Baking has become part of our family life and cooking. It doesn’t matter if we have fun making biscuits, cakes, quiches or bread or we need them for a special occasion.

And one of the first steps when preparing to bake is to measure the right amount of ingredients. I usually follow the recipe I’m using to the T, because, I believe you would agree with me, not adding the right proportions might lead to disastrous results – not only not very nice to look at, but also inedible.

And that is something I want to avoid – if I’d spent some time preparing food, I would love it to be a treat, not just through it away.

Because I feel very happy when my family, and especially kids who are the harshest critics in the world, tell me they’ve loved what we had for dinner, I quickly understood the importance of having a measuring cups and spoons at home to help me always get the desired results and my loved ones always to have meals they enjoy.

See my review below:


Product: Ten Piece Measuring Cup and Spoon Set Measuring cups and spoons

Price: £7.99

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

My rating: 9/10


With this measuring cups and spoons set you receive ten very useful in your everyday cooking tools that range from 1ml/1g to 250ml.

Measuring cup sizes:

Measuring spoon sizes:

30ml – 1/8 cup

1ml – 1g

60ml – 1/4 cup

2.5ml – 2.5g

80ml – 1/3 cup

5ml – 5g

125ml – 1/2 cup

7.5ml – 7.5g

250ml – 1 cup

15ml – 15g

The set, every measuring cup and spoon, is designed in different bright and vibrant colour which brings more fun in the kitchen and the baker gets in a really good mood.

They are really easy to use when baking, even by children (although let them use these measuring cups and spoons only under adult’s supervision).

This set is also easy to store as the cups and spoons are stackable and you just need to slide them into your kitchen cupboard.

And because they are made from plastic, they are easy to clean. Just wash them under running hot water and they are ready to be re-used again.


These very useful measuring cups and spoons would help you to prepare any treat you and your loved ones enjoy – be it sweet or savoury.

I use them to measure the ingredients for the cake or bread I am preparing, I use them to get the right amount of olive oil and vinegar in the salad dressing, I use them to measure the seasoning for the meat marinate.

The possibilities are endless, because you can use them to measure like liquid, but also dry ingredients as well. Even if you are not a keen baker and you are not planning on becoming one, you will still find those measuring cups and spoons to be useful in the kitchen.

The best part for me is that I can use them together with my kids while having a fun day of baking together some treats that we all love. I also use the measuring cups and spoons when I am preparing delicious drinks to celebrate – the end of the long day, the end of the week or a special occasion.

Below see one of the most commonly prepared by me drinks using the measuring spoons. My children like to wake up to the smell of hot breakfast, but served with a hot drink, especially during the cold winter months, it becomes a special day, even if it is made during the working week.

I present a very easy to make hot cocoa recipe. You can even prepare it using the microwave oven.

Hot Cocoa Hot cocoa with biscuit

Ingredients (for 1 serving):

  • 1 cup milk

  • 1-2tsp cocoa powder

  • sugar (as much as you like in your cup)

  • 1/3tsp vanilla extract (optional)

  • 1/4tsp cinnamon (optional)


  1. Mix together a few spoons of milk with the cocoa powder and sugar, stir until well combined. Add the rest of the milk and heat over low-to-medium heat until the sugar has melted and all the ingredients are well mixed, stirring occasionally

  2. Add the vanilla and cinnamon (if using)

Serve it with your favourite breakfast or use it as a welcome-home hot drink after school or work.

You can add some delicious marshmallows on top to make it extra-yummy!


Baking delicious treats and then enjoying the results doesn’t need to be hard work. Use tools that would help you use the right amount of ingredients and, even if you mess a little bit some of the steps in the preparation, the food would be yummy and inviting.

I first started using measuring tools when I realised that some of the dishes I prepared and didn’t work out was because I was not using the correct amount of ingredients. Then I found out there is a small, but helpful set and now I am using it every day.

I believe every household should have their own set of measuring cups and spoons – it would help you prepare your favourite meals and treats and enjoy them with your loved ones.

Most of the appliances shops run offers on tools like these. Just look around where you live and you will find them maybe in the nearest shop. But if you prefer the comfort of your own home when shopping, visit Amazon. It usually has cheaper prices and you can always look around for the measuring cups and spoons tools that best suit you and your household.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any recipes you want to share with me how you use your measuring cups and spoons or you just want to write your own personal opinion, leave a comment below.

Have a great day!


  1. ryan

    hey Ellie. you’re right, having the measuring spoons and cups is super helpful. i’m a pretty avid baker, but when it comes to me guessing the amounts, it never quite works. actually, last week i tried making cookies from scratch and it was just a runny mess. i still used what i had and put it on a cookie sheet. it basically turned into a big pancake. thanks for the hot cocoa recipe, i’ve never tried making it from scratch like that and will definitely give that go. is there a specific brand of vanilla you use? the one i have is a generic brand and makes everything taste kind of weird.

    1. Ellie

      Hi Ryan. I like baking as well – bread, cakes, cookies. It took me some time, but I realised that the right amount of ingredients almost anytime gets me the right result 🙂

      About the vanilla – I usually use the simple Madagascan vanilla extract from the supermarket as I don’t have the time to scrape vanilla seeds or infuse the liquid I’m using. I like the Madagascan vanilla extract as it is thick, sweet and adds a lot of flavour.

      I don’t like the liquid vanilla syrup you can find in supermarkets (sold as vanilla) as it definitely tastes weird.

      Have a nice day,



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