Floating Drink Holders, Let’s Get Ready For The Summer

I like when the weather is nice, sunny and hot. Then almost nothing can spoil my good mood. I think this is mostly because the sun makes everything seem better and also makes my bad thoughts disappear magically.

I like summer time. Days are long, the weather is mostly nice and it is almost never cold, which means you don’t need to wrap yourself in a lot of clothes and make finishing your tasks extra hard.

When the weather is nice and I am in a particularly good mood, I like to spoil my family even more than usual. I admit, I try to create nice family moments as often as I can, but when you are in a better mood then all the preparation seems so easy and not at all as a chore.

One of the things that we started using more often already this year is the paddling pool – kids and adults love it in the hot summer days. But today I want to remind you about a product that might make the days around the pool or in your back garden this summer even more entertaining, use fun and colourful floating drink holders.

See my review below.

Product: Float Drink Holders, 9 pack  

Price: £9.99

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

My rating: 7/10


Just imagine that – the sun is out from early in the morning till late at night, the weather is hot and you have some free time (be it in the late afternoon after work or during the weekend), then what do you usually do? We all tend to sit in front of the TV. But sometimes, especially in the very, very hot summer days, we desire the refreshing, cooling effect of the water in the pool. And if that pool is in our back garden, nothing can be better in that moment.

And just when you decide to relax in the pool with your favourite cold drink, you realise that there is nowhere you can put the glass when not sipping and would need to just hold it the whole time, not being able to do almost anything else and at the same trying to be extra careful not to drop it or even move it too much and spill the drink.

And to be able to fully savour the de-stressing activity you’ve planned for the day, I suggest you get some help, use floating drink holders.

These floating drink holders are fun and easy to use, they can create mood, why not even a theme for your garden pool party, they are small enough to not occupy a lot of space, but still be useful.


  • easy to use, just inflate and they are ready for use

  • portable – easy to be used in the garden, on the beach, on the lake

  • come in different shapes and colours, there is something for everyone’s taste

  • would help you create fun parties or just a relaxed day around the pool

  • this set contains 9 drink holders, enough for the whole family

  • keeps drinks cool in the water, keeps them floating nearby while you relax in the pool – no need to get out of the water to get your drink and then come back and find that perfect and comfortable spot again

  • will help you make the summer days with the kids or with your family and friends fun and really enjoyable


  • do not use too big and heavy glasses/bottles, although these floating drink holders should be able to keep the full can floating in handy distance

  • if you prefer to not have anything else floating in your paddling pool, then you might not need those floating drink holders

  • if you prefer more refined products, you should shop around and find those drink holders that better correspond to your taste


Having a good time in the hot months of the year is something we all expect. And splashing in a pool is one of the ultimate, most enjoyable activities in the summer.

As a mother and a person who needs a little bit of rest from time to time, I like to plan cool lazy afternoons in the sun with my kids when the weather permits. And what better way to make things really fun, but to introduce those little helpers to my family – the floating drink holders.

I think they would be great to be used both by the kids and also by the adults. No matter what drink you need to stay refreshed in the hot days, they would make sure it is handy and never too far to make you feel happy.

I would admit, I am not a great drinker. I definitely prefer soda drinks, but no matter what you are having while splashing in the paddling pool – a coke or a cocktail, you still need somewhere to put your glass even for a minute so that to be able to feel relaxed and continue party.

If you still love having great time, no matter what season it is, and you have experience of making different cocktails for the pool parties you organise, please share some ideas with me. Just leave a comment below.

I would love to hear from you. Wish you have the most enjoyable summer vacation.

My verdict: I like the sun, but I definitely do not like when you feel too hot because of the heat. Enjoy your time with the family in the summer time, be merry

Spending time with my family, and especially my little ones, around the paddling pool in the garden is one of my most favourite things to do in the summer. I should admit that I like it, because my kids like it, they just adore the water and swimming.

But I also like it, because I find it refreshing, The cool water is bracing and freshening and having a cold drink in your hand always helps. It doesn’t matter what kind of drink you enjoy (alcoholic, if there are no small kids around, or fresh juice), the most important thing is to find that something that would help you unwind in the hot, summer days.

I think the floating drink holders are a nice touch to add to your pool party this summer. Using them could be as much fun as you make it.

I would recommend these floating drink holders to anyone who loves being around pools in the hot weather, to anyone who plans on organising a lot of summer parties this year, to anyone who would love to spend some lazy afternoons in the paddling pool with a drink in their hand, to anyone who would like to add some colour and fun to their summer.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you’d like to share with me your ideas how to make summer days nice and relaxing, share your suggestions with me – just leave a comment below.

Wish you all the best!

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