Fruity Desserts – Do You Love Them Or Do You Just Love Them?

I love desserts. Every dish that is sweet is almost definitely a winner in my book. But when desserts are made with fruit I don’t feel so guilty eating them or serving them to my children.

Today I would like you to try a dessert that is very easy to make, takes no time to prepare and you can never mess it up – Baked peaches with nuts and maple syrup.

Peaches have very delicate taste, they are juicy and sweet. The nuts give some texture to the dessert, make it even less sweet – you can use either roasted or raw nuts (be careful, roasted nuts are usually a little bit salty).

Try this special dessert that reminds me of hot summer days and, even if you don’t like having fruit for dessert, you will just love it. Enjoy!

Baked Peaches with Nuts and Maple Syrup Baked peaches with nuts and maple syrup


  • 4 peaches

  • 4-5 chocolate digestives biscuits, grinded

  • 50-60gr unsalted butter, grated

  • 2-3tbsp maple syrup

  • 50gr nuts, chopped (almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, etc.)

  • 1-2tsp vanilla extract (optional)

    Baked peaches - ingredients


  1. Halve the peaches, de-stone them and spoon a little bit of the flesh so that there is enough space for the filling

  2. Prepare the filling by mixing all the other ingredients. Using a spoon fill the peaches with the filling

  3. Arrange the peaches in a tray lined with parchment paper and bake in a preheated oven at 200°C for 15 minutes or until the peaches get golden

Serve this extremely delicious dessert together with some ice-cream. Yum!


  1. Erin

    Yum! This page and your whole website is making me ready for lunch!

    I am definitely going to try this as I live in peach country. My only hesitation is I have not thought of using chocolate anything with peaches. If I am not a fan of that combo, do you think using some crushed Nilla wafers would work?

    Keep it up! I think healthy, easy recipe ideas are always needed.

    1. Ellie

      Hi Erin. Thank you for your comments.

      I’ve never tried using Nilla wafers when preparing this recipe, I usually use oat biscuits. I chose to prepare it this time with chocolate biscuits, because I love chocolate and I think it goes almost with anything haha 🙂

      If you want, try making the recipe with Nilla wafers and please share with me the results. I think you can use any crumbly biscuits you like.

      Have a lovely day!


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