Home-made Frozen Yoghurt Ice Cream – Say Hello To The Good Weather

Now that the weather started getting warmer again and most days it is really nice and sunny, my little ones and my husband started checking for ice cream in the freezer more and more often.

I don’t usually keep ice cream at home, especially during the cold months of the year, because everyone at home loves ice cream so much that it would disappear, no matter how cold it is, and I might have sick kids, instead of happy ones.

But because the weather invites us to stay more outside and because some days have been really warm, I decided to treat my family with a home-made chocolate ice cream.

The recipe is very easy, doesn’t need any special ingredients – you can use what you have at home, you can make it for a couple of minutes, then the only thing you need to do is wait for a couple or more hours for the yoghurt mixture to freeze.

I personally made a frozen yoghurt mixing triple chocolate cookies I had (they were very hard already) and strawberry yoghurt. I know it might not be the best combination of flavours, but my son just loves chocolate ice cream and strawberries.

I think this home-made ice cream was very delicious and delicate in taste. Just make sure you mix the crumbled biscuits and the yoghurt really well, because my mixture had parts that were made only from (frozen) yoghurt. It wasn’t bad, just it would’ve been more beautiful otherwise.

Also, if you would like some texture in your ice cream, add some cherries or other fruit you would prefer. Try with different flavoured yoghurts.

Hope you enjoy it as well!

Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt

Ingredients (making 4-5 servings):

  • 6-8 triple chocolate cookies

  • 1 pot (500gr) strawberry yoghurt


  1. Using the blender, crumble the cookies

  2. Pour the cookie crumbles into the yoghurt and stir until well combined

  3. Pour the ready mixture into a container, lined with clingfilm

  4. Freeze for a few hours. Leave to stand at room temperature for at least 25-30 minutes before serving

Have a cool day. Enjoy!

Let me know what kind and what flavour ice creams you enjoy the most. If you have a suggestion or recommendation, just get in touch with me by leaving a comment below.

All the best!

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