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My kids love pancakes, even my extremely picky eater would most probably choose to have a pancake for breakfast (only topped with peanut butter and chocolate, of course). Knowing that this is his safe choice for breakfast makes me think of different kinds how to make breakfast more fun and his meals not only yummy, but also beautiful.

That is why a few months ago I started using a pancake pan that makes animal-shaped pancakes. At first, I thought, these would be more for my special-needs kid, but then I realised that everyone at home really enjoy having a fun-shaped pancake for breakfast.

I usually make pancakes on Sunday so that to give my people some more time to enjoy a really scrumptious meal. But because making pancakes with those pans is so easy, sometimes I make them on the weekdays, especially when I know my loved ones have a special day ahead of them.

See my review below of the pancake pan that I love to use.

Product: Nordic Ware Zoo Animal Pancake Pan 

Price: from £49.90

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10


I have always used a pancake pan when making pancakes for breakfast. The pancake pan is a great helper in the kitchen that makes the pancakes perfect – no burnt part, easy to flip, quick to be ready.

Because I like using a pancake pan that is why I decided that I needed to give a try to a more fun one. At first, I liked a pancake pan that could help you make owl pancakes as my kid is great fan of birds (not only pancakes) and especially owls. But it turned out very difficult to find this one where I live.

That is why I started using this animal pancake pan and it helps me prepare just the pancakes I want – small, fluffy pancakes with lovely animals shaped on top of them. Make breakfast fun! 

This pancake pan is as easy to use as I’ve imagined and because it helps you make 7 pancakes at one go no one should have to wait to tuck into their favourite breakfast meal. I thought that these animal pancakes would be fun only for my kids, but no… everyone enjoys the zoo 🙂


  • easy to use – make several pancakes, easy to turn

  • easy to clean

  • you can find pancake pans that could help you make your loved ones’ favourite-shaped pancakes, these pans come in different themes

  • even if you think this pan is too expensive for you or prefer one that makes just one bigger pancake in a desired shape, it would be very easy to find the one for you

  • would help you create fun-shaped pancakes for kids parties or family gatherings


  • this one might seem a little bit pricey, but good pancake pans don’t come for too much less

  • you still need some time to cook the pancakes, still needs you to be present at all times

  • if you already found the pan that helps you create the pancakes your family likes the best, this pan might not be for you


I know why I usually pick Sunday to make pancakes for breakfast. That is because nobody is in a hurry to wake up and I have more time to prepare the meal without being rushed. But also, because I love to include my little ones, and sometimes my husband, when preparing pancakes. Make it a game or a fun decision-planning exercise:

  • ask what kind of pancakes everyone feels like eating this morning – chocolate, vanilla, lemoney, etc; with or without fruit, etc.

  • prepare the main batter together, even let your kids add the ingredients to the mixing bowl and stir them

  • you can divide the pancake mixture in different smaller bowls and let everyone involved decide what they want to add to each bowl – fruit, choco chips, spreads, nuts, even different colours, etc.

  • start frying the pancakes

This is the moment you take over the leading role and fry the pancakes or just supervise and be there if anyone needs your help.

  • when ready, serve and enjoy together

If you need some inspiration, check out my blog and try these delicious lemony pancakes or gluten free pancakes.

Have a lot of fun and enjoy your meals together. Share with me how you make your pancakes, just leave a comment below.

What else you might find useful:

Product: 6 Multi-Style Shaped Breakfast Omelette And Pancake Frying Pan  

Price: from £14.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10

I like these fun-shaped mini frying pans, because they can be helpful not only when preparing pancakes, but you can also make your eggs fun in the morning – prepare different omelettes and fried eggs, shaped in different enjoyable forms.

My verdict: I like when even my picky eater eats his meals, help yourself achieve that with this fun cooking item

Having pancakes for breakfast is like a law for my special-needs kid. There is no morning that he doesn’t have a pancake or a waffle for breakfast, he can not imagine his day starting in a different way. But because having one and the same might become boring (more for everyone else) we started using those fun-shaped pancake pans and breakfasts became more enjoyable and there is always something to talk about.

I would recommend this animal pancake pan to anyone who has kids, to anyone who is awaiting guests for a party or sleep-over, to anyone who would love to make their or their loved ones’ breakfast really fun, just to anyone who loves pancakes.

I think this pancake pan is easy enough to use, but the excitement it can create is priceless. That is why I use it often when I make pancakes.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you’d like to share with me your favourite pancakes recipe just get in touch with me by leaving a comment below.

Have a lovely weekend!

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