When the weekend comes, I like spoiling my loved ones with delicious and more special recipes. Especially on Sunday mornings, I always try to serve them something they especially love, but I usually don’t have the time to prepare during the week when everyone is very busy in the morning – get ready for school, have everything you need for work, have something for breakfast, get dressed, get out the door on time…

I love pancakes and crepes. I like them sweet (with jam) or savoury (with cheese and ham). I think they make a beautiful breakfast if you have the time to prepare them and, also, you can use them for the other meals of the day if you want (the savoury ones are extremely delicious filled with sweetcorn, chicken, cheese, etc.)

Because I like my time even on the weekends to be spent with the people I love and on things I enjoy, that is why I decided that if I want to continue preparing this delicious dish (pancakes), I would be happy to get something to help with all that time that one usually needs to be around the hot-plate.

I like the pancake maker as it help you prepare the everyone’s favourite breakfast and still be with your family on the table. See my review below:

Product: Electric Party Wok and Pancake Maker, Set of 6 Pancake maker

Price: £46.43

Place to buy:

My rating: 7.8/10

Product: Breville VTP130 Traditional Crêpe Maker Crepe maker

Price: £28.80

Place to buy:

My rating: 7/10


Both the Electric Pancake Maker Set of 6 or Breville VTP130 Traditional Crepe Maker could help you prepare those lovely pancake that I remember waiting for my mum to make them on a Sunday was a holiday for me. I see my kids’ happy faces when they see the pancakes on the breakfast table and I am happy that I made the right choice and served something they would enjoy.

Both of these pancake/crepe makers help make your lazy Sunday mornings as enjoyable and filled with the things you like as possible. Sit on the table with the people you love and prepare the breakfast together while talking and making plans for the rest of the day.

I like the Electric Pancake Maker Set of 6 more, because it helps me prepare more than one pancake at a time, which is helpful if you have more than one child at home. My kids are still very young and sometimes they don’t understand why one of them has something yummy in their plate and the other should still wait to get something to eat (like it happens when you prepare pancakes on the hot-plate). With the pancake maker, you can make several pancakes and have all the people on the table enjoy them simultaneously.


  • Suitable for making pancakes directly on the eating table – cook, bake and eat at the table

  • Both appliances offer more than one dish options:

    • Wok and pancake maker (set of 6) can be used bot as a pancake maker and also to prepare different wok dishes

    • Crepe maker is ideal for cooking crêpes, pancakes, omelettes, blinis and more in minutes

  • Come with useful accessories – woks and wooden spatulas or crêpe ‘T Stick’ spreading tool and booklet

  • Easy way to prepare sweet or savoury pancakes and crepes and still be together with your family

  • Make your family time yummy

  • Easy to clean


  • The pancake maker makes 6 smaller pancakes and the crepe maker makes only one at a time

  • It may seem like they both take a longer time to prepare the breakfast, but the time needed is not longer than the time you would waste when cooking on the hot-plate

  • Not the healthiest breakfast, but try making a whole-wheat pancakes so that to add some fiber to your menu

  • If you have a food intolerance (gluten or milk) better adjust the recipe or to avoid eating pancakes


You can make the Sunday mornings even more fun by including everyone in the preparation of the pancakes – both adults and children.

It doesn’t matter if one of you prefers the sweet kind and the other – the savoury. Just follow the next easy steps and everyone will have exactly what they wanted for breakfast:

  • choose what kind of pancake you would like to have – sweet or savoury

  • prepare the batter and the additions you are using – fruit, chocolate chips, cheese, salami, etc.

  • sit on the table and start preparing your desired pancake

  • while waiting, have your favourite morning beverage – tea, coffee, orange juice

Enjoy the pancakes together and decide what your next recipe would be.

I am sure everyone of you has their favourite pancake recipe. I am presenting to you one of my favourites. This is the recipe I usually use to prepare the pancake batter. It needs just a few ingredients that every household has, it is very easy to prepare and extremely delicious.

Try it and don’t forget to send me your favourite pancake recipes.

Orange Pancakes

Ingredients (makes 10-12 pancakes):

  • 3 eggs

  • 1 cup flour

  • ½ – 1 cup orange juice

  • 50gr butter

  • to serve: honey, jams, maple syrup, fresh fruit, etc.

Add more flour or orange juice if needed, depending on how thick you prefer your batter to be

Preparation in 3 easy steps:

  1. Beat the eggs well and little by little add the flour, mix until well combined

  2. Add the orange juice and stir well

  3. Heat the pan, grease it and add from the batter (depending how big your pan is), turn when one half is ready

Serve with honey or your favourite jams


I love pancakes, bot the sweet and the savoury type. I like preparing dishes using pancakes. But before finding the pancake maker, I usually postponed the pancake preparation as long as possible.

I would’ve usually planned the pancake dishes only for special occasions or holidays. That is because having young children didn’t allow me to have enough time to be able to prepare the yummy pancakes they expect and love.

I am happy that I started using the pancake maker as it allows me to make pancakes as often as my family wants and don’t feel tired at the end. Instead, I am happy that everyone enjoyed their meal.

Try it as well.


I like spoiling my children and my husband on Sunday by preparing something extra yummy and/or everyone’s favourite. But I also like to spend time with my little kids and don’t miss anything.

That is why I started using this very helpful appliance – the pancake maker, that helps me serve the dish all of us love (pancakes) and don’t fuss around the cooker. I just sit on the table and enjoy the morning time with my loved ones.

Also, because the end result doesn’t depend on whether you are completely concentrated while preparing each pancake, they always come perfect. It is almost impossible to spoil them, and I have tried numerous times (not on purpose, but because the children are always running around or want something), yet the pancakes are just as scrumptious as I want them to be.

I hope you enjoyed my review and don’t hesitate to help yourself in your busy life – make those delicious pancakes and crepes the easy way next time. If you have any questions about the Electric Pancake Maker Set of 6 or Breville VTP130 Traditional Crepe Maker or you just want to share your favourite pancakes recipe with me, just leave me a message below.


  1. Kat

    Hi, Loved reading the review of the pancake markers. I love pancakes lol. Have you thought about opening up to the american market using amazon associate’s USA??
    We love pancakes! WA has a tutorial on it. I think you would do really well with this product in the american market.

    1. Ellie

      Thank you for your advice. I’ll take a look at it, people everywhere love pancakes I think 🙂

      All the best from me



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