I like doughnuts, but I am not deliberately searching for them. My husband, on the other hand, is a total Dunkin Donuts maniac. He just loves them. I prefer to make them myself at home and have the flavours my loved ones prefer the most.

Back home, Dunkin Donuts are very popular, you can find them anywhere. They are delicious, extremely sweet, velvety and come with your favourite cup of coffee.

Here in the UK, or at least in the city my family lives, Dunkin Donuts were missing from the market. Until recently. Dunkin Donuts opened their first store in the city just a couple of weeks ago and it seems like they’ve become really favourite with the locals.

I don’t know if the reason for this huge interest in them is because they are something new here or they are just as delicious as my husband assures me. Dunkin donuts

I’ve had Dunkin Donuts before and I like them. I’ve tried other store-bought doughnuts as well – Krispy Kreme, and I think they taste as delicious as the rest.

What I like about the store-bought doughnuts is that they can be found in some really special flavour variations. I like the classic tastes (simple glaze) or some of the specialities (cheesecake, lemon, rocky road, etc.)

What are your favourite store-bought favourites? What tastes will you recommend?


I understand why my husband loves the store-bought doughnuts, although he is a great fan of our home-made ones as well. Maybe he just loves doughnuts! 🙂

Store-bought doughnuts are always beautiful to look at, inviting to try them, very smooth in texture and very, very sweet. Because people making them have all the needed equipment, the glazing on top of them is always perfect and immaculate. And they are usually bigger than the ones I make at home.

On the other hand, when you buy the ready product you can never be sure what ingredients have been used, how safe they are for any member of your family or if they do not contain any allergens.

I like preparing doughnuts for my little ones at home. I like to involve them in the preparation so that when we sit and eat them a little bit later, they to appreciate the food.

I like that whenever I make them, I always know what’s been used and I know these doughnuts are perfectly safe for my kids to have them and treat themselves.

Store-bought doughnuts PROs:

  • they are beautiful

  • come in numerous extra delicious flavours

  • you can buy just one and don’t stimulate your appetite

  • extremely easy to have – just go to your favourite store

  • everyone loves them

  • you can use them as a dessert or breakfast, they can substitute the cake for a special occasion

Store-bought doughnuts CONs:

  • unfortunately, doughnuts are always bad for your health – they are too sweet and full of fat

  • sometimes it is difficult to stop after just one

  • being so beautiful, it makes them inviting to bite into next one without even realising that you’ve already had too much


I know why you would prefer to buy a box of doughnuts – it is easier and faster.

That is true, but consider this: preparing your favourite doughnuts with your loved ones would be great to spend some time together in harmony, without any stress and nerves, and decide what you want to have for breakfast or dessert.

I would suggest to try this first on the weekends, to see how much time you need to mix, prepare and arrange the doughnuts. I usually involve my little ones in the preparation and it takes me a lot of time to find out what exactly they want to eat, to make it and then to clean the mess they’ve made (the oldest is only 3 after all). But the time with them is really precious – we talk about flavours, we taste different things, we talk about ingredients, we laugh and giggle, they learn about food and feel appreciated, because a grown up had asked them about their opinion, listened to them and liked the results. I believe those are really special lessons in life.

Of course, if the results are and continue to be not what you expect and you don’t enjoy eating it, then you can always go back to the store-bought doughnuts. You can always be sure that you have this option as well.

If you continue to miss the store-bought doughnuts, but you like the ones you’ve prepared yourself as well – don’t despair. Just treat yourself with a box of store-bought doughnuts to remember why you made your choice.

And enjoy the doughnuts you have!

Click here to see one of the recipes I use to make doughnuts at home and some of the accessories you might find useful doing so. Hope you’ve already made up your mind!


I like spoiling my loved ones, especially in the long summer weekends. Then I have the time to make any recipe they love. But I make doughnuts not only when the weather is good, we love them even in the cold winter mornings.

I would definitely recommend making the doughnuts yourself. They are just as delicious as you want them to be, but you know exactly what ingredients you’ve used and whether or not somebody in your family should avoid them (other than if they care about their waist-line).

Not only that, but you can always prepare doughnuts with different glazes and filling. Just experiment with the flavours and you might find your favourite that no store is yet selling.

I hope you enjoyed my review. I tried to be as helpful as can be to everyone deliberating whether to eat or not doughnuts, whether to buy them or make them yourself.

If you have any questions about the matter or you want to tell your point of view (whether you agree with me or not), just leave a comment below. I would love to hear from you.


  1. Neil

    You’ve really put me on the spot here! HA HA.

    Although the supermarket doughnuts I buy really aren’t nothing to shout home about, the store also has a Krispy Kreme section. Who can say no to amazing doughnuts like that in all sorts of rich flavours?!

    I’ve also tried Dunkin Donuts in America and they are so amazing too!!

    I know that store bought doughnuts are really bad for us, but they can be highly addictive, and we kinda feel guilty afterwards.

    However, I’ve never really tried making them myself, so there’s a new idea. I’ll certainly follow your advice and try making homemade doughnuts. Sounds like a new challenge to experiment with. 🙂


    1. Ellie

      Hi Neil. I should agree that the store-bought doughnuts are really inviting and, because they are extremely sweet and delicious, it is hard to stop. But do try making sometimes doughnuts at home, they are also very good.

      I know, sometimes the home-made don’t look as nice as the store-bought ones, but they can be as delicious.

      Share with me your favourite doughnuts toppings.

      Have a lovely weekend.



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