My husband is a great fan of full English breakfast – fried bacon, eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans and toast. I try to make this breakfast for him as often as I have the time to do it, as preparing all those things takes time that we don’t usually have early in the morning to spare – with small children that are running around and don’t always want to sit at the table and have their breakfasts peacefully, I need to be able to give them my full attention and prepare them for school/nursery and not stay around the cooker.

That is why I found one very useful frying pan that could help you and me prepare all the different elements of the full English breakfast all at the same time and be able to enjoy it more often if you want.

Before, I would fry the bacon, then the eggs, then the mushrooms and tomatoes. Then you need to plate everything together with the baked beans and toast. Now, with the divided frying pan, I can prepare the bacon, eggs and veggies all at the same time. It’s true that some elements need longer time than others to get ready, but at least the longest you would be around the stove would be as long as the longest to cook ingredient takes, not accumulated time.

See my review below how you can make easily this delicious and everyone favourite breakfast that would keep you full for longer during all those very busy weekdays or during the lazy weekends:

Product: Master Pan Divided Frying Pan for All-in-One Cooked Breakfast & More Divided Frying Pan

Price: £55.79 (RRP £69.95)

Place to buy:

My rating: 7.5/10


Divided Frying Pan is an appliance that is very useful when you don’t have much time, but you still want to have your favourite full English breakfast and get ready for the day ahead. Of course, you can use it for preparing other favourite meals as well and the best part is – you get everything ready at one go and doesn’t need to wait for all ingredients to be done one after the other.

Use it to prepare breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Make pancakes, fish and steaks, sausages, vegetables, stir fries – just name what you want to eat!


  • prepare different elements of the dish all at the same time – main dish plus the sides

  • distributes heat evenly to the sides for efficient cooking

  • you don’t need to use additional fat to oil the appliance before frying/using

  • non-stick coating makes it easy to clean

  • replace all your pans with this very useful appliance


  • it doesn’t come in many different colours

  • not suitable to be used with induction hobs

  • better use it on the biggest hot plate on the cooker to make sure that heat is evenly distributed and all the pan’s compartments are hot


I continue the theme with the breakfast preparation started last week. That is because I know breakfast meals are very important and yet, they are the hardest to go through peacefully, at least in my family – everybody gets up in the last minute and then the chaos begins. You probably know how hectic keeping with a time schedule might be with small kids. I want everyone at home to have their favourite breakfast, but let’s admit it – that is not always possible with the limited amount of time we have.

Knowing and experiencing all of the above things every morning, I am always searching for things that would help me and my family enjoy the things we love and want to eat without making me stay around the cooker for too long.

That is why I love this Divided Frying Pan – it’s ideal to prepare my husband’s favourite full English breakfast almost in no time, but I can also use it to prepare meals for other times of the day as well. Make delicious lunches and easy to do dinners for those evenings when too tired. Using this pan can help you prepare different meals and, because you lessen the time you spend cooking, you would have more time to be with the people you love.

Not only that, but I think that having the option to cook different things all at the same time might help you or even inspire you to try something new or something you haven’t had for a very long time simply because preparing it to go with the main meal would’ve taken even more time until you were able to enjoy them.

Just use your imagination and eat only things you enjoy and love!


I always want to be able to serve my family’s favourite breakfasts or other meals and that is why I always search for appliances that would help me do that without spending too much time or waste energy. That is why I would recommend this very useful appliance – Divided Frying Pan to everyone who loves full English breakfast or wants to be able to prepare their steak and veggies at the same time very quickly after coming home from work.

Using this Divided Frying Pan helps you prepare different meals everyone loves, but at the end you don’t need to waste much time cleaning it up – the non-stick surface of the pan means there are no burnt parts you need to scrape, just wash it with hot soaped water and it’s ready to be used again when needed.

And cooking everything you need for your meal at the same time means you can save from your electricity/gas bill, not only time that would allow you to be able to do other interesting things and be with the people you love.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any questions, suggestions or recommendation about the Divided Frying Pan or you just want to share with me your favourite recipe using it, leave me a comment below. I would love to hear from you!


  1. Heathguy33

    I personally have never heard of this. But I am totally interested in this. You can cook so much with this pan and do it in a timely fashion. I’m a guy and I love to cook for my family. I’m going to surprise my wife with this. Do you know if they ship discreetly?

    There’s a new chef in town and he will have a huge pan that does it all. Lol

    1. Ellie

      Hi, I would be glad if you find time to surprise your loved ones with a dish they like, it would be so nice.

      About discreetly delivering – I shop on Amazon a lot and their packets/parcels almost never showed what’s inside. I also use my work address for delivery, so that to be sure that I would be at the address whenever they deliver, but sometimes to hide presents from my kids 🙂

      Share with me the recipes you like to prepare for your family

      Wish you a lovely weekend.



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