I like French fries, it doesn’t matter if they are alone on the plate or come together with a steak.

But because in the last few years the health experts are talking more and more about what food we eat, how should we prepare the food we serve and they constantly suggest not to eat fried food, and because I am a mother and that makes me responsible for the food my children eat, I tried researching different ways to prepare food that tastes and looks like fried food, but is a little bit healthier.

First, I started baking the potatoes. Like that I can prepare really delicious chips and crisps. But sometimes I still crave for the taste of the fried French fries. Then, I found one very nice product – Low Fat Fryers.

Low Fat Fryer is an appliance that works as a deep-fat fryer, but uses much less oil while preparing those so delicious fried foods. They allow us to cook more healthy as they need very little or no oil and, in the same time, the food is always yummy and inviting to eat.

I am presenting below 2 of my most favourite Low Fat Fryers, available on the market:

Product: BERG Health Air Fryer Berg Air Fryer

Price: £99.99 (RRP £189)

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

Size of container/pot: 3.2L

My rating: 8/10

Product: Tefal ActiFry 2-in-1 Low Fat Healthy Fryer Tefal ActiFry

Price: £189.95 (RRP £279.99)

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

Size of container/pot: 1.2kg of food

My rating: 8.5/10


Both Berg Health Fryer and Tefal ActiFry use hot air circulation to cook food, which means that they need very little (1tbsp oil per 1kg food) or no oil to prepare the meals. What more can you ask for when preparing fried food?

BERG Health Air Fryer – PROs:

  • 8 cooking pre-sets: Warm-Up, Chips, Chicken, Steak, Meat, Shrimp, Cake, & Fish

  • Large 3.2L pan, perfect for family cooking

  • Temperature control: 80⁰C – 200⁰C

  • You can use the appliance to fry, grill, roast or bake

  • Comes with a removable pan with a cool-to-touch hand-grip and detachable basket

  • Safety features: overheat protection, automatic switch off and automatic standby mode

Technical Details

Brand: Berg

Item Weight: 6 Kg

Product Dimensions: 25x30x30 cm

Power/Wattage: 1500 watts

Date First Available: 20th October 2015

Tefal ActiFry 2-in-1 Low Fat Healthy Fryer – PROs:

  • Cook your favourite meal in one appliance (2-in-1): with adding the top cooking plate you can prepare any meat you like (chicken, steak, fish and sausages) and prepare the garnish (fries or other vegetables) at the same time in the bottom pan

  • You can cook oil-free chips from frozen or use the appliance to prepare curries, casseroles, stir-fries, risottos, desserts and more

  • Use the 2-in-1 spoon for healthier cooking – dose your oil and salt to enjoy yummy meals

  • Digital screen and digital timer with auto-off and audible alert when timer reaches zero

  • Comes with removable and dishwasher-safe lid, bowl, top plate and stirring paddle

Technical Details

Brand: Tefal

Model Number: YV960140

Item Weight: 5 Kg

Product Dimensions: 48×33.5×26 cm

Power/Wattage: 1400 watts

Special Features: Removable Oil Container and Timer

Date First Available: 4th February 2013


  • they usually cost more

  • it’s another appliance you need to store

  • it’s still fried food (although it uses much less oil)

  • could be dangerous to use it around small hands touching everything 🙂

Even though you mind those disadvantages, you still, at the end of the day, prepare your favourite food using almost no oil very quickly.


You can use the Low Fat Fryer to fry your food or you can even grill, roast or bake it. You can prepare dishes like casseroles, curries and risottos in it.

And using the Tefal ActiFry 2-in-1 Low Fat Healthy Fryer you can prepare the whole meal in the same time, both the meat and vegetables and thus saving time and additional work.

We first got the Low Fat Fryer to prepare French fries (and they have never tasted that good), but now I use it to make even breakfasts and they are ready while we are still waking up in the morning and preparing the coffee.

And as my kids and I love French fries and they go with everything – steak, fish, burgers, rice, vegetables, just anything, we prepared those lovely fries using a low fat fryer to share with you.

The preparation and cooking is very easy and takes almost no time, but the end result is extremely delicious.

French Fries in the Low-Fat Fryer: French fries

  1. Cut the potatoes in strips

  2. Cover with your favourite seasoning – black pepper, salt, parsley, paprika (optional)

  3. Following the appliances guidance, use a tablespoon of oil or no oil at all and fry the potatoes

Yum, yum!

My advice!

To get some ideas how to prepare other delicious meals, you can look for recipe books like the ActiFry cookbook, the Skinny ActiFry Cookbook or Hot Air Frying cookbook.


Cleaning the low fat fryer appliances is very easy. Most of their removable parts that need cleaning more often are dishwasher-safe or you can wash them under running water fast and the bowl/container you can just wipe it clean after draining the fat.

Of course, for good maintenance and longer life of the appliances and, also, to ensure your family’s health and safety, from time to time clean it completely and thoroughly.


I love French fries and I love fried chicken, but I am not that young anymore, so I need to watch what I am eating. Not only that, but I don’t want to teach my children to prefer unhealthy food instead of reaching for vegetables or fruit.

That is why my family decided to invest in a Low Fat Fryer and still enjoy the food we like.

The best thing about cooking your food that way is not that you eat much less oil, but for me it is that the taste stays the same.

It is not eating guilt-free, but tasteless food. It is eating food that brings the same emotions and tastes as you remember, but it is better for your health.

So, if you like me, want to continue eating the food you like, I recommend the BERG Health Air Fryer and Tefal ActiFry 2-in-1 Low Fat Healthy Fryer. And if you prefer to shop online, like I do more and more, check Amazon for the best deals. Not only that, but they regularly offer discounts so I am sure you can find something that suits you.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any questions about Low Fat Fryers or any suggestions, get in touch with me or leave a comment below.

Live healthy and enjoy food!


  1. Rosered

    I must admit I to love my French fries and I have tried to quit because I know how bad they are for me. I’ve been looking for a more healthier way to cook fries. I never thought to use such a device. Quite honestly I didn’t even know something like this existed thanks for the help. I’m counting the days till the Berg Health air fryer comes to my door.

    1. Ellie

      Hi, you’ll see the french fries taste the same. I sometimes have too much, just because preparing them like that means I use less or no oil and I just allow myself another after another So, enjoy your time and have the things you like to eat, without them being extremely unhealthy for your body.

      Have a lovely week,


  2. Nate

    Hi Ellie,

    Interesting post!

    I’m a body builder so I don’t eat much ion the way of fried food, however 1 -2 times a month I will have “cheat days” where I will allow myself to eat whatever I want!

    Chips are often one of the things I crave, so doing my own chips at home would be a far healthier and cheaper option than buying them from my local chip shop.

    How easy are these devices to clean?

    1. Ellie

      Hi Nate. Thanks for the comments. I don’t do any sports myself, but because I have kids I try to serve healthier food options. But we all love french fries 🙂

      I think cleaning is not difficult as you just need to wash the container with hot water, and that may be done not after every use. But because the bowl is dishwasher safe, you won’t waste any time cleaning it.

      Eat healthy and delicious.

      All the best!


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