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I have a special-needs kid and one of the struggles we have at home, since the day he was born, is that he only eats specific foods, prepared in a specific way (eg. he likes sandwiches, but not every kind of sandwich, only ham and cheese sandwich with toasted bread), foods in specific colour and very often foods that do not touch each other on the plate.

Because of all these requirements my child has, my family needed to find some plates that could make the time when we eat a little bit less stressful for everybody. That is why we started using the food divider plates and usually have no problems with his eating, when he decides he will eat.

See my review below.

Product: Sophie Allport Kids Melamine Divider Plate – On The Farm  

Price: £8.54

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10

Product: Fred DINNER WINNER Kids’ Dinner Tray – Pirate 

Price: £8.99 (RRP £14.99)

Place to buy:

My rating: 9/10


My kid has always been a very picky eater. The dinner times I really hated, up until recently. My kid just never feels hungry, he would rather not eat (maybe for days) than eat what you serve, he just doesn’t find any food to be appealing enough to try. But once we manage to convince him to just try the food, he eats well.

That is why I needed to find a plate that would make the eating times really fun and not overwhelming for him. We started with the kids’ dinner tray, the pirate’s treasure map that leads to the treasure (X marks the spot!), which usually was a piece of chocolate or piece of cheese (my little one adores cheese).

Now, when he is a little bit older and it is a little bit easier for him to eat dinner, we found out that the food divider plate is what we can use. It looks similar to the tray he’s used to and also, helps him have his food separated, not touching at all, which is reassuring for him that no flavours would mix.


  • very easy to use

  • trays are big enough for kids to have enough to eat

  • keep the food separated, even more liquid textures

  • you can invent different games or stories using the pictures on the trays so that to make the eating really fun and special time

  • you can find these in different colours and pictures on them, just find the one that is most suitable for your child according to what they like

  • trays are really easy to clean, wash

  • cheap way to make eating fun


  • sometimes my little one will focus only on the reward/treat square and forgets that he still needs to eat the food in the previous compartments so that to get the treat

  • may not be appealing to every child or you may not find one with the exact things that your kids like


I know picky eaters or even kids that like to eat can be a handful when it comes to meal times. Some of them don’t like to eat at all (like mine) or they just want to tell you one more story about… anything 🙂

That is why when using those food divider plates I encourage my child to tell me a story about the food or the pictures on the plate. We tend to think of different things that are happening, depending on what we eat. I use that time to make my little one understand that food can be delicious and fun.

I found out that the pirate’s dinner tray is usually the preferred plate divider we use, because it lets him get really imaginative – he tells me who the pirate is, where he is coming from, where he is going, what he is searching for, what steps he needs to take to get to the treasure, what he will use the treasure for, etc. We make a lot of sounds like the pirates do – Arrr! and Ahoy!

I would say that the best way to use these food divider plates is not only to separate and divide food, but to make it a game. Include everyone sitting around the table so that the story to be really unique. Have a lot of fun together, treasure that time.

My verdict: Liven The Family Experience And Have Fun While Eating, Even With The Picky Eaters

I love when I have all my family around the table (with or without a delicious meal), that time is super special for me. I love all these moments, especially when there are no meltdowns about everything and anything (which unfortunately very often my family experiences).

That is why I decided to try these food divider plates at the first place for my special kid and I think they proved to be worth the try 🙂 I was willing to give anything a try that could help him enjoy food more and now I can say that eating is not such an issue at our house anymore. I am not saying that these plates were the only reason that made things change, but they definitely helped me and my little one to make eating more fun.

I would definitely recommend both the divider plate and the dinner tray to every parent who has a kid that doesn’t like to eat or has a child that would eat, but still prefers to have something fun around or to a parent that just like to make the meal times fun for everyone at the table. Maybe, after you show them these enjoyable plates, your picky eaters would be more willing to try the food, especially if you choose a plate with their favourite design.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any suggestion or would like to share with me your recommendations how you deal with picky eaters during meal times, please get in touch with me. Just leave a comment below.

Enjoy your day!

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