Pickled Eggs – Make Your Meals Not Only Delicious, But Colourful

For Easter I usually colour eggs using different techniques and colouring materials. It’s an old tradition and I like following it together with my children. The eggs become really cheerful, bright in colour and you just can not decide which one you want to have next, because they are so beautiful. Coloured eggs

This year I decided to do something I’ve never done before – colour the eggs, not their shells.

I am offering you one very simple, easy and quickly to do recipe to prepare pickled eggs* that you can have anytime of the year (not only for Easter). Use them in salads or main meals, even for breakfast with bacon and baked beans.

I just wanted to make some colourful eggs, but they turned out to be extremely yummy – you could taste the acidity of the vinegar and yet the eggs tasted a little bit sweet, because of the beetroot.

I’ve used only beetroot to get the red/purple colour of my boiled eggs. It’s a natural source you can use to add sweetness and colour to your dishes and the beetroot vegetable is delicious.

Below see my suggestion how to prepare beautiful and yummy pickled eggs:

Pickled Eggs with Beetroot Pickled eggs with beetroot


  • 10-12 eggs

  • 500gr beetroot, sliced in small pieces

  • 50gr sugar

  • 200ml vinegar

  • salt

  • preserving jar, big enough to contain all of the eggs


  1. Boil the eggs for 8-10 minutes and peel them

  2. Prepare the marinate: in a pan over a medium heat add the vinegar, 200ml water, sugar, salt and the beetroot. Boil for a couple of minutes and remove from the hot-plate

  3. Arrange the eggs in the preserving jar or the container you are using and pour the marinate. Leave in the fridge for a few days until the eggs become red/purple and absorb from the marinate

You can use either steamed/boiled or pickled beetroot. You can add it sliced in small pieces when preparing the marinate. I prefer it grated as, after I use the liquid to marinate the eggs, I serve the beetroot as a dish accompaniment. It’s delicious.

Serve the pickled eggs as a salad or as a garnish to a dish.

Have a colourful day!

*Рецептата е от списание „Кулинарен журнал“ – Мариновани яйца


  1. Aless

    That’s an interesting idea. But my questions is if they are comestible and how healthy are they. Because sure , they look good, but if they’re not healthy, I’d better stick to colouring the shell. Also how did you come up with the idea? Doesn’t seem like I would have come with such one.

    1. Ellie

      Hi Alex. These pickled eggs are as comestible and as healthy as the other boiled eggs, depending on your diet. The only difference is they are red (not white) and you can taste a little sweetness from the beetroot.

      The colouring of eggs (not shells) using natural ingredients is a well-used idea, it is just not something I’ve done before, but because I wanted colourful eggs… I tried it.

      I found those eggs go perfectly with a green salad (lettuce, cucumber, radishes), yummm.

      Have a lovely day and eat only things that you find to bedelicious. Cheers


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