Surprise The People You Love With A Quick and Extremely Delicious Spaghetti Recipe During The Week

During the week, when work days are long and children are tired coming home from school, I never look forward to cooking. I prefer to have something that is easy to prepare and won’t make all the hungry people at home wait.

That is why I just love all spaghetti recipes. They are usually very easy to prepare and you can make each one taste differently than the previous, just by adding or removing some of the ingredients.

Today I am presenting one very easy to make family recipe that can be used with equal success for your date nights with your loved one. This is a dish inspired by a recipe I saw in the Tesco magazine and because it was so easy to make, I didn’t hesitate, but tried the same week.

I like the taste of bacon. But together with the sweetness of the baked onions, it is one very delicious recipe. I prefer to use Cheddar or Parmesan cheese when serving spaghetti, but using the Stilton cheese supplements the taste and adds a little bit of saltiness. It is just amazingly good!

I know all of you have your own tried in time and favourite pasta recipes, but please try this one as well. It might be unusual for your taste as I’ve used baked onions (not fried), but I believe baking them tastes better – not only it is more healthy, but the flavours are not so intense and sharp, there is a little bit of sweetness even.

If you don’t like any of the ingredients used, just substitute them with something you like or prepare them the way you like.

Have a try!

Cheese, Baked Onion and Bacon Pasta Cheese, baked onion and bacon pasta

Ingredients (for 2 servings):

  • 150gr spaghetti

I follow the rule: 75gr dried pasta, 115-150gr fresh pasta or 175-200gr filled pasta (such as ravioli) per person.

  • 2-3 onions

  • 2-3 slices bacon

  • 100gr grated Cheddar cheese

  • 50gr Stilton cheese, crumbled


  1. Boil the spaghetti according to the packet instructions and set aside

  2. Fry the bacon. I usually prefer to bake it, as it gets really crunchy and not as hard as when fried

  3. Remove the onions’ top and tails, don’t peel them, put on a baking sheet and roast in the oven at 200°C for 20 minutes or until tender and starting to caramelise on top

  4. Mix all the ingredients in a serving bowl – place the spaghetti, add the bacon and baked and peeled onions sliced in smaller pieces

  5. Add the cheeses and serve

I served the cheese, baked onion and bacon pasta with Caesar salad, but you can make your favourite as well.

If you’ve had this recipe before or you have never tried it, but would like to ask something or make a suggestion, please leave a comment below.

Have a yummy day!


  1. Rob

    This looks so easy, but extremely delicious! Definitely going to pick up these ingredients next time I go to the store. Adding a little bacon makes everything taste better :). Have you tried any other variations of cheeses with this? Also, what do you think the overall prep time for the meal is?

    1. Ellie

      Hi Rob. It’s a really fast recipe to make. While you boil the spaghetti, put the bacon and onion in the oven and 20 minutes later (pasta a little bit earlier :-)) you can assemble the dish.

      Stilton cheese goes really well with the onion, but you can add whatever cheese you prefer, pasta tolerates almost any cheese – Cheddar, Emmental, Gruyer, Parmesan, Red Leicester, etc.

      What do you usually put on the spaghetti?

      All the best


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