Roasting Tray And Racks Help You Make Delicious Roasts

Are you one of those people/families that love to have their Sunday roast no matter what? Or you just love to have roasted meat? We are, my husband, unfortunately, is still looking for the meat, no matter what the dish I serve is.

Today I want to share with you a product that helps me a lot when I want to prepare yummy roasted meat in the oven, I use roasting trays and racks.

See my review below.

Product: Non Stick Easy Clean Roasting Trays with Racks, Set of 3   

Price: from £12.99

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My rating: 7.5/10


Whenever I prepare our Sunday roast, I love the smell in the house. It is so delicious and inviting… or maybe I just love to eat too much 🙂

When I first started preparing and serving roasted dinner I was using my baking tray and the meals were still delicious, but I have always come across these recipes saying that for better taste I need to roast the meat placing it on a rack. So, I decided to give it a try.

I think roasting trays with racks is something every family should have. Even if you don’t need the racks right now, you may still use the trays for roasting and baking, like you always do when you cook your family’s favourite dishes.

But when the recipe calls for the racks to be used so that the dish to be prepared properly, you will have them handy. Not only that, but I love to use the racks to cool down trays after using them or to cool down cakes after baking. Just place them on the counter and leave them for a while to cool. These products have multi-purpose function.


  • easy to use – use the racks to lift the meat off the tray, then just place the meat on top and bake

  • use the trays to cook anything in the oven

  • use the racks, outside of the oven, when you need to cool the baked dishes – cakes or meat

  • this set provides 3 trays with racks of different sizes, ideal to cook different meals or just to cook smaller or larger quantity in one go


  • you still need to clean it after using, like everything else – another tray for cleaning

  • because you usually roast the meals that require for trays and racks, the cleaning might require some scrubbing

  • you still need to find space to store them


I remember the first thing I prepared using my new roasting tray and racks. It was roasted chicken in the oven with beer glaze. The chicken meat was delicate, well-cooked, golden in colour and all the fat was not touching the meal so not to make it too greasy or soggy. I loved it.

I should admit that I most often prepare chicken using the roasting tray and racks, maybe because I prefer to eat chicken rather than having beef or pork. And I love to roast the chicken with many different seasoning and/or marinades. But I definitely do not like it, when roasting the meat exudes fat and liquid and when all that goes at the bottom of the dish and usually stays there the whole time, it just never evaporates (not all of it, at least). That is why I am using the trays and racks more and more often when preparing my family’s Sunday roast or whenever I need to roast something.

I should say that because the season of roasting has started, I call it that because I prepare different roasts more often than before, and this product could be of use to help you cook delicious meals. I like using the trays and racks when roasting my chicken meals, because that way the dish is cooked beautifully and it helps me spread the juices and marinade more evenly across the meat so that, at the end, everyone gets extra scrumptious piece of the food.

If you need some inspiration, what to cook using these trays and racks, check out my blog for some ideas. Many of the roasted chicken meals can be prepared using this product as well. Give it a try!

My verdict: Everyone likes roasts, so prepare them easily for everyone to enjoy

Having a roasted dinner is like a treat to my family. Roasted dinners are always so yummy, but because they take some time to prepare (after all the meat needs to be cooked) I usually leave them for the weekend. But even if you decide that you only like to prepare Sunday roast, I think you still need to make it easy. That is why I almost always use my trays and racks when I am roasting the meat in the oven. You can see my reasons for that above.

I want to say that even if you are not somebody who likes meat, the racks could be helpful to prepare roasted vegetables to go with the main meal, as a side-dish, to be part of a nice salad or just use them as the main course. I love roasted peppers and they are maybe even more delicious than roasted meat.

I think the roasting trays and racks could be of help and really useful to any cook who needs to cook meals for themselves or their families on a regular basis (everyday, like me). That is why I would recommend these roasting trays and racks to anyone who loves roasted dinner, to anyone who prepares cakes and needs some assistance in the kitchen to cool them down before decorating them, to anyone who loves to bake their food, to anyone with a large family or who loves to make parties with food for their guests to enjoy.

Hope you enjoyed my review and if you’d like to share with me how you prepare your roasted meals and what helps you make them easily really yummy, get in touch with me. Just leave a comment below.

Wish you a beautiful day!

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