free filo pastry as well if you prefer

  • 200gr feta cheese, crumbled

  • 50gr melted butter

  • 100-150ml oil for frying


  1. Lay one filo pastry sheet and using a baking brush spread butter so that all of the sheet to be greasy, not too much. Place another filo pastry sheet on top and cut in squares or rectangles as big as you want your finish pastry to be. Continue with the other sheets of pastry till you get 4 double-sheets (filo sheet, butter, filo sheet) 

I cut one double-sheet on 3 or 6 rectangles and made half big pastries and the other half – smaller pastries.

  1. Put some crumbled feta cheese on the long side of each rectangle of filo sheet and start rolling – first cover the cheese with the pastry, then roll the ends inside and continue rolling the long side until you have a cigare-shaped pastry with all ends covered firmly in filo pastry

  2. When you get to the end of rolling each cut pastry sheet, smear some melted butter so that to be able to glue the end as well. Continue till you have all your rectangles filled with feta cheese and rolled 

  3. Heat oil and fry the cheese pastries, turning halfway

I use medium heat for frying the pastries, that way they do not burn and get cooked and nice in colour.

Serve with plain yoghurt. Enjoy!

It’s an easy breakfast or even delicious weekend dinner that takes almost no time to prepare, but I am sure everyone will enjoy.

If you have something similar you like to make for your loved ones or just have some suggestions how to make those pastries even more yummy, just get in touch with me by leaving a comment below.

Have a beautiful day!

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