Pancake And Egg Maker Review – Do You Really Need It?

Recently, more and more often I see different ads and clips of people using the new silicon mould that helps you prepare delicious pancakes and eggs, several in one go, that are so easy to turn and fry at the other side that you have to have it.

Well, because my kid has special dietary needs and because I like to prepare the food my family enjoys, I also bought the pancake and egg maker so that to be able to meet my loved ones’ desires.

I bought it, because my little one, who is a very fussy eater, prefers his pancakes in a very specific shape – small and round, like the shop-bought. I also liked that it was advertised as being very easy to use it and especially turning the pancakes.

See my review below of the Pancake and Egg Maker and decide for yourselves whether you want and need it or you could do without.

Product: Fantastic Non-stick Flippin’ Pancake Maker And Egg Ring 

Price: £11.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 5/10


Since my child had to change his diet, because of health and allergy reasons, we as a family started eating only gluten-free foods. That was hard for me, but the hardest part was to find a gluten-free versions of his most preferred foods that also needed to look in exactly the same way as the food he was used to eat up to this moment, because he has other special needs as well and refuses to eat food that looks different.

Because of all of the above, I was happy to buy the Pancake and Egg maker so that to be able to prepare easily gluten-free pancakes in the desired shape – small and round.

But after using it, I should say that I was really disappointed with it. Using it was nothing like all the clips are showing you and cleaning it was very difficult.

I didn’t like it, because:

  • there were no instructions or guide what recipes are good to be used with this item and are suitable to be prepared using it, because as I found out the batter for the pancakes should have a definite thickness, otherwise you won’t be able to use it

  • when you pour the batter or eggs into the rings/holes, the liquid flows all around the pan and when preparing pancakes that might be an issues, because when you turn the pancake/egg maker, you get 7 small pancakes and a lot of burnt batter around them

  • cleaning this item was very, very difficult for me – there are a lot of small, dot-like holes in the rings, that get filled with batter and it is almost impossible to clean it quickly, without making sure again and again if everything has been scrubbed out; it took me a lot of takes to be sure that the pancake/egg maker was finally clean and could be left to dry already

  • when I tried the pancake/egg maker, I’ve used it together with my pancake frying pan, which is wide and flat. I thought these characteristics of the frying pan are making it the most suitable cooking pan to use, but I am not very sure now, because I still couldn’t make the pancake/egg maker prepare the pancakes the way I expected it to cook them.

    Unfortunately, all the other frying pans I have, even the big ones, are deeper and have a more curved bottom, which will cause the pancake/egg maker to lay a little bit raised at their bottom and would make its use pointless.

  • I am disappointed with the pancake/egg maker, because I’ve tried different batters and tried to rectify the problems, but  I still couldn’t serve my family pancakes that morning, at least not round and small ones. After I finally realised that the pancake/egg maker would not help me prepare the pancakes I want, I’ve used the batter left and fried delicious pancakes in my pancake frying pan so we still enjoyed a yummy breakfast (or at least some of us, because my little one refused to eat them, they just didn’t look the way he wants them to look). Disappointing it was, because should the pancake/egg maker have worked the way it is advertised to work, everyone at home would’ve been happy and content and would’ve saved me a lot of (additional) work and nerves.

Conclusion: I would prefer to make the pancakes using my frying pan

I am disappointed with the pancake and egg maker. It is mainly, because I expected the using of this tool to be much, much easier than it is. I expected to be able to make really easy and quickly nice, thick round pancakes that my kids love so much.

Instead, at the end, not only I didn’t have the desired pancakes, but I was left with the hard work of cleaning the pancake and egg maker, which is definitely not easy. Just try to remove all the batter from the many small holes at the same time, making sure it doesn’t stick to the other/next holes is a whole experience on its own.

I know I have only used this product a few times, but still if something is advertised as being able to help you in the kitchen, wouldn’t you expect it to be much easier to use? I tried different frying pans and different thickness of batter, but still couldn’t make the pancakes I expected to make.

As a whole, for the above said reasons, I would NOT recommend the pancake and egg maker to anyone who would like to make them the easy way. I, personally, would continue using my pancake frying pan when my family wants pancakes for breakfast.

I really hope you have a different experience with your pancake and egg maker and if you do, please let me know. If I am not doing the things right, I am willing to try a different approach with it, especially if it would help me at the end have a fluffy, nice, round, thick pancakes for the people I love.

If you have any suggestions or recommendations how I should use my pancake and egg maker, or you just want to share your experience using it,  leave a comment below.

Wish you a beautiful day!

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