Pumpkin Carving Kit – Get Ready For Halloween

Are you and/or kids waiting impatiently for the coming holidays? And, of course, the most important celebration in October – the Halloween.

I must admit that in my country Halloween has never been very popular or celebrated (or at least until recently, only in the last maybe 5-10 years), but since moving to the UK I saw how nice the whole experience could be and now that holiday is almost here my little ones started preparing themselves and the house for it.

How do you celebrate Halloween? What decorations and what costumes do you use more often or this year? Do you go home, after trick-or-treating, with a lot of candy? Tell me about your experience, just leave a comment below.

Because I know that carving pumpkin is a tradition most associated with Halloween and because I see how much fun the whole process could be, both for the adults and for the little ones, that is why today I wanted to share with you a product that could help us with the task of creating our beautiful pumpkin lanterns – the pumpkin carving kit.

See the product below.

Product: AMOS Halloween Pumpkin Carving Kit with 16 Stencil Designs, 5 Tools And Flameless Children Safe LED Light 

Price: £4.49

Place to buy: Amazon.co.uk

My rating: 7.5/10


I am sure that anyone, when the time to start preparing the pumpkins comes, starts dreading that they decided to do that this year again. I love when I see the beautifully carved pumpkins of my neighbours, but mine are never finely cut and made the way I imagined them before I started. Maybe I am just not a crafty person, although I love everything I can make myself, but sometimes I think there might be something that could help me create that gorgeous Halloween decorations that I want.

And I decided to use a helping hand and I am buying the pumpkin carving kit that comes complete with the tools we may need to carve the pumpkin, together with some stencils to help us as well create beautiful faces while carving.

I like the kit, because – PROs:

  • the tools seem easy to use

  • the stencils give me ideas I can use and because there are 16 of them I can make several different pumpkin faces this year and next year my carved pumpkin could be completely different

  • it’s not expensive, but might just be the thing I need to realise my ideas over the holidays

  • child friendly stencils are included for younger carvers to use and create their designs

  • makes carving the pumpkins fun for the whole family and a lot safer

  • no need to use big, sharp knives to carve the pumpkin

  • comes with a flameless LED light to illuminate the carved pumpkin safely and easily


  • it would still be a lot of work to carve the stencils you want

  • you still need to be careful

  • don’t let children use the tools unsupervised, always be safe

  • sooner or later you may need new stencils as the kit only includes 16


I know carving the pumpkins can be time-consuming and really hard, but make it fun this year. Include everyone who wants to take part in the process and decide together what Halloween decorations you are going to create. Make it something like this (this will be what I am doing):

  • a week before the celebration sit everyone and ask them what decoration they want this year, especially how do they envisage the pumpkin carved

  • decide what you are going to do, because not everything is possible and suitable to be done

  • when the time nears go together to the shop or farm and choose the pumpkins you like

  • the day before or if you have time on the day gather together and start carving the pumpkins – make it an enjoyable experience, help those who need it and talk about the way the pumpkins will look when finished and what are you doing later that evening

Enjoy the celebrations and happy trick-or-treating!

Share with me what you like to prepare for Halloween, what are the treats you most often prepare for your family and guests to enjoy? Are you planning a scary menu this year? What will it include? Leave me a comment and let me know about some new ideas how to celebrate, especially those proven in time as kids’ and guests’ most favourite or those that you can prepare easily.

My verdict: Let this Halloween be beautiful and filled with lights, carve the pumpkins easily

As somebody who started celebrating Halloween very late in life, I know how hard it is to learn new tricks (like pumpkin carving) by trial and error. I’ve always thought it is an impossible task for me to carve a pumpkin so that it to be pleasant to look at and use it as a decoration. But this year, I found this pumpkin carving kit and I am planning on using it. I will keep you posted how my family’s pumpkin carving went and specifically – whether or not it was easy enough to be used without putting too much effort or making the carving unpleasant.

I think the pumpkin carving kit is something that could help us create the mood we want for the holiday. That is why I would recommend using its help to anyone who is thinking about carving their Halloween pumpkins for the first time or to anyone who has experience in this, but wants to make it the easier and safer way.  See my carved pumpkin:

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have already used a pumpkin carving tools/kits before, tell me about your experience and especially the end results you got – was it easy to use the tools and were the pumpkins as beautiful as you expected them to be?

If you have some suggestions or recommendations, get in touch with me. Just leave a comment below.

Hope you have beautiful celebrations. Enjoy Halloween!


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  1. Ellie (Post author)

    I’ve used the pumpkin carving kit and above you can see my carved pumpkin. I’ve carved all sides of the pumpkin easily and I am happy with the results.


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