The Yummiest Chicken Soup I’ve Ever Tried

My family likes soups, even my little ones enjoy a bowl of soup, especially now that the weather got really cold.

And one of the soups my mum and my grandma used to make very often was the chicken soup. I should admit that I wasn’t a great fan of the soup, but because the youngest fussy eater at home loves chicken soup, I decided to make a pot of it.

I am presenting a chicken soup recipe that was very easy to make, uses only a few ingredients and the result was fantastic, even changed my mind.

Below see the recipe and try it yourself, I hope you like it as much as my loved ones did. And the best part of having a bowl of hot chicken soup is that it is warming, satiating and extra delicious.


Chicken Soup Chicken soup


  • 5-8 chicken thighs

  • 1 onion, finely cut

  • 1-2 carrots, finely cut

  • 30-50gr thin spaghetti/pasta, broken in small pieces

  • seasoning – salt, dill, black pepper

  • 200gr plain yoghurt

  • 2 eggs


  1. In a pot of salted water (about 2litre) boil the chicken meat. When almost ready (about 15-20 minutes), add the carrots and onion and boil for 10 more minutes

  2. Add the spaghetti/pasta pieces and boil, according to packet instructions

  3. In a bowl beat the egg and mix with the plain yoghurt. Add a few tablespoons of the soup to warm the mixture and make it more liquid

  4. Pour the egg and plain yoghurt mixture in the pot of soup stirring continuously. Season and let it boil for a few more minutes

Serve warm.

You can remove the chicken thighs from the soup, shred the meat and return it to the soup or eat it as it is.

If you like having soup as well, please share with me what your favourite soups are and how you prepare them. I would love to hear from you, just leave a comment below.


  1. Pitin

    Hi Ellie,

    Your recipe is something new to me. What makes it new is the egg and the yogurt. I have always boiled chicken and vegetables together but never with an egg and yogurt. What kind of yogurt are we talking about here? We always have Greek yogurt (plain) but I worry that the soup will become a bit sour because of the yogurt? Hmmm…

    Also, is the chicken thigh a “strict” ingredient or can I mix it with breast and wing?

    Thank you so much! It’s my birthday tomorrow and I’m cooking something special for dinner. This will be something new to serve! 🙂


    1. Ellie

      Hi Pitin. I was avoiding the egg and yoghurt mixture when I was cooking the chicken recipe, although my mum have always used it. Once I tried it that way I realised the taste was better and it stabilizes the soup, makes it stay yummy for longer. I am always using the plain, Greek yoghurt. It is not sour, but don’t use too much, about 200gr is enough, even less if you want

      Happy birthday tomorrow.

      All the best.



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