EGG BOILER AND POACHER REVIEW – Helps You Make Healthy Breakfasts Easily

Eggs are one of my family’s favourite ingredients for breakfast, nibble/treat or we add it to salads as well. My husband regularly has full English breakfast to start his day and, as you know, eggs are an inevitable part of it. I try not to fry the eggs every time, so that to make the meal a little less damaging as it usually is, so I decided to serve it with either a poached, or boiled eggs.

Not only  that, but eggs are very important for our health. They provide proteins, are low in carbs and fat, ideal to have when you get hungry between meals.

See my review below of the appliance that could help you prepare easily and without much effort the perfect boiled, poached or steamed eggs, it helps you serve delicious meals still full of nutrients.

Product: VonShef Electric Egg Boiler, Poacher and Steamer egg-boiler-and-poacher

Price: £14.99 (RRP £21.99)

Place to buy:

My rating: 8.5/10

Guarantee: 2-year warranty



The egg boiler and poacher is an appliance that helps you prepare the eggs, which probably most of you have almost every morning or day anyway, in a easy way the way you like it.

How do you prefer your boiled eggs – soft or hard? Or are you in a mood today for a poached eggs with a toast? No problem. Just put the eggs in the appliance and set the function and while you are getting your coffee ready and having your bread toasted the eggs would be waiting for you to have them still hot.


  • helps you prepare your delicious, healthy breakfast;

  • helps you make a quick dinner or supplement you can add to your main meal;

  • the automatic power turn-off makes it safe for use even if you are not around when the appliance is preparing the meal;

  • you can select how your boiled eggs to be prepared – soft, medium or hard;

  • the appliance automatically adjusts the degree of cooking according to the quantity of water used;

  • the appliance makes sure your eggs do not over cook and cooks them without cracks (which appear almost always when boiling eggs in a pot on the hot-plate);

  • water measure included;

  • can cook up to 7 eggs at the same time;

  • takes between 8 and 10 minutes to have your eggs prepared the way you like it;

  • comes with an egg poaching bowl, which is ideal for having a perfectly poached egg;

  • easy to use and easy to clean appliance;

  • can prepare breakfasts and meals for the whole family;

  • beautiful appliance that you would use every day.


  • be careful when preparing eggs as they contain allergens, be sure nobody is allergic to eggs before serving them;

  • follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use;

  • the on/off switch sometimes stops working, if that happens to you make sure you return the product under the warranty guarantee.


Recently I attended a nutritional course (Diploma in Weight Loss) and the lecturers talked extensively about all the benefits of eating eggs. I don’t like eggs a lot, I use them mainly when cooking and baking, but hearing all those advantages eating an egg can bring to the body, I understand that everyone should introduce them in their menu.

You don’t have to eat a lot, have a healthily prepared egg in the morning to fuel you with energy for the day ahead or have a boiled egg as a snack later is perfect.

And because my other half really loves eggs, that made me search and find the egg boiler and poacher, an appliance that would help my family enjoy some of their favourite breakfasts and meals without me being around the cooker the whole time. Especially in the mornings, when everyone is very slow to get up, sit at the table to eat and then prepare to leave, I am not willing to spend too much time, even to cook my husband’s most preferred breakfasts, because it would mean that I would not have time to get kids ready for school and nursery and that would make them cranky. No, thank you!

I prefer the convenience and handiness of the egg boiler and poacher that would help me make everyone’s perfectly cooked eggs in no time and they would be ready for my family to enjoy them when we are all already sitting at the table.

If you, like me, have people you love who really love to have an egg for breakfast, but you struggle with time in the morning, do not hesitate – this appliance is really useful, easy to store and always prepares the best eggs the way you like them.


My family likes eggs, but I can never prepare them beautifully or right when boiling them in a pot. They always crack, even when I try boiling them on a lower heat, or they are either too soft for my liking, or harder than my husband would like them.

That is why I would definitely get one of these appliances – egg boiler and poacher so that not to overthink when I prepare eggs.

You can use the appliance to make breakfasts, lunches or supplements to add to dinners, or to enhance the flavours in different salads or side-dishes.

I would recommend the egg boiler and poacher to anyone who really loves eggs and eats them regularly, to anyone who is into healthy eating and wanting to preserve all the nutrients in this food, to anyone who wants to be able to prepare delicious filling breakfasts easily and not spend too much time around the cooker.

I hope you liked my review and if you have used an egg boiler or poacher before, have any questions or recommendations, leave a comment below.

Have a lovely day!


  1. NemiraB

    Hello here. I never heard about device for eggs. I mean that we can prepare any kind of eggs. I wonder how it prepares poached eggs? Poached eggs are without shell. Do we need to crack eggs and pour into mashing?
    I think that this device is great when a big family is around or we expect to have a big party.
    The automation in the kitchen saves time for us. This egg boiler and poacher can be a great addition in the kitchen. The time is most valuable asset in our lives. It is better to share duties with helpful devices.
    Thanks for informative review, all the best, Nemira.

    1. Ellie

      Hi Nemira. Yes, you need to crack the eggs in the egg poaching bowl it comes with and add water to the base.

      I love your idea to use the appliance when you have guest or maybewhen relatives are visiting 🙂

      Hope it helps you prepare the eggs the way you and your loved ones like it.

      All the best.


  2. amin hashem

    Hi Ellie
    A very nice review of the VonShef Electric Egg Boiler, Poacher, and Steamer. It looks amazing and its price is moderate. It is my first visit to your site, I found it very helpful and well organized. To be helpful for you, there is a little advise, If I may, when boiling eggs by the traditional way make sure that the water level in the bowl is not covering the eggs totally but just up to the middle of it, It will never be cracked.
    Thank you for the review and good luck

    1. Ellie

      Amin, thank you for your comments. I would try boiling the eggs like you suggested next time. Have a lovely weekend.

      All the best.



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