This weekend, because the weather was really nice – hot and sunny, my family decided to have a long weekend in the countryside. The children were able to run without stopping on the hills surrounding the village where we stayed, we visited a very beautiful castle and we even enjoyed walks along the beach.

But I wanted to share with you the most spectacular thing for me – that was the buffet breakfast table dry food dispenser. That is not a novelty to me, but the way my little ones reacted to it and the fun they had using it and then eating their breakfasts made eating fun-filled and enjoyable for everyone.

Cereal or muesli is what my kids usually prefer to have for breakfast. And it is quite a struggle to decide what cereal they want today, to sit at the table and then to eat it so that to be able to be at school on time. But at the B&B we had no problem during our breakfast times – the kids happily went through the dry food dispenser, chose what cereal they preferred, dispensed by twisting the handle as much as they thought they would eat, with some help they poured milk over the cereal and then sat and ate the breakfast (while discussing the experience of dispensing it from the containers).

Now I am thinking, if I had some free space in the kitchen I would definitely buy such dry food cereal dispensers to make the breakfast time really enjoyable and fun.

See my review below:

Product: Double Classic Dry Food Cereal Dispenser Double cereal dispenser

Price: £14.97 (RRP £59.99)

Place to buy:

My rating: 8.5/10


Double Classic Dry Food Cereal Dispenser is a very useful container that helped my kids to feel more independent and grown up and choose what and how much they wanted for breakfast. Not only that, but dispensing the food is fun also – turning the handle (wheel) and seeing how the cereal pieces drop into your bowl. I’ve never expected that maybe the greatest fun they would experience during that weekend would be during the meal times, mainly because they are such a fussy eaters.

Of course, this container might be more fun for the little ones, but adults can also enjoy using it – waste no time in the morning and always have your breakfast ready to revel in.


  • container that can be used for storing and dispensing different dry foods – cereal, granola, muesli, nuts, rice, etc.

  • portion-control system – monitor and regulate how much you want to eat

  • preserves food

  • easy to use, even by children

  • fun way to serve breakfast

  • easily cleaned


  • another container/appliance you need to find a place to put/store

  • it doesn’t come in many different colours


Early mornings, when everybody at home is still sleepy and yet in a hurry to get ready to leave the house on time and not be late, should be as peaceful as possible. That is why I am willing to sacrifice some space in my kitchen and have a double dry food cereal dispenser. I would prefer the double dispenser, because it doesn’t cost much more than the single one, and the two containers would give the people around the table a choice – not to settle for the only option I am offering, but to decide which one of the two of their favourite cereals they would like to have that morning. I hope my plan works.

Also, as a mother of some very fussy eaters that would prefer not to eat anything at all rather than settle for something I put on the plate without consulting them first, I would say – involve everyone in the process of decision making. Make it like a game, make it fun:

  • show them the dry food cereal dispenser

  • ask them which one of the cereals they would prefer

  • make the choices more tempting by explaining what delicious additions each one has – chocolate shavings, exotic fruit, nuts, etc.

  • let them start filling their bowls themselves, help them if needed

  • pour the milk together (into the bowl or in a glass)

Sit and enjoy your breakfast even in the busy mid-week mornings.


I firmly believe that breakfasts are one of the most important meals during our busy days. Unfortunately, my kids not always agree with me and sometimes eating a breakfast turns out to be a very difficult and nervous experience. That is why I would definitely recommend to every other parent looking to make their kids want to sit at the table, to have one of these really useful and fun to use containers – Double Classic Dry Food Cereal Dispenser.

I could say from my personal experience that using a food dispenser is fun for adults as well. I like turning the wheel and just wait for the right amount of food to be dispensed into the bowl.

I would have a smaller food dispenser to store the rice in in my kitchen and to have it handy when needed while I am cooking, because packets of rice is one of the most annoying thing to store and to always be careful not to spill in the cupboard or on the plot/floor.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any questions or suggestions about the Double Classic Dry Food Cereal Dispenser or you just want to share with me your experience how to make fussy eaters enjoy meal times, just leave a comment below.


  1. Stephen Mcgouran

    Great review Ellie and I’ll be getting one of these for my two little nephews. Like most kids, they’re fascinated by pretty much anything so to see the reaction from them with this piece of kit will be priceless!

    I’ll probably end up getting one for myself too; I’m usually in a bit of a rush in the morning and if I’m making oatmeal, just to have this piece of equipment will save me a bit of time and piece of mind as I race around the kitchen lol!


    1. Ellie

      Hi Stephen. Yes, the Double Dry Food Dispenser is a fun equipment to have in the kitchen. My fussy eaters, even when not ready to sit around the table, get interested when they see the dispenser and we start planning what breakfast they would prefer.

      But, I should admit, that even I (the adult) have fun using this equipment.

      All the best from me. Have a lovely summer.



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