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I am a very practical person, I like when everything I do is as easy as possible and always look for things that are useful and helpful. Even in the kitchen, when I need to put something away (cooked food or different ingredients) in the fridge/freezer or in the cupboard, I use something I believe everyone will agree is an irreplaceable helper, I use food storage containers with lids.

I would like to show you one very functional offer, a pack of 50 food storage containers that would help you keep everything in the kitchen tidy and organised.

See my review below.

Product: Zuvo 50pcs Rectangular 1000ml Containers  

Price: £8.85

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10

Product: Pruta Food Containers, set of 17   

Price: £7.28

Place to buy:

My rating: 7.5/10


I cook a lot, almost every day or sometimes more than once per day. Because I like my family to eat fresh food, I try to cook often and not in big quantity, but still storing food or other ingredients and things in the kitchen is inevitable part of managing this part of the house.

Even if you don’t like cooking or you prefer to cook single portions, I am sure you still need sometimes (if not more often) different containers to keep things.

I would say that the food containers with lids could be really helpful in the kitchen. I use them to store dry and cooked food in the cupboard, fridge or freezer, or sometimes I use them to dish up fruit or other snacks for everyone to enjoy. I like containers that are big enough to hold food, but also easy enough to stack where you keep them. I also like smaller containers and use them regularly to put different treats and snacks for my kids and husband to enjoy during the day, when I want to make them feel better. That is why I think every household should think about, assess different options and choose those food containers that would best meet their needs.

I think food containers with lids – 1 litre or different sizes, could be helpful, practical and would let you store food and other things in the kitchen easily and safely.


  • lets you store cooked food or leftovers, in several or individual portions (depending on the size of the containers)

  • easy to use – place what you need to store in the container and just put it in safe place

  • easy to clean – just wash them or put them in the dishwasher

  • non expensive, but with endless applications

  • packs of many food containers that will help you meet your needs

  • can keep food safe in the storage place

  • easy to store – empty food containers could be stack in one another, safes space when empty

  • containers are transparent and let’s you easily see what’s been stored in them

  • leak-resistant


  • if you cook just for one or you cook often in small quantity, then you might not need these

  • if you prefer never to have a meal you already ate, then you might not need them

  • if you keep your cooked food in the pot/tray you cooked it in until it finishes, then you might not need them


I would suggest, if you like cooking to find a way to store the food or different ingredients in a way that would allow you to taste it again and again in a safe way.

I like to keep the food in the pot where I cooked it for a day, but then I usually would need that pot again and because my kids and my husband are already fed up eating this dish (especially my kids, who don’t like eating one and the same more than once, but don’t mind eating the same food again in a few days).

I also like those food containers, because they let me keep things in my kitchen in a very organized way. I don’t even need to put a note on the container about what’s inside, you can easily see that just by taking a look at them. I would suggest you put a note, just to be sure it is not something similar you’ve cooked before (especially if you have a member of your family that has some food allergies or special food preferences).

I admit I started using the food containers after my first child was born and I started cooking bigger portions just to make sure there is yummy food for the adults, although I was so tired after taking care of the baby 24 hours every day.

I was using the food containers and when I started weaning the baby. They were invaluable helper and did their task easily.

Hope you give them a try, even if you don’t think you need them.

My verdict: Don’t waste anything in the kitchen – keep food and ingredients and yourselves safe

Having delicious food is so much fun and is so nice, especially if you had a hard day at work. But can you say it is always the case in your home?

I love cooking and even at home I can not say there is always something cooked from scratch just before serving. That is why I use my food containers with lids and enjoy their help. They are easy to use, very useful and practical, can keep and store different things and you can even use them for play/games with your kids (if needed).

I would recommend having a set of food containers, like these set of 50 or set of 17, to anyone who needs their cooking equipment regularly, to anyone who just doesn’t like to cook single portions, to anyone who likes to enjoy delicious food, but would not prefer to cook that often, to anyone who has a lot of things/ingredients or leftover food to store, to anyone who likes the cupboards, fridge and freezer well organized.

I think these food containers are a good choice, but I would suggest you look around and assess the options on the market, in the stores or online, and find the set that would meet your and your family’s needs the best.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you’d like to share with me your favourite food containers set and your experience, or if you have any suggestions or recommendations, just get in touch with me. Leave a comment below.

Have a lovely day!

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