MINI PIE MAKER REVIEW – Helps Me Make My Little Ones’ Favourite Dinner

My little ones just love pie. The savoury alternative especially. Just last Sunday the small one went to the fridge and pointing to it, said “Pie”, although he rarely says any words. Well, we didn’t have pie at that moment, but that inspired me to make delicious afternoon treats and/or dinner options and make everyone happy.

I decided to use the muffin maker and make the little pies look as close to the bought-ones as possible and they really did. But they were better, because they were yummy – the filling was extremely delicious, the pastry got crispy not soggy and they were home-made, meaning I knew exactly what went inside those treats.

See my review below of the pie/muffin maker I am using and use your imagination to prepare your favourite pies and desserts.

Product: Giles and Posner EK1578 Mini Pie Maker pie-maker

Price: £24.99 (RRP £29.99)

Place to buy:

My rating: 7.5/10


The pie maker is a very helpful appliance that can help you create delicious dinners, treats or desserts that everyone at home loves.

Think of all the pie fillings you just love, but usually can’t find in the supermarket. Or you prefer a different combination of flavours, one that only you would have the courage to try?

What about those loved-by-everyone muffins? Oh, I would always prefer the home-made to the bought-ones – they are just so smooth, flavoursome, using only flavours I and the people I love like, topped always with our favourite decorations.

About all of these you can use the help of the pie maker and have another helper in the kitchen.


  • Helps you prepare both sweet and savoury pies and desserts

  • Comes with a recipe book that would introduce the basics how to use the machine

  • Easy to use and very easy to clean, no scrubbing

  • Automatic temperature control

  • Cools down very quickly

  • Non-stick cover, which helps remove the pies/muffins easily

  • Very easy to store, the appliance is not big at all

  • Not at all expensive and is widely available


  • When using it, always put in on a flat surface

  • The pies/muffins are not very big, but are not small either

  • The lock of the pie maker doesn’t close very tight, but that doesn’t interfere with the baking process and helps you check on the progress easily and without risking to get burnt

  • When opening the lid, always be careful – not only the appliance could get hot, but also the steam might get you in trouble


Because my children are really big fans of savoury pies, I always invite them to help me prepare those treats together (it doesn’t mean they always stick around for the whole process).

I start with choosing the filling and discussing what flavours they would like on that day. I should admit that they usually choose the potato, onion and cheese filling (the most common – see the recipe below), but sometimes they agree to try fillings with meat – chicken or beef, or with other vegetables – roots, spinach, courgettes, mushrooms, peppers, etc.

After we decide what we would fill the pies with and have prepared the filling, it is time to have some fun – roll out the pastry and cut the circles. I most often use short-crust pastry as it is really yummy and easy to use, but sometimes I would use puff pastry instead, especially when I want to add some volume to the pies.

And then, after filling the cases of the appliance with the pies, we have some time to play before digging into an extremely delicious hot pie.

If you rather have something sweet, don’t worry – the appliance is at hand to help you create beautiful muffins or other desserts. Just follow the same steps and make it a fun experience for everyone in the family:

  • choose the recipe or flavours you want to prepare;

  • prepare the pastry;

  • fill the holes (do not overfill);

  • close the lid, turn the appliance on and bake for 12-15 minutes or follow the book guidance

Soon, when we make the next desserts using the pie maker appliance and I have pictures to show you the results, I would share with you the recipe we’d follow.

Maybe all of you have a few favourite recipes for pies – potato pie, kidney pie, minced pie, cherry pie, apple pie, etc. I am presenting one of the recipes my little ones most often choose – potato, baked onion and cheese pie.

Potato, Baked Onion and Cheese Pie  Potato, baked onion and cheese pies

Ingredients (for 6 pies):

  • 1 short-crust ready to roll pastry

  • 2 boiled potatoes

  • 2 baked onion

  • 100gr grated cheddar cheese

  • 1tsp wholegrain mustard

  • seasoning – salt, black pepper, paprika

Preparation in 4 easy steps:

  1. Prepare the filling by mixing well the boiled and mashed potatoes, cut in small pieces or blended baked onions, cheddar cheese, mustard and seasoning

  2. Roll the pastry and using 2 different-sized glasses (bigger and smaller) cut the pastry in 6 big circles and 6 smaller circles

  3. Oil the pie maker holes and line each with one of the bigger circles, divide the filling between them and finish by topping with a small circle. Press the pastry to stick well to the base and also you can make the edges beautiful

  4. Close the lid, turn on the pie maker and bake for 20-25 minutes or until it is baked

Baked pies

You don’t have to oil the appliance before using as it is made from non-stick material, but I always do it, just a habit left from the olden times.

I know that when I say cook for 25 minutes it is probably the same time you would cook the pies in the oven, but this appliance is much easier to clean after use and you don’t have to be around all the time and to make sure that nothing is burning.



I love preparing desserts, especially during the holidays – Easter or Christmas. I like preparing the pastry and then deciding what filling to use on the day.

I do the same and when preparing savoury pies for my little ones. I know their favourite filling (potato, onion, cheese), but I think you can always vary the mixture or just add or omit some of the ingredients and serve something new, or even unusual, every time.

You can use the appliance to prepare treats for your parties as well – no hassle, no too-much work, just perfect results.

And if your loved ones adore pies as much as my little ones do, then even if you don’t do something as expected or as wanted it to turn out, they still won’t mind having a go at them, as results are always delicious.

I would recommend the pie maker to everyone who loves this savoury treat, but prefers to make it themselves without spending too much time fussing around the cooker. Also, to everyone who loves desserts – muffins, mince pies, etc. Have one of these appliances and you will see how easy it is to prepare those dishes perfectly every time.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have used the pie/muffin maker yourself, have any questions, suggestions or recommendations, leave a comment below.

All the best!


  1. Naman

    There is always a better choice to avoid the fat food.Once my little ones love to eat more junk food such as cheeseburgers,french fries or pizzas I would prefer them eat something healthy. I think fish is better with brown rice and vegetables.Also turkey burger is considered to have lower calories.

    1. Ellie

      Naman, thank you for your comments. I love vegetables cooked in any way, but sometimes it is hard to make children, especially teenagers, to eat them no matter how healthy they are. If your kids love french fries, but you would prefer to make them a little bit healthier, check out my revie of the Low Fat Fryer I am using – it prepares fried food, but uses no or very little oil so not adding fat and calories to food

  2. Marlinda Davis

    Those pies look delicious! I enjoyed the recipe at the end too. I had no idea this existed although I have noticed a trend in these types of tools. Like my FIL has a bunch of egg related ones like one that boils eggs and then another one that does an english muffin egg sandwich. Have you done reviews on those yet? I would love to see what you think of them too 🙂
    tfs 🙂

    1. Ellie

      Hi Marlinda. I like the pie maker as I use it to prepare both savoury and sweet dishes – pies and muffins.

      Check out my review of the sandwich maker I think could be a helpful appliance.

      I also like the egg boiler and poacher, an appliance that could help you prepare delicious breakfasts or supplements to any meal. Check out my site regularly as I would do a review of this appliance soon.

      Have a lovely day.



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