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Now that the festive season is approaching us and because the roasting season has already started, I thought I would share with you an idea for a product that might help you when you prepare your Sunday or everyday roast or when you cook your Christmas turkey.

I usually don’t roast a too big piece of meat, mostly because it takes more time to cook and because my little ones quickly move to other things to eat. But sometimes, especially during the holidays and when we expect family gatherings or guests, I need to prepare more food. Then I need all the help I could find, because with small children it is not always possible to be concentrated all of the time only on the cooking part. That is why I think the roast lifter might be something you might find handy this festive season.

See my review below.

Product: Silicone Roast Meat Lifter with Basting brush 

Price: from £9.58

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10


I like the Sunday roasts and festive food preparation when the aim is to make as much food as possible, just to be sure that if guests come you would have the best meal for them, let them be jealous 🙂

I also like to cook turkey for Christmas, but let’s be honest – that is a big bird and cooking it right and then serving it is an experience of its own.

That is why I think the roast lifter could be helpful this season when you prepare your Sunday or festive roast, especially now that the craze of the moment is to prepare fried turkey. It is very easy to use and would make your life in the kitchen a little bit easier.

I like the roast lifter, because:

  • you can easily lift and serve roasted meat, up to 11kg

  • comes with silicon basting brush and ties

  • made of easy to clean material

  • heat resistant, up to 230°C

  • do not need special training to be able to use it

  • easy to store

I don’t like the roast lifter, because:

  • you may not need it, especially if you are an experienced cook and have no problems lifting heavy roast meats

  • you still need to be careful when taking the cooked meat out of the tray and lifting it, because it would be heavy and hot


I guess everyone, some more often than others (depending on how big your family is), need to prepare a big meal and often, when there would be more people around the table, meat is considered, because it is delicious and satisfying and could be eaten with different garnishes and side-dishes. That is why I think the roast lifter could be of help in our cooking life.

Make Sunday roast preparation even more enjoyable by using it this weekend. Marinate the meat, roast it, don’t forget to baste it from time to time to get that delicious and crunchy top and serve it easily. Let your other half even help you with that, let them serve the meal and carve it. Savour the moments with the people you love and have a lovely meal together.

I am sure the roast lifter would be much needed around Christmas, so do not hesitate to try it if you need some help with lifting the Christmas turkey.

Let me know what and how you cook for Christmas, just leave a comment below.

I would very much appreciate if you could share all your favourite recipes how to cook your Christmas turkey. I like stuffed turkey and I think it’s delicious, but I would like to try new flavours as well. I am looking forward to hearing your time-proven recipes for festive roasts. So let’s get ready to roast!

My verdict: Use every little help in the kitchen, be happy and relaxed

Having a roasted dinner is an experience that could be really tiresome. And sometimes there are great expectations towards the food, especially during the Christmas festive time. That is why I firmly believe that I need to use everything that could help me reach my goals easily and prepare and serve delicious food to my family.

I am not ashamed to say that I have a lot of things that help me in the kitchen, some of them I use often, others – only from time to time. But each one of them saves me a lot of nerves while cooking and that makes me a happy person. I like to cook food and enjoy it with the people I love. I wish the same for you.

I would recommend the roast lifter to anyone who often (every weekend) cooks their Sunday roast, to anyone who is thinking about having a family gathering for Christmas and would cook a big turkey, to anyone who just likes roasted meat.

I think the roast lifter could be helpful, although you could still manage and without it. Just think of all your cooking needs and you will know whether or not you need it. Hope it helps.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you have any suggestions or recommendations or you want to share with me your opinion about the roast lifter, especially if you’d used it before, just leave a comment below.

Have a great day!

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