Frosting – Yummy Cake Cover and Decoration

Making cakes is fun. I like the mixing of ingredients, baking the cake and smelling the aroma, and best of all – the decoration of the cake, depending on the occasion and holiday.

Today being the last school day for my little one before the mid-term holiday, there was a Cake Sale at their school – to treat the kids for the job well done studying and to raise money and make some repairs before the winter comes.

I and my kids also made a cake that we brought for the Cake Sale. It was one of my family’s favourite cakes – Red Velvet Cake, a chocolate cake with nice red colour of layers and cream.

The decoration of the cake was not very exquisite, but my intention was to make it colourful and fun, because it should’ve been appealing to young children, it didn’t matter if adults liked it or not. Red velvet cake with vanilla frosting

For the cream between the layers and on top I’ve used vanilla frosting. I like its taste and also it is thick, easy to spread and arrange the decorations.

What is you favourite cream or cake topping?

Today I am presenting the recipes I am using to make my favourite cake toppings – they are easy to make, delicious and you can make as much as you need without much effort. Both of these recipes are enough for one cake.

Vanilla Frosting


  • 250gr icing sugar

  • 80-100gr really soft unsalted butter

  • 2tbsp whole milk

  • ½ tsp vanilla paste


  1. In a bowl, mix the icing sugar and soft butter and stir with a spoon or using a mixer until well combined

  2. Combine the milk and vanilla paste and add to the bowl, continue stirring until you get a smooth and fluffy texture

Crème Cheese Frosting


  • 300gr icing sugar

  • 50gr really soft unsalted butter

  • 130gr crème cheese, plain


  1. Beat the icing sugar and butter with a mixer until well combined

  2. Add the crème cheese and continue beating, for a few minutes, until you get a light and fluffy texture

Pipe or using a spoon cover the already cold cake. Decorate the way you like it, using fruit, chocolate shavings, edible flowers, etc.

Enjoy with your favourite cake!

I would love to hear what your favourite cake is and also what your most preferred topping is, just leave a comment below.

Have a yummy day!


  1. Martin Kelly

    Ellie Nice site. I will never be a baker because I do the cooking and I just concentrate on entrees and baking adds too much time but I do appreciate the precision of baking I like to wing it and baking doesn’t take to winging it.Plus I am already too fond of beer and you have to limit your carbs some way.Have you ever heard of putting chia seeds into brownies to give a nutrition boost ? Its a good idea.I also went thru some of your other recipes and liked what I saw and since I’m not a baker like those sections better.Thanks for the well rounded fun cooking site !

    1. Ellie

      Thank you, Martin. I really appreciate your words as I love cooking for my family.

      You say you love beer, maybe you could share some savoury nibbles or entrees suitable for this liquid elixir.

      Have a lovely day.



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