This year I see that there is a new craze on the market – little drinking glass bottles with lids and straws. They look like small vintage milk bottles (remember them? 🙂 ) and you can use it not only to serve your kids’ milk, but also for different cocktails and cold drinks.

I should admit that I succumbed to the idea to have our summer drinks in a fun way and bought a set of those really sweet milk bottles.

I bought them on a Friday and I tested them the very next day, on a Saturday morning. I have to say that I have never expected that these bottles would be such a hit with my kids, but they just can’t get enough milk since then. Even my little one, who always says “No” to everything I put on the table (it doesn’t matter sweet or savoury), even he when he saw the bottles with their straws had no problems sitting with us at the table and drinking his strawberry milk from it. Not only that, but now he goes to the fridge and asks for milk in a milk bottle. This has never happened before.

I am happy with my decision to get those little milk bottles. See my review below:

Product: VonShef Set of 6 Retro 300ml Milk Bottle Drinking Glass Set with Reusable Straws & Lids VonShef Milk Bottle Drinking Glass

Price: £5.99 (RRP £12.99)

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

My rating: 8.5/10

Product: The Vintage Company 200ml Mini Milk Bottles in Metal Carry Holder with Straws, Pack of 6 Vintage Company Mini Milk Bottles in Metal Carry Holder with Straws

Price: £9.45 (RRP £14.99)

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

My rating: 9/10

Product: Set of 6 Glass Milk Bottles with Straws in Presentation Crate Glass Milk Bottles in Crate

Price: £11

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

My rating: 8/10


Milk bottles sets seem like a fun way to have your morning milk, shake or coffee and your afternoon cocktail or cold drink to relax and shake off some of the heat.

I like all three of these sets – VonShef Set of 6 Retro 300ml Milk Bottle Drinking Glass Set with Reusable Straws & Lids, The Vintage Company 200ml Mini Milk Bottles in Metal Carry Holder with Straws and Set of 6 Glass Milk Bottles with Straws in Presentation Crate. Every one of them has something I like: I like that they come with different coloured lids and straws; that they have a carry holder that makes it easy to carry from room to room; they are very presentable and go well as part of the table setting.

Best part, they make having a drink with the people you love enjoyable. It doesn’t matter what the drink inside them is – even lemonade or flavoured milk would be fun. And they sometimes may become a conversation point – remembering olden days, summers, people and stories.

I personally like the best the VonShef set of milk bottles as they are little bigger than the others (300ml, more to enjoy) and they are on a very good price.


  • small milk bottles with lids and straws that you can use to serve milk, latte, frappé, shakes, cold soup, cocktails, home-made lemonade, ice-cream coke, etc.

  • use the bottles to store and serve small treats like jelly beans or Haribo, nuts, etc.

  • fun way to enjoy the hot weather

  • easy to clean

  • very easy to store, they are small

  • portion-control – have only one bottle of your drink, no more than 300ml 🙂

  • preserves the drinks – the lid helps keep small objects and dust out of your drink and also prevents spilling it

  • very easy to wash


  • these milk bottles are made of glass so be careful when kids are around, not to break them as that would be dangerous for everyone


Summer time I usually associate with having more energy and wanting to do more things than during the cold months. I also like sitting in the garden when everything for the day has been done and enjoy my time with the little ones or having a small gathering with our friends.

My experience showed that having your drink from these milk bottles makes it more fun and makes everyone want to try what you serve in them. My little fussy eater hasn’t complained about anything I gave to him in the bottle (juice, flavoured milk and yoghurt drink), but I still have to try serving the soup in it 🙂

I would suggest enjoy a fun and lazy afternoon during the weekend and don’t forget to include everyone in the process of getting everything ready and then the enjoyment:

  • tell everyone what you have planned – picnic in the back yard or at the beach, going for a walk or visiting a museum, just pick your favourite activity or doing-nothing

  • show everyone the fun little milk bottles with straws and ask them what drink they would prefer, decide together what would be best or easiest to have

  • prepare the drinks together – involving the kids would make them feel useful and later they would be willing to drink what they’ve made

Relax and enjoy your time with your loved ones! Milk bottles with straws


Now that the weather got really hot and the sun is up until much later during the day, we have more time to sit and have a relaxed evening with the people we love. I like weekends when we go to the beach with the kids and where we can sit and have a picnic for lunch. Now that we have those fun milk bottles with lids and straws, I think the time sitting on the beach and enjoying a cold drink would be even more pleasant.

At first I thought that those bottles would be a hit only with my kids, I got them for them. But they turned out to be very nice to have your drink even if you are a grown up. As I mentioned, I used them for the first time on a Saturday morning when I served breakfast, and my husband was very pleasantly surprised that we are having our morning latte from such bottles. He loved the idea and now even he asks where the milk bottles are.

I used these bottles to serve cold shakes and very cold cloudy lemonade to my friends on Sunday and they thought it was a pleasure way to have your drink.

All of that said, I think you could have fun having a nice summer drink from a milk bottle with lid and straw as well. I would recommend you find your favourite set of little milk bottles and start enjoying the summer to the max – VonShef Set of 6 Retro 300ml Milk Bottle Drinking Glass Set with Reusable Straws & Lids, The Vintage Company 200ml Mini Milk Bottles in Metal Carry Holder with Straws and Set of 6 Glass Milk Bottles with Straws in Presentation Crate.

I am glad I found a non-expensive and effective way to give my kids some enjoyment this summer, but also they would help me during meal times when eating.

I hope you liked my review and if you have any ideas and suggestions how to make the summer days while school is off more fun or you have some questions about these fun little milk bottles with lids and straws, just leave a comment below.


  1. Michael

    I always like to present food and drinks in a unique way. It always grabs the attention of your guests when you bring out a nice platter or a drink with fresh fruit in it. And those glasses look like a great addition. They are very different but like you said a traditional memory of milk jugs. Always go back to classic items for a sure win. I am sure anything would look so thirst quenching in that glass. I am surprised to see as many different ones they offer, it was great that you listed a few different brands to see a variety of styles.

    1. Ellie

      Hi Michael. Yes, there are different small milk bottles with lids on the market at the moment, for every taste and some are really not expensive.

      I continue serving drinks in those bottles and up till now (few weeks already), my little ones never refused to try them.

      Share with me a recipe for a favourite drink you could serve in such fun bottles.

      Have a lovely summer.



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