Summer time is the season of barbecues. Until just a few years ago I had never experienced the joy of preparing the meals by grilling/barbecuing while enjoying the sweet company of the people you love and/or your friends. My parents never made a barbecue at home, maybe those were the times. But now, I can not imagine my life without having a barbecue from time to time (or more often), especially during the hot months of the year and listen to my children playing in the garden while everyone bites into their favourite burger, hot-dog, steak or vegetables. Pure bliss!

I am presenting today one very useful appliance that I had the happiness to try how it works recently and the results were captivatingly good – the meat gets so tender, juicy and smoky, the vegetables are delicious, you won’t be able to turn down even the bread.

See my review below to see how you can make without much effort your barbecues even more enjoyable and definitely extra scrumptious:

Product: Philips Avance Collection Table Grill HD6360/20 – Barbecues & Grills  Philips Grill HD6360-20

Price: from £48.81

Place to buy:

My rating: 9/10


Philips Grill HD6360/20 is an appliance that would help you prepare unforgettable dinners and also become the centre of attention at parties. The grill is very easy to use, even by non-experienced barbecue cooks (like me), but the platters you will serve will make everyone ask for more, not only during the summer, but anytime of the year, as this appliance you can use both indoors or outside.



  • You can use it both indoors, in the kitchen or outside in the garden

  • It would take some space, not very small

  • The grill comes with aroma infuser – helps you to flavour the food you cook using herbs or wine

  • It could’ve come in different colours

  • Hot steam grilling provided as well – meat becomes really tender, keeps the juices

  • It’s not easy to find, at least in the UK

  • The cooking plate of the grill provides two different surfaces (grilled and smooth) to chose how you would like your food prepared

  • It’s not the cheapest (if bought new), but the results you get are well worth it

  • Non-stick plate, no need to add any oil

  • It’s very easy to use

  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe

  • Adjustable thermostat so that to be able to cook any food perfectly

  • Comes with a recipe book to give you ideas and inspiration to prepare different meals you and your loved ones would enjoy


I know I say that summer is the season of the barbecues, maybe that is because during the hot months the weather is usually very good and people tend to stay outside (in the garden or parks) more than during the cold months. But the best thing about the Philips Grill HD6360/20 is that you don’t have to wait till the weather gets better to enjoy a meal you love. It is as easy to use this appliance inside, as it is outside. Just think what meat or vegetables you fancy for dinner and gather everyone around the table. My little ones come running when they smell the distinctive barbecue smell of food cooking.

I should admit that I usually put the meat I am using to marinate it for some time before using, although my family likes the aroma-infusion application using herbs as well. The food, even pork and beef (which are more tough and stringy than other meats), when cooked is extremely delicious – you can taste the smokiness of the barbecuing, the flavours of the marinate or the infusion you are going to use. Not only that, but the food stays tender and easy to eat (even by small fussy eaters).

The Philips Grill HD6360/20 is a great appliance – it makes every meal super tasty without the need to be an experience barbecue chef. Just decide what you want and put the ingredients on the preferred part of the barbecue plate (grilled or smooth).

When cooking meat I usually prefer to use chicken breast. The meat is tender, juicy and is easy to cook fast. I marinate it using different sauces and ingredients so that to make the flavours more intense.

If preparing vegetables, use whatever you want. Every vegetable I had cooked on the grill was super yummy – onions, mushrooms, courgettes, peppers, aubergines/eggplants, potatoes, asparagus, sweetcorn, beetroot, etc.

Now, while writing this, I got really hungry just by thinking about all the flavours and tastes of a barbecue meal and my family definitely is going to get a BBQ surprise this weekend. If I am quick enough and succeed to make some photos of the food we prepare, I am going to share them with you.

In the meantime, please write to me and tell me what your favourite BBQ recipes and flavours are. I would appreciate your help to widen my experience in cooking barbecues and grills.

My advice!

To get some ideas how to prepare other delicious barbecue meals, you can look for recipe books like 200 Barbecue Recipes, Barbecue Recipes Cookbooks Book Set (6 in 1), Good Food: 101 Barbecues and Grills – Triple-tested Recipes.


I first tasted a barbecued meal when we were invited to a friend’s party some years ago and I can honestly say that the food tastes amazing when cooked like that. Grilling, especially aroma-infused cooking, adds flavour and makes the food even more appetizing and inviting. It doesn’t matter what you cook, meat or vegetables, everything tastes divine and absolutely amazing.

I believe in this product and if you like me enjoy spending time in the garden during the summer or warming up with hot delicious food in the winter, I would definitely recommend the Philips Grill HD6360/20 – it would help you prepare and serve delicious meals, both meaty or vegetarian, that everyone – your family, friends and guests would love to try again and again!

I know that Argos and Currys should have this very useful appliance, but I couldn’t find it in my local shops. If you prefer to shop online, like I do, Amazon usually has this product and, of course, it offers the best deals. Hope you are lucky and find the exact product you are looking for at a price that suits you.

I hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any questions about Philips Grill HD6360/20, want to share your experience about barbecuing or your favourite recipes, leave a comment below.

Enjoy your summer!


  1. Samantha

    I absolutely love barbecued food. We have a charcoal grill, so while it works great it the summer, it doesn’t work so great in the winter. I think that this table grill would be great option for my family during those winter months when we are craving so home barbecue. In your opinion, how does the food on this grill taste in comparison to a charcoal grill?

    1. Ellie

      I love this grill as the food tastes as good as when cooked with a charcoal grill, all thanks to the aroma infuser it uses. Of course, it is also suitable for indoor use, which is so helpful if the weather is bad or changes suddenly.

      My cousin lives in a small apartment and still uses the same grill for his BBQ parties 🙂

      Share with me your favourite recipes for charcoal grill.

      All the best,


  2. Nichole

    I have to admit I have never seen anything like that and will be checking it out!

    I know as a kid we never owned a barbecue, it wasn’t until I was on my own that I started barbecuing and haven’t really stopped since. Life just seem complete without one lol

    I do hate the clean up of a barbecue and I did buy the George Foreman indoor grill but what a pain to clean so I do not use it much. So the thought of this being easy to clean and dishwasher safe is very appealing to me!


    1. Ellie

      Hi Nichole, thank you for the comment. I agree, barbecuing makes food extra delicious. And this grill is very easy to clean, it has non-stick surfaces and the grilling plate is detachable, you can put it in the dishwasher. But it still miight need some cleaning.

      Hope you enjoy barbecuing with this grill.

      All the best,



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