Stay Cool This Summer, I Use Ice Cubes

This summer the weather has been really, really hot, unlike previous years when it is usually warm and fresh. Because it is untypically hot, my family needed more cold drinks and refreshing foods to stay hydrated and avoid unpleasant consequences because we had enjoyed the sun.

I have always been a fan of cool drinks during the summer, but this year I had to make numerous numbers of fresh juices and non-alcoholic cocktails for the people I love. And because of that, I’ve needed and I’ve used so many ice cubes that I can not count them.

I am sure that all of you have their own, tried and tested in time ice cube trays, but I still want to share with you my suggestions what you can use in the hot months so that never to run out of ice cubes.

See my suggestions below.

Product: Reusable Assorted Fruit Shaped Ice Cubes – 18 Pieces

Price: £3.00

Place to buy:

My rating: 8/10

Product: Ice Cube Trays & Moulds Set  

Price: £9.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 7.5/10

Product: Silicone Moulds & Ice Cube Trays, Set of 6

Price: £9.99

Place to buy:

My rating: 7/10


Staying cool is important, especially when the weather is too hot and we need to drink enough liquids so that to let our body function right. I really love a cold zero coke with a lot of ice, that is something I enjoy with my friends in the day. But how can you keep your drink cold for longer? Usually we use ice cubes – they are easy to make and they do the job. But the worst things is that when you use ice cubes and they start melting in your drink, that would dilute what you are enjoying at the moment.

That is why I like the fruit shaped ice cubes, because you can use them and still not water down your drinks. Not only that, but their fun shapes and colours make them really pleasing to use. I like them as well, because they are good to be used in adults drinks and for kids juices.

The other ice cube trays are just as lovely, you just need to think about what you require. That way you will know which product will meet your needs the best.


  • help you stay cool

  • not too expensive

  • make drinking refreshing drinks fun and enjoyable, let the party begin

  • add some colour and/or shapes when serving drinks

  • reusable moulds

  • multi purposeful, use them and create other fun shaped items – chocolates, sweets, jelly, jelly shots 🙂

  • easy to store


  • you probably already have your old ice cube tray that has served you for years

  • still needs some time to freeze the water and create those fun-shaped ice cubes

  • if you have a big family or planning a party, they might not be enough to make sure you have enough ice for everyone during the gathering


I know that saying that you should drink warm drinks, like tea, in the hot weather so that to get enough liquids and not stress your body. But I like those cool, full of refreshing ice drinks and I am not planning on changing my ways just yet.

My little ones love a cold juice now when they come home from school and, although I do not fill their glasses with ice or I try not to make the drink too freezing, I still try to make them enjoy it. And I use different ice cubes moulds that help me create the fun my family needs at the end of a long day or during a lazy afternoon in the yard.

What else, you can even make ice cubes in different colours or add something for a special occasion – an edible flower, a herb leaf, etc.

If you need some suggestions what you can make with ice, search my blog for ideas. Click here to see how to make a strawberry daiquiri for the person you love.

You can even make the preparation of some cool ice cubes and the drinks to enjoy them with a family time. Something like that, your own stay fresh and enjoy every second time:

  • decide what you are having

  • choose the ice cubes you are using and personalise them by colour, shapes or add a touch of uniqueness

  • while waiting for the ice cubes to freeze, decide and prepare what you need for the drink

  • when ready, make the drinks and add the ice cubes to keep them cool for longer

Spend time with the people you love, create memories, have fun.

Ice cubes could be used for sensory games during the hot weather. Freeze different small objects in the ice cube trays and have fun excavating them later. I’ve tried it many times with my little ones and they have always enjoyed it. Train their fine motor skills as well.

Share with me your ideas for your ice cube trays you like to use, just leave a comment below.

My verdict: Staying cool and refreshed might not be so hard even when it is so hot outside

Again, over-heating could be very dangerous and that is why we need to stay hydrated and cool in the hot months of the year, no matter how long they would be. That is why I love to use ice cubes to cool my drinks, to cool cooked food that needs quick change of temperatures to stop cooking, to keep water cold. That is why I suggest you dig out your ice cube trays and look at them – are you still happy with them, do you want some new ones, do you have enough to cover your family’s needs? Those are questions we rarely ask ourselves, just because we don’t pay attention to such small things like ice cube trays, but our health is important and I, personally, would do everything to keep my loved ones safe and happy.

Hope my suggestions were helpful and you realised that you need ice cube trays for the hot summer days or you have remembered to use the ones you already had.

I like the fruit shaped ice cube trays, I think they are amazing value for money, especially when you can use them to cool down your drink, but not water it down.

I also like the mould sets – sphere and different shapes, because it could help you create really fun looking ice cubes to enjoy during your next party or family reunion.

I would recommend the ice cube trays to anyone who likes to keep cool in the summer or whenever the weather is too hot, to anyone who likes surprising the people they love with fun things, to anyone who regularly hosts parties and needs a lot of ice cube trays, to anyone who loves a freezing drink when the temperatures are boiling… enjoy!

Hope you liked my review and if you’d like to share with me your ideas, your suggestions and/or recommendations, just leave a comment below.

Have a beautiful day!

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