Get In Tune With The Weather, Have A Smoothie

I like when the weather is nice and hot. The days are long and you can have light meals and still be happy.

Recently, I started offering different smoothies to my people at home, both fruity and vegetable, and they love them. I usually offer them for snack or between meals, but because my fussy eater eats so little things, he sometimes has his smoothie as his main meal.

I should say that I have always liked smoothies made with milk and fruity ones, but recently I started making a lot of vegetable smoothies as well and just love them. They are packed with all the right stuff – vitamins and minerals, but also are very easy to eat, you just have sips when you feel like it, and are beautiful to look at. I add different seasoning to the vegetable smoothies so that to add flavour – black pepper, paprika, basil, thyme, nutmeg, ginger, etc.

Today I suggest to have an easy and relax day, have a smoothie.

Having a smoothie – PROs and CONs

Preparing a smoothie is so easy, all you need to do is peel the ingredients and put them in the blender. I use my all-purpose blender that helps me to prepare delicious, velvety smoothies, click here to see it.

Because you don’t need a lot of things to cook or different appliances, cleaning after preparing this meal would be a breeze. No time wasted in doing it.

Having a smoothie can be not only extremely yummy, but it is healthy and can charge your body up. Just think about it – how many different fruit or vegetables you can put when making just 1 smoothie and how many of these will you eat if they were not blended and flavoured with different seasoning? For me, the answer is I would much easier eat them when they are prepared and served in a glass or bottle to go, not needing to chew or carry my plate and utensils around with me when I have so many things to do.

Note, having a smoothie can not substitute all your main meals. If you think about having/eating only smoothies, no matter how beneficial they can be for your health, please consult a dietitian or health adviser so that to gain only the positives of this scrumptious drink.

My Favourite Smoothies

I like both fruity and vegetable smoothies. Fruit smoothies, because fruit are softer and contain more water, are usually easier to drink while the vegetable smoothies get thick and sometimes you may need to add more water to be able to swallow them.

I most often prepare green smoothies, because as you know my special needs child prefers green food 🙂 Because even smoothies most of the time need to be green, I use a lot of spinach when making them, both for fruity and vegetable smoothies. My advice is – better use fresh spinach then frozen and do no put too much, as spinach has the tendency to get difficult to eat when blended.

Below see my favourite smoothies, hope you give them a try.

Fruit smoothie

Vegetable smoothie

Milk smoothie

Blend 50gr fresh spinach, half an avocado and 300gr pineapple slices.

Add water or ice and blend until you get the desired consistency.

Blend half cup fresh spinach, 1 tin chopped tomatoes (or 2 large tomatoes) and a few basil leaves.

Add seasoning–salt and pepper and ice and blend.

Blend 1 chopped banana, half cup strawberries, 1 cup plain or vanilla-flavoured yoghurt, 1-2tbsp honey and half cup coconut milk.

Have a cool day. Enjoy!

Let me know what kind and what flavours smoothies you like. I would love to hear your favourite recipes about the ingredients you use when preparing your most favourite smoothies. If you have a suggestion or recommendation, just leave a comment below.

Have a beautiful day!

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