Fish Meatballs – Healthy And Delicious Meal That Is Always A Winner In My Family

Fish is one of the most healthy things you can have for dinner. Fish is full with all those very beneficial to your health omega-oils, it’s good for your brain, good source of vitamin D, reduces the risk of developing some health risks. And the most important advantage of having fish is that you can prepare it easily and quickly and still enjoy a delicious meal.

I present one of my favourite dishes using fish – Fish Meatballs*. It’s a very easy recipe for the whole family, even my fussy kids enjoy having those lovely meatballs with potato salad.

When preparing this recipe I usually use white fish fillets as I like the taste of this fish the best – it doesn’t have a persevering fish smell or taste, it’s juicy and doesn’t have bones to clean.

Have a delicious dinner with your loved ones tonight. Enjoy!

Fish Meatballs with Potato Salad

Ingredients (about 4 servings):

  • 600gr white fish fillets, washed

  • 2-3 bread slices

  • 60ml milk

  • breadcrumbsFish meatballs with potato salad

  • seasoning – salt, black pepper, parsley

  • olive oil to fry

  • lemon wedges and/or tartare sauce, to serve with

For the potato salad:

  • 500-600gr potatoes, boiled and sliced in cubes

  • 1 red onion or 4-5 spring onions, chopped in small pieces

  • 1 leek, finely cut

  • juice of half lemon

  • 3-4tbsp olive oil

  • 2-3tbsp dried or a bunch of fresh parsley

  • salt and black pepper


  1. Wet the bread slices with the milk, drain the liquid and together with the white fish fillets blend them in a kitchen blender

  2. Season the mixture. Use salt, black pepper, parsley or your favourite condiments in accordance with your taste

  3. Mix everything well, wet your hands with water and make meatballs

  4. Roll the meatballs in breadcrumbs and fry in well-heated olive oil

Be careful, oil is very hot!

  1. Prepare the potato salad by adding all the ingredients in a bowl and stirring them well

Serve the meatballs with the lemon wedges and/or tartare sauce and the potato salad.

Have a nice, light dinner!

*Рецепта „Рибни кюфтенца“ от списание „Кулинарен журнал“.


  1. Brenna

    Oh my goodness!!! These look really really really good. My husband and I have done salmon meat balls before. I’ve never tried white fish. Also, do you think that I could make this gluten free if that’s a necessity for me? They look so good. i hope that there’s a way that I can make them. Thanks for this post.

    1. Ellie

      Hi Brenna. I am sure you can make these fish meatballs gluten free, just use gluten free bread and breadcrumbs,it won’t have a difference in the taste.

      I like preparing these fish meatballs for my little ones as they are very easy to make.

      Have a lovely weekend.


  2. Fatima

    Yummy, looks easy and tasty. But actually I have a question – Why do we need the milk in this? Don’t mind it, but so as to know if I can try this method in other dishes. I thought the benefits of olive oil decrease when heated, is it true?

    1. Ellie

      Hi Fatima, use milk to wet the bread slices so that when you crumble them the mixture to be homogeneous. I use bread slices soaked in water or milk and then drained when preparing the usual minced meat meatballs, the bread gives texture as well.

      I personally prefer to fry in sunflower oil, but the recipe I used for this dish said olive oil. I don’t think olive oil looses its benefits when heated, but I think the olive oil might be strong in taste and heating it will help you.

      Have a lvely da

  3. Simon

    Hi Ellie,
    Well it’s getting towards tea time now as I’m writing this, and those fish meatballs look very appetising.
    I have never had fish meatballs before but you have given me an idea.
    What kind of white fish do you usually use, cod, haddock or Pollock maybe?
    I usually make a pepper sauce when we do meatballs and serve with rice but it’s about time we had a change, so thanks for your recipe, I’ll give this a try.

    1. Ellie

      Hi Simon. I usually use cod or haddock fish fillets, fish that doesn’t have a strong taste.

      These fish meatballs are very easy to make and delicious, but you could try some salmon meatballs first, then you will be converted and would definitely have fish meatballs regularly.

      You gave me nice ideas to serve the meatballs with sauce and rice, my little ones love rice. I would offer them some rice dish tomorrow. Thank you.

      All the best from me


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