Recently, I’ve started coming across more often to articles about house fires, usually started by a faulty appliance or an unattended one.

I know that a lot of us are struggling to find time during the day to be able to prepare every meal from scratch and that is why we are relying more and more on different appliances to do most of the work for us.

I firmly believe in the power of multi cooker and/or slow cooker to help everyone of us to have a hot, extra scrumptious meal on the table whenever you need it, but I also advocate for responsible use and not putting yourself and the people you love in danger.

Because I am a mother and I want my family to be safe and still eat healthy, delicious hot meals, I wanted to write some lines to remind you that whatever you do, you still need to take precautions and stay safe. I know that maybe all of you do most of these things and more, but just use my words as a note and be thoughtful when using those so helpful unattended cooking appliances – multi cooker and/or slow cooker.

Preventable house fires and using the unattended appliances to prepare meals

Using a multi cooker can be really helpful in our busy everyday life. And I know it from my experience – getting home after a long day at the office and being able to feed a couple of tired and screaming children with fresh just-cooked meal is priceless. But please spare a few minutes and read below, so that to be sure that everything is as risk-free as possibly can.

House fires are common, especially during the warm summer months, and some of them can be prevented. House fires, like every fire, can be dangerous or even fatal.

Some easy to do health and safety checks you can do before using the appliance that might save your life and/or property:

  • always check if the appliance is in a normal working order

  • put the appliance on a flat surface

  • check the cable, electrical cord – if there are wires visible, don’t use the appliance

  • check the cable/cord is plugged into the socket correctly

  • have you had any problems with the socket you are using – sparks or some smell? If yes, don’t use it and have it checked

  • don’t put the appliance on top or next to an easily flammable surfaces or materials

  • always check the smoke and heat detectors at home are in working order

  • teach your loved ones how to react if fire starts while they are home so that not to panic too much if something like that happens and to take the steps to safe themselves

  • if possible, always be in the house while cooking using the multi cooker and/or slow cooker

  • advise a neighbour how to contact you if you are not home and access is needed to your house (to put out a fire or to let the firemen inside), leave them a spare key or ask them, if needed, to contact the emergency services (Fire Brigade)

  • make a home insurance, incl. for house fires, so that when the ordeal passes to have somebody help you get the damages repaired and get back to your normal life as quickly as possible

MOST IMPORTANTLY! Seek help and medical attention if you’ve been exposed to a fire.

Sometimes you can’t feel it, but the fumes you’ve inhaled can be as dangerous as well.


I like using my multi cooker, so much that I usually use it every day. I’ve left it doing the cooking at home without me or anybody else being present and it does a great job.

Now that I am a mother, I need to think more about safety at home and, after seeing those articles about fires started by unattended cooking appliances, I decided to warn myself and others about the dangers we are not anticipating, but can become real in some cases.

I am not saying that you should stop using your multi cooker or slow cooker, no. I won’t manage without it, maybe you won’t too. I rely too much on it and I know why – because it helps me prepare delicious meals without me spending too much time in the kitchen and around the stove, because I want to spend that time with the people I love, my husband and my children.

I am saying again – use the appliance, just BE CAREFUL and do everything you can to prevent those house fires.

I really hope none of you would have to deal with this devastating experience – house fires. But if this happens to you, just be prepared.

If you want to leave your comment, how you usually would deal with such a thing or have a suggestion what else can be done to prevent house fires or how to minimise the damages to the people or property, please leave a comment.

Stay safe and enjoy your favourite meals!

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