I like to eat and, although I am not fat, I am not as fit as I used to be when I was younger.

Now that the holidays have finished, I realised that during that festive time I have eaten a lot of unhealthy stuff, mostly sweet and high calorie meals and desserts.

Today I am not going to talk about what we should do to stay fit and hopefully thin, as I don’t know all the answers that might be relevant to everyone’s case. I just wanted to share with you my thoughts and, if I am lucky, you will share with me how you manage to avoid food cravings and how you manage not to eat too much during the holidays.

What I really would like to happen is to hear your opinion – about what has worked the best and still works for you, how to organise the cooking and eating habits of my family so that my kids to be healthy, should we avoid some foods, etc.

See my thoughts and personal experience below.

Everyday Menu

I personally believe in moderation. I would never put a ban on and forbid any food in my house, especially if my loved ones like it. But I try to keep unhealthy food to a minimum. Of course, we can have a piece or two of chocolate or a slice of cake, but never the whole chocolate or cake at one sitting.

My husband loves fat food – burgers, pizza, steaks. I like them as well, although I also like a nice big salad sometimes better. I try to treat him from time to time, not that often, with his favourite home-made feast, especially during the holidays. But my family’s menu day-per-day usually includes:

  • a lot of vegetables and fruit;

  • chicken, pork, beef, lamb, ham;

  • fish and seafood;

  • milk, yoghurt and cheese;

  • we eat wholemeal bread;

  • for dessert – usually yoghurt, but during the weekends I make cakes or biscuits.

A lot of you may find that I include a lot of unhealthy stuff in my menu, like cheese, but it is so yummy and I am still not ready to give it up. I am sorry. I firmly believe that everything is better when you add cheese, even some desserts 🙂

Do you think you can teach children what they should eat? My little one just doesn’t like fruit, he would never accept having raw fruit – no banana, no apple, no pear, nothing. My husband and I eat fruit everyday, it is part of our menu. I cook with fruit and still my little one won’t want to even try to have any fruit, but luckily he has no problem with the vegetables.

Do you think that would change over time? Would he start eating fruit, as well as vegetables?

What do you think is the menu one should have to be able to stay fit, healthy and maybe even loose a few pounds?

Share with me your everyday menu, just leave a comment below.


I don’t like the word “diet”, it brings association with restrictions and something forbidden (to eat).

I like to think how I can change the menu of the people I love, what and how I can cook so that to be as beneficial to their health as possible.

I should make a note – eating the right stuff helps, but you should help your body as well by not eating too much, just enough to have the energy to do what you need to do during the day and sustain the bodily functions. I know that that means different people may need different quantity of food. Seek help or assess, know your needs.

Share with me:

  • What diets you’ve been following and how they worked?

  • Were they too strict and how easy did you find them to follow?

  • Were they successful and how long did you follow them?

  • Did you have to modify the diet to suit your lifestyle and everyday commitments?

  • Were you ever a victim of the yo-yo effect?

From time to time there is a new diet on the market that people claim is very successful and works. You have probably all have heard about such a diet. Do you know about a diet that you would definitely not recommend and would advise nobody to follow? Leave me a comment.

Also, how do you stay on track during the holidays? Do you allow yourselves to eat more, all the yummy (and usually unhealthy) foods just because it is a festive season, or you have a trick up your sleeve that helps you taste everything in moderation without feeling an unsatisfying desire to have more and more?

Because that is my problem during the holidays, especially in December, around Christmas. When I make a batch of cookies, they are so delicious that I can not have just one, I sometimes have… a lot. And I like preparing sweet treats for the holidays. Luckily family celebrations and holidays during the year are not so many.

Conclusion: Eat Healthy, But Always Treat Yourself As Well

I know that what you eat can help you loose pounds, shape your body, avoid or even better some diseases, better your health, stay fit and look and feel beautiful.

I would say – try to eat more healthily, add vegetables in your menu. They will keep you satisfied for longer and you will start consuming much less calories although you would be eating a lot.

Add fruit for your sweet cravings. When I am desperate to have a chocolate bar, I sometimes make a fruit salad. It’s yummy and healthy.

I would also recommend not to ban anything you love from your menu.

If you like hamburgers – have one on Sunday, not everyday or prepare it at home in a more healthy way.

If you like chocolate – have a piece after your meal, don’t eat the whole bar.

I would definitely like to hear how you manage your everyday menu and what you do when you crave something that you know is full of sugar and fat. If you have a recommendation, suggestion or want to share something, just leave a comment below. I would like to know.

Good luck to all!

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