Stuffed Waffles In The Waffle Maker – Whole Meal Or Just A Snack

Since I remember, my mum has always prepared the breakfasts sweet. It took me many years to realise that something savoury could also be eaten in the morning. I know, those were the times then, but now I know and I truly believe that breakfasts should be yummy, not only sweet.

Today I am presenting a recipe I prepared for my loved ones this week again, a recipe to make in your waffle maker – easy, quick, yummy, everyone will enjoy it. Try this Stuffed Waffles recipe and use your favourite filling.

I personally used puff pastry and for the filling – cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni, BBQ sauce. These were the products I had in my fridge, but you can always use other as well, like tomatoes, other cheeses, different meat (ham, salami, bacon) or whatever you feel like stuffing your sandwiches with.

I would only say that it is better if you put more stuffing so that when you bake the waffles the stuffing to be not squashed and for you to be able to enjoy it fully. Also, don’t forget that some ingredients should be pre-cooked before using them – mushrooms (unless you use tinned mushrooms), bacon, etc.

I should note that I’ve used gluten-free puff pastry when preparing this recipe (because of my kid’s dietary needs), but you can use your usual puff pastry as well.


Stuffed Waffles in the Waffle Maker

Ingredients (for 2 stuffed waffles):

  • ½ packet ready rolled puff pastry, about 200gr – defrosted, but cold from the fridge

  • ½ can of tinned mushrooms

  • 100gr grated cheese

  • 2-3tbsp BBQ sauce

  • 50-70gr sliced pepperoni


  1. Unroll the puff pastry and cut in half

  2. Line the stuffing over one half – pepperoni, mushrooms, cheese, sauce and overlay the other half of the puff pastry on top, squeeze the pastry where the two halves meet using your fingers

  3. Put the stuffed pastry in the waffle maker, cut the excess of pastry and close the lid

  4. Bake for as long as necessary, according to your taste – between 5-10 minutes

Serve hot or cold. Use it as a breakfast, as a picnic meal or maybe afternoon snack.

Hope you like it too.

It’s a very easy recipe you can make with the ingredients your family likes and surprise them. For this recipe I’ve used my waffle maker – click here to see it together with other recipes you can make with it.

If you have any ideas what stuffing would go best with those stuffed waffles, have any suggestions or recommendations, just leave a comment below.

Have a lovely day!

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