Oven Liners For Clean Cooking

Do you hate when the oven is a mess after you’ve just cooked the most amazing and delicious meal for your loved ones? I do.

I know that cleaning after you cook is an inevitable part of the whole process, but wouldn’t it be more pleasant if we could spare ourselves all that hard work to make our homes look nice after cooking so that to be able to fully enjoy the meal?

That is why today I want to share with you an idea how to keep the oven as clean as possible when preparing food – use non-stick oven liners and help keep yourselves relaxed and in a good mood. After all, there still be some mess, because you would continue cooking your family’s favourite dishes, but this time the cleaning would be a breeze, no scrubbing, just wiping.

See my review below.

Product: Cookey Non Stick Oven Liner Mat Set of 5  

Price: from £6.99 (RRP £15.99)

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

My rating: 9/10


You know I love cooking, but as a busy mother I definitely don’t like to waste any time cleaning. I like it when everything is clean and tidy, but unfortunately sometimes to get that result you need to put a lot of effort into the task. And let’s say it, cleaning the oven has never been easy, even if you use any of the cleaning systems that offer to do all the work (they never clean it the way I would expect – the oven to be shiny again).

Of course, using the non-stick oven liners would not mean that the oven would stay clean while you cook, especially if you keep doing the same thing over and over again (I sometimes fill the trays too much and the food spills over the edges while bubbling). But using the oven liners would mean that cleaning the spillages is easy, definitely not time and energy consuming and your oven underneath it is still clean, when you remove the oven liners the oven won’t need anything to look nice.

I think having the non-stick oven liners could be really useful in the kitchen to keep the oven spotless so that to ensure we cook our meals in a healthy, clean environment.


  • easy to use – just unfold it

  • easy to clean, dishwasher safe

  • made of durable material to last longer

  • cook healthy meals, no need to add oil to grill food

  • keeps oven clean minimising the work after the meal is ready

  • prepare evenly cooked meals easily

  • can be used on top of any grilling space – charcoal, gas or electric

  • can be used both in the oven or directly on your BBQ


  • it’s a pack of 5 mats so you need to find some more space to store them

  • if your food is too liquid there still be some leakage to the tray in the oven that you need to clean afterwards

  • careful when removing after using the non-stick oven liners as they might still be hot, always check before touching


I am well aware that cooking and cleaning go together, you can’t have one without the other. But still, don’t you want to be able to do the unpleasant part of this equation faster and easier?

I know that some of you would prefer to eat ready-made meals, already prepared by some chef that only need to be heated in the microwave. But others, like me, who like to cook different, yummy meals for the people we love, we definitely go through messing the cooking appliances at least once every day.

That is why I suggest you use some help, use non-stick oven liners and make your life a little bit less complicated.

I, personally, also involve my people at home with using the oven liners. I let my children choose what they want to eat, how to season it and arrange over the cooking mat. Then all you have to do, is wait till it’s ready.

I try to involve my husband as well, who is afraid to even boil an egg. I let him sometimes cook the dinner by using the non-stick oven liners on the BBQ. Those days he is the expert cook as the meals get really delicious easily.

Try these helpers in the kitchen and enjoy your time.

My verdict: I like when there is nothing to be cleaned after cooking, just food to enjoy with the people I love

I am a clean freak, but too much cleaning is not something I enjoy. Putting too much time makes me not only tired, but also in a bad mood, which affects the time I spend with my kids and I don’t like that. I want to have the energy and patience to help them with their homework and spend quality time with them.

That is why I think using the non-stick oven liners could help me achieve what I want. The oven liners are a really easy way to keep oven and grill clean(-er) while preparing the food your loved ones will enjoy. Keeping the working surfaces clean would mean there won’t be anything to worry about after the meal and that would give you some more time to spend doing what you like doing – relaxing; spending time with your other half, kids or pets; reading a book; watching TV or just taking a bath.

I would recommend the non-stick oven liners to anyone who likes to cook, but really hates the cleaning afterwards, to anyone who is always in a hurry and doesn’t want to waste additional time in the kitchen, to anyone who is a clean freak (like me), to anyone who likes their appliances and wants to keep them as new for longer.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you’d used oven liners before, please share with me your experience – good or bad. Also, if you have some suggestions or recommendations, I would love to hear from you. Just leave a comment below.

Have a beautiful day!

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