Flexible Chopping Mat – Cut And Easy Transfer To Cook

No matter whether you are an experienced cook or you just make your first steps in the field, my practice shows that you would most definitely need a chopping board for preparing any of the meals during the day.

  • For breakfast – to cut the bread and spread the topping;

  • For lunch and dinner – to cut the vegetables, fruit, meat

When using a chopping board you need it not only to be able to cut the cooking ingredients to desired size, but you will use it to transfer all of that to the pot or tray for cooking or to the serving bowl and/or plate to eat. That is why today I want to present this product – flexible chopping mats that could help you with both of the above tasks.

The flexible chopping mats are durable to be able to cut the ingredients (fruit, vegetables, meat, seafood, bread and pastry), but they also can easily be folded so that to help you transfer the ready-cut food into the container they need to go.

See the product below.

Product: Flexible Non-Slip Cutting Board, Set of 5

Price: £8.95

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

My rating: 8/10


I like cooking and that is why I use my chopping boards every day, several times per day. I even use them as mats on the table, just place the warm tray on them and enjoy the food.

What I, personally, like the best about the flexible chopping boards is that they help you to move the cut ingredients into the cooking pan/pot/tray, because you can fold them. Before, the transfer of the ingredients from the board to the pot was a messy task that needed my full attention and concentration so that not to drop anything on the floor (and then should clean the floor as well), to transfer everything and to be able to not bump into different things in the kitchen while all the turning and shifting occurs. Hard work sometimes! 🙂

That is why I think the new (at least for me) flexible chopping boards could be very useful in the kitchen. Use them as little or as much as needed, then store them until next time – almost no space required for storage.


  • easy to find, not expensive

  • very practical – come in set of 5 chopping mats (for meat, for chicken, for seafood, for fruit and vegetables, for pastries and bread)

  • allows easy cooking, easily and quickly transfer the chopped ingredients to the cooking pot

  • colour and icon coded so that not to chop different ingredients on the same mat

  • dishwasher safe, easy cleaning

  • non-slip material at the bottom, easy to use


  • if it’s easy for you to use your old chopping board, you may not need these flexible chopping mats

  • you may find the standard chopping boards for much less (and much more as well)

  • do not let children use them unsupervised, especially when trying to cut/chop something


You know, I’ve said this many times before, I like cooking, but I really do not like all the chopping and cutting and washing that comes before that. That is why I use different kitchen appliances that help me with this task. But sometimes, more often than I think, I need to do the work – when I need only one or two carrots, one onion, one slice of bread or a few stakes cut.

I know that even the flexible chopping board would not make the chopping any faster, what it would do is it would help you transfer the already cut ingredients ready to be cooked or eaten. And that is the main goal when you cut vegetables, fruit, meat, bread.

I would never say that this product is something that you most certainly need, no. Probably you have a chopping board at home and it does its job fine. I just wanted to show you a product that might be easier to use when you need to do those little things every day, sometimes several times each day.

I also like to use the chopping mats as trays when I am lining the ingredients to cook. I would cut and arrange everything and I know where everything is so that I don’t have to look for it when needed – the chicken is on the orange mat, the other meats would be on the yellow mat, the seafood is on the red mat, fruit and vegetables – on the blue mat, bread and pastries – on the purple mat.

I know, the colours used for each of these food groups could have been better. I, personally, would’ve chosen colours like that – chicken (yellow), meat (brown or red), seafood (pink), vegetables and fruit (red or green), bread and pastries (orange or brown). But does it matter? As long as you know what you can find on each of these colours, that is enough.

Then, after you do the cutting and chopping, just curl the chopping mat and perform your magic in the pan. Easy and quick transfer.

My verdict: I love cooking clean, no mess in the kitchen means less time cleaning after the cooking’s done

I might be a freak, but I really like everything to be nice and clean, even the kitchen. I try to chop ingredients without making too much mess, but that is not at all easy. That is why I hate it when I add to the mess by transferring the ingredients from the chopping board to the pan.

That is why I would say use a little helper – the flexible chopping board would help you cut and then transfer everything without losing anything on the floor, everything will go to the cooking pot. Then you will be ready to start preparing the meal/dessert or just sit and relax to be ready to enjoy the dish when it’s ready.

I think the flexible chopping boards would be useful to anyone who loves to cook and needs to chop ingredients regularly, to anyone who likes to be sure there is no cross-contamination between ingredients and needs different chopping boards to cut different ones, to anyone who likes to be able easily to transfer chopped ingredients to the pan, to anyone who likes some colour in the kitchen.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any suggestions or recommendations, just let me know by leaving a comment below.

Have a great day!

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